Johnny Boy…THE Interview!

By far, one of the most hilarious people on YouTube, JohnnyBoyxo has a humor so raw and a vulnerability so rare, she is easily at the top of the list of our favorite sensations on YouTube.  With over 29 Million video views, we’re obviously not the only ones in love with Johnny Boy! Her videos range from her discussing the hilarious behaviors of her family members to social commentary on celebrities. In her video Kim Kardashian: I HATE YOU & YOUR FAKE “MARRIAGE”(which just happens to be the video which won us over) she says,So guys, Kim Kardashian is single again and the McRib is back at McDonalds.  Black men all over the US Fucking A are having the best week of their lives.” We’re not really sure what we expected before we interviewed her.  Like we said, she seems so undeniably raw that we assumed she would snap back at all of our questions with some witty response.  Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised when she answered our questions honestly and seriously and welcomed our every request…every bit the perfect lady.  Even more endearing than her absolute professionalism and her kind words was the extent to how she views the world.  After reading some of the harsh comments mixed in with the overwhelming praise she receives from her fans, we sent her a message explaining the sadness we felt in people’s ignorance.  Her response: “The love outweighs the hate.”  We found that behind the camera allowing us into her world is a woman with much more wisdom than humor…a true inspiration to us all.  Aces Johnny Boy…you’re one fine bitch!

1. Who exactly is Johnny Boy? Tell us about yourself.

I’m 21.  I’m a singer, comedian, model and I do whatever I want when I want. I don’t let anyone tell me how to live my life and  I just live life on the edge and I like to have fun.

2. What inspired you to do your first YouTube video?

I had been going thru alot of personal stuff in high school and YouTube was a way for me to give my opinions on things and people would actually listen to me.

3. Why do you think, out of the millions of people who post videos on YouTube that you have received so much recognition?

I honestly don’t know… I never thought I’d be a “YouTube celebrity” or whatever people wanna call it.  I just turned on my camera and whether I acted like a mess or was showing people my personal (serious) side people seemed to want more. It’s really weird.

4. What does it take to be successful on YouTube?

Being yourself.. I think that if you try too hard at something it shows. Real recognizes real. 

5. Tell us about your music career.

Well I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old.  I was in my school’s church choir growing up and everything. I’ve recorded a bunch of singles and an album EP called “Trannylicious” It’s mostly what I’m known for… but I’ve been trying newer things lately and I’m excited for my new album “Trannylicious 2.0” to come out and show everyone a different side of me.

6. Is there anything too private to discuss on YouTube?

Definately. I try to keep my personal life as personal as possible. Not everyone needs to know who I’m dating or what I’m doing everyday. Some things should stay private. (Although in her newest video I’m Transgender…And That’s Okay she gets a little bit more personal.)

7. How old were you when you began transitioning and can you tell us a little bit about that process for you?

Well… I knew this is what I always wanted to be and I started pretty young around 16/17.  I’m happy with everything i’ve done thus far.

8. How do you define yourself by society’s terms? Transsexual, transgendered, tranny, female?

Female. Definately. 

9. How important do you believe it is to be politically correct regarding these terms?

Eh, I feel like sometimes its funny when people make the ’tranny’ jokes about me but other times it’s really annoying because I’m more of a woman than most of the girls I know! Even my mother and sister say they’re jealous of my boobs and legs. It’s hilarious actually.

10. If JohnnyBoy was the next President of the United States, what 3 things would you put into effect immediately?

Gay marriage, legalizing marijuana and I’d paint the White House pink.

11. Do you have a boyfriend? What is your type?

No I do not at the moment.. My type is anyone who isn’t an asshole and doesn’t wanna only bang me and actually wants to get to know me. Hahaha!

12. What are five things you ALWAYS carry in your purse? And do you have a favorite purse?

Lip gloss, bronzer, debit card, mace and a pair of underwear. My favorite purse would have to be my new Louis Vuitton silver bag. I have an obsession with LV.

13. Do you get hate mail or comments? How do you respond to these?

Actually not as many as people would think.  As I’ve gotten older it’s gotten better. Theres the occasional hater but I feel like any person with success has a pack of haters. It’s life. You just have to keep your head up and live your life for you not anybody else.

14. If you could only listen to three CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die. Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time. And I’m really feeling Drake’s first album right now.

15. Tell us something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I’m a really good soccer player. Not many people know I used to play on a team and everything. I guess thats why I’m so good at kicking guys in (their) balls now that I’m older. Hahaha!



























16. You’ve talked about your mom and even had her in at least one of your videos.  How supportive is she of you?

My mom is one of my best friends. She’s always been supportive of my lifestyle and never doubts what I do. I’m lucky in that aspect. 

