RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4! The Final Three Bitches!

Were you guys crying, like we were, tonight as Latrice gave her sashay speech to RuPaul? “Thank you for seeing something special in me.” It was clear it was time for Latrice to go but she was so damn endearing, even up to the very last minute, that we didn’t want to see her go.  Couldn’t we just keep it those final four forever?

If you didn’t watch tonight’s episode we’ll break it down for you.  The audience is pulled even further into the show by four absolutely adorable dogs, especially the one Chad Michaels assigns to himself, and we get to see the other girls poke fun at Phi Phi again as she gets slobbered over by her enormous dog.  They have to present several outfits…Daytime Party RealnessParty with a Pooch in your Purse or something and Pooch Couture?? It didn’t really matter.  All three of Latrice’s outfits looked similar.  Chad Michaels looked the most daytime housewife in the park.  Her party outfit was dead up on Kim Kardashian, as noted by RuPaul…but her couture outfit was more of a one piece deal…we were confused.  Phi Phi looked great in all of her outifts, especially her daytime realness which was actually something more out of a Japanese Anime book; but she looked incredible…and we greatly appreciated her custom made, pink glittered poop scooper. (Can we buy one please?) Sharon, our fave, of course looked great in all three outfits.  Her daytime realness looked incredible, but her rock star, party outfit complete with house arrest bracelet proved she is much more a bad girl. The poodle boots she wore at the end were absolutely incredible and she looked like she was on the cover of a 1960’s French Vogue.

Ok, so here’s the problem.  Although we love Sharon Needles…we would really be happy if any of the top three won.  Chad Michaels is so incredibly polished and amazing that she definitely deserves to win for those reasons alone.  Phi Phi, besides being the only really cute boy on the show(don’t laugh, you know its true), has really come a long way.  But she’s such a bitch.  Funny…she’s a lot like us, but instead we find ourselves rooting for Sharon?? Actually what we want is for Sharon and Phi Phi to become friends, something it appears Sharon wants and attempts on every show.  In fact, although she wouldn’t admit it, she’s a little attention seeking from Phi Phi.  Damn Phi Phi…you all talk about how hard your lives have been and how people haven’t treated you nice…THAT was what Sharon was talking about on the runway!!! Be friends dammit and show the world that even bitches can get along!

We believe RuPaul’s Drag Race really teaches us about the inner trenches of ourselves.  Here you have a bunch of drag queens, probably some of the most misunderstood people in the world, and they’ve created their own little microcosm of the world, where jealousy, fear, wisdom and bullying are just as prevalent as they are in the real world.  We believe we tend to favor Sharon because she represents that pain in a way that reminds of that part of ourselves that wants to be true and real, but also dreams for the acceptance from others.  Isn’t that what being gay is all about?

The show even got better afterwards on RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked.  Did they really