17. What advice would you give parents of transgendered teens?

Support your kids because you never know when you’ll lose them forever. It’s not worth it. 

18. How do you define SEXY? And what is the…Sexiest Movie? Sexiest Song? Sexiest Brand? Sexiest Celebrity?

I feel like the sexiest thing a person can be is confident. If you’re not comfortable with yourself how do you expect other people to be? Sexiest movie: Cruel Intentions (Ryan Philippe can GET IT!)  Sexiest song: anything by Drake is so sexy! Sexiest brand: Victoria’s Secret is one of my obsessions.  I own practically EVERYTHING! Haha my family hates it. Sexiest celebrity: I’m gonna haveto say Ryan Phillipe.  He’s just so sexy all the time!

19. What are your three simple luxuries?

I take at least one bubble bath a day. People think I’m crazy but it’s my way of escaping reality for a little bit. I love going out and clubbing with my friends (another thing I get called out on).  People seem to think I party too much but I just like to have fun. Lastly, I love writing music.  It’s therapeudic.  Even if I’m writing a rap about busting a ho’s head in. For me it’s just really fun.

20. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all.

I don’t wear underwear. I’m classy.

Thanks Johnny Boy!!! We love ya!!


Check out JohnnyBoyxo’s video below and visit her site HERE! Check out her music on iTunes HERE!


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Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


Also check out our interviews of YouTube sensation Gregory Gorgeous and Transsexual Superstar Maria Roman!

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*Photographs courtesy of Johnny Boy.

WARNING: We allow 100 words or less of content per interview to be taken, with a link to our original interview, and used without our authorization. Content larger than 100 words or copying our entire interview without our authorization to be used in ANY manner will result in our taking legal action per copyright infringement.





Adam Bouska and THE NOH8 Campaign…THE Interview!

Typically we write some purposeful introduction filled with deeply moving adjectives displaying our overwhelming admiration and celebrity awe, but that is not the case with this interview.  Talking to Adam Bouska, the creator and photographer behind the NOH8 campaign, broke down our barriers of celebrity and fan, realizing that we are all just part of the human experience.  In fact, that is exactly what Adam Bouska has accomplished.  By looking through the lens and thematically drawing similarities between his subjects, ironically using duct tape to cover their mouths, he has helped us all to see that no matter who you are, the power of love is universal.


1. Tell us a little bit about Adam Bouska, prior to the Hollywood fame, growing up in Decatur, Illinois.

Growing up I was just a regular guy. I wasn’t out in High School. I wasn’t interested in photography yet at the point but I was definitely an artist.  I used to paint and stuff.  Other than that I would say my life was pretty normal.

2. How old were you when you came out to your friends and family?

I came out to my family, I think it was when I turned 19 years old and I came out to my best friend that same year.  I built up a lot in my head that it was going to be this life changing event, which it was, but my family turned out to be extremely accepting. I anticipated for it to be something else, I didn’t know they were pretty open to the idea.

3. Was the process of coming out a difficult experience for you?

I would say that it was definitely a difficult process because I think it was a self-realization.  I had to deal with growing up in a conservative area and there really weren’t many resources out there; not much of a support system.  My parents weren’t really educated on the whole lifestyle.  I was just taking time.  I eventually moved to Chicago. I felt it was the closest city to move to from a central farming community.  Being exposed to different lifestyles and different communities made me feel more comfortable being having to make the leap to come out.

4. Were you bullied during your teenage years?

I feel like I dealt with all kinds of bullying. I definitely saw that other kids were dealing with it much worth than I was.  I feel like everyone dealt with it to some degree or everyone deals with it to some degree. Yeah, I definitely dealt with it.

5. How did your interest in photography begin?

It really was accidental.  I was going to college for computer science and I took part in a few of my friends photo shoots that were photographers.  I just fell in love with the creative aspect and being in that whole setting of the photo shoot.  I just wanted more of a voice and a way to speak out and express myself in my own way.  I ended up getting my own camera and started experimenting and photographing my friends and it just kind of blew up from there.

6. Prior to the NOH8 campaign, what was your area of interest as a photographer?

I enjoyed photography in all aspects.  I just loved photography in general.  Just being a part of any opportunity was great.   Combining it with my abilities of Photoshop was fun in the post production aspect, because I have a lot of experience with computers.  I loved finding different ways to integrate computers and self expression to show a personal image of photography. Today, I love the human aspect of photography and being able to interact with a person.  I started leaning more towards portraiture as I started photographing more.

7. How did the concept for the NOH8 campaign begin?

 That was also another kind of accident in my life.  I call it an accidental activism because I was never an activist prior to the NOH8 campaign.  Essentially when Proposition 8 passed, myself and my partner just partially took part in these rallies and these marches in West Hollywood, and we were really moved by our experience in the marches and by the different people that came out to support that day.  All the different faces of all races and ages; it was just a really moving experience.  We went home that night and had a photo shoot at 4am in my living room.  We started with just the images but ended uploading them online to Myspace.  Other people started to see our images and wanted to be part of it and then it turned into kind of a snow ball effect.  One face after another and now we’re up to, I think, 20,000 photos now.  It’s really growing. It’s really getting an overwhelming response from the community.  Now that we have seen the success of what NOH8 can be, we just want to take it and do as much as we can with it.

8. Who have been the three most profound or personally interesting people you have photographed for the campaign?

            Yeah, that’s always a difficult question because it’s the diversity, the vast amount of different people. The personality we’ve been able to photograph that’s made it such an amazing experience?  If I had to narrow it down I say one of them for me was Jane Lynch and being able to shoot her on the set of Glee was a lot of fun.  She has such a huge personality and is so down to Earth and she’s done so much for the cause and the campaign herself in different ways.  She helped us raise money by getting the word out and stuff like that.  She’s a great person and it was an awesome experience to work with her.   I also ended up doing her book cover too.  It was really honor to be able to work with her on two different occasions.

            Another one, I don’t know his name, but there was this kid at our open shoot in Atlanta who is the son of two moms.  He brought his parents’ marriage certificate as his prop for the photo shoot.  Being able to photograph him in the moment, I feel like it captured what NOH8 is all about.  It was a really moving experience.  After he held the marriage certificate up above his head everyone kind of erupted and applauded and cheered.  I feel like being in the moment and being able to photograph him in that moment, in that experience, is my most memorable experience from the campaign… I don’t know his name though.

            And then I always reference this one; the lead singer of Anthrax, Scott Ian.  It was really awesome to be able to photograph him.  It was really unexpected because he didn’t plan to come in for a photo shoot.  He just jumped in line of an open photo shoot.  It just shows the power of how you do what you do to get involved and how everyone has a voice.  It was really cool to see him do that and support the campaign.  I liked that.

9. Do you believe that “every picture tells a story”?

Yes, definitely. I can’t even count how many stories I’ve heard working on the campaign; some of which we’ve begun chronicling in the BE HEARD section of our website. I think that’s really how the photos stay so fresh for me. Even after 20,000 portraits, each person has their own reason and purpose for posing, and I’m honored to be a part of helping them tell that story.


10. What story does your picture tell?

This is a real tough question. I hate to translate a pose into anything too literal, but I actually think mine is probably one of the most straight-forward. In doing these photos, I wanted to use my skills as a photographer to speak past the attempts to silence my rights and those of my community. I think my photo illustrates someone wanting to put something seemingly intangible into perspective – or frame.

11. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn’t be a mixed CD what would it be?

            This one is a tough question too! It would probably be, gosh! I mean I really enjoy the Beatles; The White Album, that’s the last CD I remember owning or having.  I really liked it. I can’t even remember the title of the song, because I would just listen to the whole CD.



12. What are three books you would recommend to a stranger on an airplane?

            Three different books?! I would have to recommend Jane Lynch autobiography “Happy Accidents.” I would recommend Zach Walhs new book that is coming out, he’s a youth activist and he wrote about his two moms.  And then Meghan McCain “Dirty Sexy Politics” I did the cover to that one too so check that out.

13. What do you see when you look through your lens that we don’t see?

            Gosh, I feel like I see beauty in everything. I mean, I don’t know if… I don’t believe that everyone sees that all the time but I believe there’s beauty in everything and everyone.

14. What are three things you’ve learned that you hadn’t expected by doing the NOH8 campaign?

            I’ve learned that there’re so many things going on in the community.  It’s educated me that we’ve come so far but really there is so much more that needs to be done.  Being able to travel all over the nation and to see all these different people come in with their stories and want to tell their stories through the NOH8 photos has really shown us that there’s so much more out there.  I mean the fact that you can still be fired in the majority of the states just for being gay.  The fact that you still can’t adopt in the majority of the states.  There’s just so much more that needs to be done.  That’s probably one of the biggest thing I’ve learned.

15. What is the sexiest city in the world? Hotel? Club? Restaurant? Place to shoot?

            Sexiest Hotel – My favorite have always been W hotel, to narrow it down to one… I really liked D.C.
Sexiest City – Los Angeles no doubt.
Sexiest Club – That’s a tough one.  I don’t know.  I’ll say The Abbey in West Hollywood.
Sexiest Place to shoot – That’s hard to narrow down. It would have to be my studio in Los Angeles.

16. What would you say to a 15 year old who was being bullied about being gay?

Despite how cliché it might sound or hard as it might be to believe, things really can get better. I was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Illinois and never thought it’d be possible for me to live the life I’ve led so far.  But I stayed true to myself and followed my dreams, and that’s really the best thing you can do. Kids at 15 will do anything to feel better about themselves, and that includes picking on people that are different than they are. Sometimes people grow out of it, sometimes they don’t; you can’t control that. What you CAN control is your own actions. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! Being you is the best thing you can be.

17. You’re coming to Indy this month, any expectations?

            I expect a huge turnout.  I’m from the Midwest myself and have a lot of friends in that area.  There’s been a lot of buzz about it so far and we’re really excited to get out there.  A lot of people have been following the campaign for some time and I feel like the energy for the campaign is only growing.  It’s really exponential the amount of faces we’ll be adding to this.  I feel like its growing upward from here and it can only be huge for Indiana.  I’m really excited.

18. Has there been anyone that was politically or personally difficult for you to photograph for the campaign because maybe it just didn’t feel like they should be part of it?

            I mean, working with Cindy McCain was awesome because she showed that it wasn’t a republican or democratic issue.  The fact that the focus on the conversation has always been on marriage equality I think shows the greater good is being done and we’re keeping the focus in the right direction.  

19. What’s next for Adam Bouska?

            I’m always working on something new.  Right now the big focus is on the NOH8 campaign.  We have a lot of things we’ve been working on.  We’re going into a new iPhone app and we’re taking the campaign into new countries.  I’m always going to be photographing regular stuff as well.  I’m working on different book covers and different projects.  The truth of the matter is, for me right now, my priority is the big focus on the NOH8 campaign.  There’s a huge success there and we just want to push that as far as we can.  As long as we have the attention and the support of the community we’ll be doing it and that’s what I’ll be focusing on.

20. What is your greatest simple luxury?

            Being able to work and live with my partner.  Growing up I just never thought that would be possible.  The fact I get to do that every day, I don’t know, it’s a luxury for me.  Something we can’t take for granted and see that we can’t take for granted.


Thanks Adam!

Please visit the NOH8 Website for information on the campaign and to find dates for events near you.

Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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*Photographs courtesy of Adam Bouska.

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Please visit the NOH8 Website for information on the campaign and to find dates for events near you.

What Is STOP KONY 2012??? Who is Joseph Kony??? What Should WE Do???


In the last 24 hours the internet has been affected by a very serious virus...STOP KONY 2012.  Not necessarily a bad virus…but it is spreading just as quickly and just as powerfully.  To be honest, we didn’t really have any idea what it was until we started to see Twitter and Facebook fill up with status updates and tweets linking the video with information about STOP KONY 2012.  (The purpose of this article is tohelp you easily understand and to explain exactly what you can do.  Please visit the Invisible Children website as well for further information!)  But who exactly IS Joseph Kony? What is the organization Invisible Children and how does all of this affect us?  Maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe in a world between Gossip Girl and NFL picks, admission to colleges and announcements of pregnancies, deaths of family and friends and firings of jobs, evictions of apartments and cheating boyfriends…maybe we’ve forgotten there is more world going on out there than just what’s in our own backyard.  That…is the human condition.  That…is what we, the boys of raannt, have been attempting to show by living our motto Be Yourself, Be Fearless, Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.  But how can we live a life of even simple luxury if down the road, across the sea or anywhere in the world, innocence is being cremated daily.  It is time we all get involved to the capacity we can…by using our heads and our hands.

1. EDUCATE YOURSELF (All of the information highlighted is linked to further information to help educate you quicker.) Who is Joseph Kony and what is STOP KONY 2012? Joseph Kony, pictured below, is the leader of the L.R.A., the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. 
















The campaign STOP KONY 2012 is an effort to make him the MOST famous war criminal in history; to stop the violence for the children of Uganda. What is Invisible Children? Please go to their website and sign their pledge! Their mission as stated on their website: “Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals and I support the international effort to arrest him, disarm the lRa and bring the child soldiers home. Watch and Share(the video) If the world knows who Joseph Kony is, it will unite to stop him. It starts here. KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.”


3. SHARE THE VIDEO. Hit the screen and icons will pop up on the right side.  Hit SHARE and COPY URL.  Then paste this link on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, TUMBLR…wherever and as often as possible. Like the Invisible Children Fan Page on Facebook!

4. DO NOT STOP! Talk to your friends until you bore them.  Ask people if they’ve seen the video.  Continue to share it everywhere.


Freedom…should not be a luxury.  Life…should not be a luxury.  Be Yourself.  Be Fearless…Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4…THE Interviews!

We seriously can’t get enough of this show! From the hilarious contests to the fierce last minute “Lip Sync For Your Life” competitions, we literally drool over every second of the famed LOGO TV show! Last year we were lucky enough to interview the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 and this year we’ve interviewed several of the girls from the newest cast.  We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about these gals.  Check out our links at the bottom to read our interviews of past contestants Shangela, Ongina and and Season Two winner Tyra! And don’t forget to watch every Monday at 9pm.




1. Describe your drag personality in 5 words or less.

Funny, Compassionate, Beautiful, Fierce and Dynamic

2. Who are your top 5 celebrity fashion/musical/artistic inspiration?

My Mom, Janelle Monae, Lady Kier (Of Deee-Lite), Madonna and Eddie Murphy

3. What 2 girls are your biggest competition and why?

Sharon-she represents a style of drag that hasn’t been viewed on TV which makes her stand out.

Kenya-She’s beautiful, talented and has a heart if gold.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I want to be a teacher someday once I wash this makeup off. Lol.

5. If you had to lip-sync for your life, what would be the song that sends you home?

If I had to lip-sync for my life the song would have to be one I write or Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite




1. Describe your drag personality in 5 words or less. 

Eccentric, eclectic, posh, andro, professional

2. Who are your top 5 celebrity fashion/musical/artistic inspirations?

Madonna, Tilda Swinton, Pink, Daphne Guinness, Helena Bonham Carter.

3. What 2 girls are your biggest competition and why?

The only competition I had was with myself, pushing myself to go beyond what I would normally expect of myself.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself  

I’m an avid collector of toys from the 80’s.

5. If you had to lip-sync for your life, what would be the song that sends you home?

Probably something by Bonnie Raitt.




1.Describe your drag personality in 5 words or less.


2. Who are your top 5 celebrity fashion/musical/artistic inspiration?

Monique’, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Donald Lawrence, Oprah!!! They have played a big roll in my life in a very significant way.  Especially in my Darkest of Days..

3. What 2 girls are your biggest competition and why?

I would have to say Chad Michaels, he is perfection to me. I’m a huge fan of his work and after getting to know him, I’m an even bigger fan of his soul.  The other would have to be, Phi Phi O’hara!! She is young, Fierce, Fearless, a talented seamstress, and most of all.. HUNGRY!! She wants it and you can tell!!!

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

More than I have already???? LOL.. I really don’t know what to say.. I’m such an open book already. I love the Ocean/Beach, it’s the place I go to clear my head and decompress…

5. If you had to lip-sync for your life, what would be the song that sends you home?

It would have to be something way out my comfort zone and completely not me… I can pull off a lot of different genres of music, but I struggle with Rap, and Country… LOL














1. Describe your drag personality in 5 words or less.

Phishy, Phabulous, Phenomenal, Phierce and well…Phucking Bitchy! Haha!

2. Who are your top 5 celebrity fashion/musical/artistic inspiration?

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Victoria Beckham.

3. What 2 girls are your biggest competition and why?

Michelle Visage and RuPaul…Because their jobs are the ones I’m gunning for! LOL.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

That as Jaremi I’m very quiet and shy.  When I put on the makeup and hair I turn into this entirely different character.

5. If you had to lip-sync for your life, what would be the song that sends you home?

Hahaha…I can lip sync any song! And if I don’t know the words, trust me, I’ll “watermelon, watermelon, watermelon” the

hell out of it! You can even hit me up with some Espanol! Ha!














1. Describe your drag personality in 5 words or less.

Spooky, beautiful, stupid…and most importantly, approachable.

2. Who are your top 5 celebrity fashion/musical/artistic inspiration?

Elvira, GG Allin, Amanda Lepore, Tammy Faye and Vincent Price.

3. What 2 girls are your biggest competition and why?

Latrice Royal; she’s bigger than life! Phi Phi O’Hara; she makes me wish for death.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I’m a vegetarian.  I’ll wear em, but I won’t eat em!

5. If you had to lip-sync for your life, what would be the song that sends you home?

It’s Raining Men.  It’s a drag staple and I don’t know one word.  I hate American disco.


If you’d like to to learn more about some of RuPaul’s other girls, check out our interviews with RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants  Ongina, Shangela and Tyra!  

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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*Photos Courtesy of LOGO TV.


WARNING: We allow 100 words or less of content per interview to be taken, with a link to our original interview, and used without our authorization. Content larger than 100 words or copying our entire interview without our authorization to be used in ANY manner will result in our taking legal action per copyright infringement.

DJ Raannt…Michel Teló – Ai Se Eu Te Pego – Oficial (Assim você me mata)

If you haven’t heard of Michel Telo…wake up! This Brazilian Thunderstud is taking over the world with last year’s song Ai Se Eu Te Pego(Oh, If I Catch You), fourth most viewed video on YouTube of All Time!  The song’s signature dance, which is being used during Football goal celebrations across South America and Europe, seems to be gaining him just as much fame.   Christiano Ronaldo has even been caught taking part in this celebratory dance and invited by Michel Telo himself to dance on stage with him! Check it out below.



If you still haven’t heard the song making him so famous here it is…We hope you love it as much as we do!



Check out of UPDATE with Michel Telo!!!!

itunes button 2

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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DJ Raannt…Attention Whore (Melleefresh vs. deadmau5)

We’re huge deadmau5 fans so we thought we’d just drop a little love in his direction today as we play one our favorite deadmau5 mixes, Attention Whore, sung by Melleefresh! Love her!

Stay tuned til tomorrow to see what song we’re spinning on DJ Raannt! (They all have subliminal messages of course! Can you guess why we picked this song? Check out all of our picks to play along!) As well as our interviews with the newest cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race and NOH8 Photographer Adam Bouska!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Heather McDonald…THE Interview!

When reading this random tweet on Twitter “I’ve been at the little league field with back to back games since 10:30 AM & still here-happy Mother’s day 2 me!”, you might not realize those are the words of one of the funniest women in the country. Closer examination brings us into the world of Heather McDonald. Besides writing, producing and starring as a regular “round table” comedienne on the award winning television show Chelsea Lately, she is also on a running tour of performances around the country, presenting her stand-up routine to sold out crowds. Not bad for a wife and mother of three who consistently channels the voices of Sarah Palin, Drew Barrymore, Celine Dion or our favorite, Geri Jewel from The Facts of Life. Every night, we literally wait for the moment when something Heather randomly quips makes even Chelsea Handler laugh and lose her train of thought; a talent which she has perfected well! And while we continue to wait, reading her new national bestseller You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, we thought we’d reach out and find a little bit more about the funny girl next door under the Amy Winehouse wig…and in front of the Kardashian butt!

1. How would your define yourself using 10 words or less?
A tall hot hilarious brunette married mother of 3!

2. If you weren’t a comedienne, what would you be doing?
Selling residential real estate because I’ve done that on and off for almost 20 years.

3. A teenager comes to you and tells you they want to be a comedienne. What advice would you give them to help them be successful?
I would first say only be a comedienne if people tell you are funny. If they do and you love when you’re telling a story and people are laughing start to write every funny thing you say and think down. Then look into taking improvisation or stand up comedy classes and get up there and do it.

4. You’re a regular member of the Chelsea Lately round table. How do you typically prepare for each show and how do you keep your material fresh?
First I think of what is my point of view and make sure it is different than Chelsea’s then I type a few jokes down for each topic. As I’m getting my hair and make up done I go over them with my make up artist and based on what she laughs at. I choose to say those jokes first.

5. What would we, the boys of raannt, have to do; bribe, threaten, strip, screw…to get on the round table? How is it decided who is a new member?
It is very rare that we have anyone new on because Chelsea really likes having regulars on because of the relationships and chemistry we have with each other. But I would say keep doing what you are doing.

6. Where did the “Heather Long Boobs McDonald” nickname come from?

I was wearing a low cut dress in a sketch and Chelsea called me Long Boobs and it got such a big laugh she kept saying it and caught on. I do not have long boobs.

7. What’s your favorite thing about being on the round table?

Being myself and getting my hair and make up done.

8 You recently released your book “You’ll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again.” Tell us about your book.
It is about all the guys I did not have sex with in LA during the 90s. The main reason being I was virgin until I was 27.

There are a lot of very embarrassing funny dating stories.

9. What is your favorite and least favorite book you have ever read?
Besides Chelsea’s books my other favorite book was Mackenzie’s Phillips autobiography about how she was having a consensual sexual relationship with her father in her 20s for over 10 years. I mean it doesn’t get more juicy than that.

10. Since you’re now a New York Times Bestseller List honoree, what would be two other awards you would like to earn?
I would like to get an Emmy for playing a mom in a hit sitcom and I’d like an Oscar for best supporting actress because comediennes only win Oscars if they are for supporting roles never for best actress.

11. You worked closely with the Kardashians in this book. What was their role in it and how was your experience working with them?
I did not work with them. They are just my friends who loved the book and gave me a quote for the back. However, I’d love to work with them one day designing clothes for flat butts for girls like me.

12. Who are your two favorite celebrities to impersonate. Who have you wanted to impersonate but found too difficult?

My two favorites are Drew Barrymore and Celine Dion. Everyone thinks I do Cher and I can but only when she sings not when she talks.

13. You have been married for over 10 years. What is the secret to a successful marriage?

I got married in the Catholic church and therefore made a promise to God. I plan on going to heaven so therefore I’ve stayed married. No seriously, we do stuff on our own away from our kids and we never let any fight last too long.

14 The bio on your website states you “reside in the San Fernando Valley next door to her parents just in case they run out of milk, Chardonnay or need one of her dad’s Vicodin.” Which one happens most often?
I run out of Chardonnay a lot but my always has a chilled bottle waiting and she loves to drink it with me.

15. Name the sexiest city? Hotel? Movie? Place to kiss? Place to get drunk?

The sexiest city is Cabo. Movie is Unfaithful, Kiss is in the rain (I’ve yet to do that) get drunk in any pool.

16. Let’s play fuck, marry, kill. Chelsea, Chuy and Brad Wollack?

I’d fuck Chelsea because she’s completely bare down there so it wouldn’t be too bad. I’d marry Brad because his parents have their winery and I’d have to kill Chuy, sorry.

17. Give us quick thoughts on the following: Jenna Jameson, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Amy Fisher’s porn career and gay marriage.
Jenna: Amazing mother of twin boys, Osama: I’m having sexual fantasies about the Navy Seal who shot him, Gay Marriage: I want it to be legal everywhere also I love weddings and feel I have a lot of gay invites in my future.

18. If you were going to start your own line of Heather McDonald Chardonnay, since you’re such a huge fan, what would it be called and what would make it so special? How much would you charge?
It would be called Impressions because I do a lot of impressions and it will make an impression at your table. It’s special because it’s buttery. I would charge around 11 dollars.

19. What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
Being on television even more either as myself or playing a comedic role in a funny show.

20. What do you find sexy on a man: boxers, briefs, jockstrap, or nothing at all?
I find boxers sexy because I like the excitement that it might slip out at any moment.

For more information on Heather McDonald, her New York Times bestselling book or her tour dates, contact her website!

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*Photographs thanks to Heather McDonald and Eva Magdalenski and Alex Spieller of Anderson Group Public Relations

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Sarah Colonna…THE Interview!

We first saw Sarah Colonna in her early days as a guest member of the roundtable on Chelsea Lately.  Her quick quips and short andecdotes had us begging to know more about her and find out how this woman of subtle humor found her spot on the cherished roundtable of Chelsea Lately.

Sarah got her start as a stand-up comedienne finding success as a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing and the BBC’s The World Stands Up.  Since that time, she has appeared on television shows such as Monk and United States of Tara and is now a regular roundtable member on Chelsea Lately as well as producer and star on E’s After Lately.  Her first book, Life as I Blow It, was released earlier this month and has already made the top 20 on The New York Times Bestsellers List.  (An excerpt can be found, plus her current tour dates, on her website HERE.) We had such an amazing time doing this interview and became even bigger fans in the process! Instead of writing some lengthy introduction, we’ll let Sarah speak for herself…something she seems to do with hilarious ease.

1. Introduce us to Sarah Colonna in 15 words or less.
Three people that I have had sex with have died, later-not from the sex.

2. What makes someone funny?
I think it’s just a natural instinct.  Plus what makes one person laugh doesn’t always make another person laugh, so it’s kind of subjective.  The exception is when someone falls down, which is always funny.

3. Who are the three funniest people you know and why?
Chelsea Handler, because she is honest, smart, and quick on her feet.  She’s also my boss, so I’m not going to leave her out…but in all honesty, she’s one of the funniest people I know.  Chris Franjola, because he can make fun of something terrible in your life right to your face and make you laugh about it.  And my mom, because she doesn’t realize how funny she is.

4. Tell us about your book, Life as I Blow It, which is out now!
I grew up in a small town in the South, which is full of great material.  Then I moved to LA when I was 21, which is also full of great material…stumbles, failed attempts at jobs and love, all that stuff.  My parents divorced when I was young and my dad lived in California most of my life and has been married- um, several times.  My mom is much more traditional so I had these two very different paths in front of me and found myself cofused about which one to take.  At the end of the day it’s about a struggle to grow up when you’re already supposed to be grown up.  But it’s funny, I promise! I think a lot of people relate to that struggle.

 5. Which chapter is your favorite and why?
I think my favorite chapter might be “Trundle Beds and Masturbators.”  It takes place right after I move to LA and my first apartment, roommate, etc.  It reminds me of what it was like when I first got here.  The good and the bad.  It’s also got a story in it that was difficult to write, but made me reflect fondly on the time I got to spend with the person that story is about.  I’m not meaning to be cryptic,  I just don’t want to give away what it is, of course!

6. If you were to write a follow up book: what would this next book be about and why?
That’s such a good question.  And one my book agent would love for me to have an answer to, ha.  I don’t know exactly, there are definitely stories I didn’t get to tell in the first one, but I do feel like I’ve covered so much of my life in “Life As I Blow It,” that the next one can’t go back through it.  I’m 37, I’m single, I’m seeing a lot of things change in my life and even in the people around me-maybe something from all of that will spark the idea for book two!  Or maybe I can finally write my dream fiction novels featuring Detective Lorena Fusilli, FBI.  However thus far nobody involved in the first book is taking me seriously about that.

7. What are three things that go on behind the scenes of The Chelsea Lately Show that most people don’t know?
Nothing!  Chelsea tells everything that goes on, usually while you’re sitting next to her on the round table.  So- you have to watch it at parties and make sure you don’t do anything you don’t want told on TV.

8. What are the three best things about being a comedienne?
The freedom to talk about things going on in your life, vent in a way, while laughing about it.
As cheesy as it sounds- making people laugh.  Sorry!  But it’s true. It’s why I do it.
Getting to say words that are usually frowned upon in social situations.

9. What are the three worst things about being a comedienne?
There’s really just one down side, which is guys I date saying “is this gonna end up in your act?” They think it’s hilarious and that nobody has ever asked that- they have.

10. You have said you were greatly influenced by Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.  Both had profound endings to their television shows.  If The Chelsea Lately Show ended, what profound ending would you write?
I’d have Chelsea and Chuy be wrongly convicted of a crime and have to go into hiding because the police won’t believe they are innocent.  This way we could always have a nice reunion show where they clear their names.

11. Let’s Play Marry, Murder, Fuck.  Pick from Chelsea, Heather McDonald or Loni Love.
I’d marry Chelsea, murder Heather and Fuck Loni.  I can’t marry Heather because she has kids and I can’t fuck her because I think she’d be too scared to reciprocate so I’d be doing all the work. 

12. What are the three funniest movies of all time?
Arthur (the original, don’t bring up that remake to me, ever)
Happy Gilmore (random I know.  But it kills me every time)

13. How do you define SEXY?
A good sense of humor, olive skin, a little scruff on the face, and a possible drinking problem.

14. Sarah Palin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Obama.  Write a quick joke using all three…no matter how bad it is.
Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger walk into a bar. President Obama leaves.  (you said bad was fine- that’s all I have!)

15. If the round table was going to have snacks, which it should, what would everyone want?
Is alcohol a snack?

16. Three things you always have in your purse?
Lip gloss, powder, and my health insurance card.  The first 2 are my necessities, the last is something my mom convinced my I have to carry at all times and I’m too afraid not to now.

17. What is a book you would recommend to your best friend?
“Apathy and Other Small Victories” by Paul Neilan.  One of the funniest books I’ve ever read.

18. If you were trapped on a comedy deserted island with five famous people in the world today and you had to only make jokes using these five people’s lives, who would you pick that would give you enough material for the rest of the time?
Keifer Sutherland (in a good way, he’s kind of my hero), Paris Hilton, Waka Flocka Flame, Kate Moss and David Hasselhoff.

19. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

Thanks for the interview Sarah! Can’t wait to hear our shout out on Chelsea in between jokes about Mel Gibson and Teen Mom!

Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahcolonna or on her fan on Facebook.

Visit her website for tour dates and book information HERE!

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*Photographs courtesy of Sarah Colonna


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The NEW Gay Anthem…Kaya Jones Boyfriend!

We met Kaya Jones a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her.  She continues to wow us with her incredible passion for her craft as well as weaving political statements, gay love and marriage, into sexy club beats.  If you haven’t seen the video for her newest single Boyfriend check it out below…We think it might very well be THE gay anthem of 2012!


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

The Art of TEE: Kim Kardashion Shouts Green Living in ENC TEE!

CoCo Chanel said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Therefore, graphic tees are evidently the fashion billboards of our minds.  We’ve always been of the belief if a tee shirt designer could get one celebrity to wear their tee shirt, they could gain overnight success.  Richard Wheeler, the founder of Emperors New Clothes, could be the very example of this statement.  He believes “tee shirts, more so than any other clothing, provide their wearers the perfect canvas for self expression.”

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Jon Stewart, Jessica Alba and many more have been seen wearing his tees. (For more evidence of this famed fashion, check out his website at Emperors New Clothes!)

Obviously we’re huge fans and waiting for the “we raannt about pointless shit” tee to hit the stores! Til then…

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

For a store locator, visit their site at Emperors New Clothes or visit their Facebook Fan Page HERE!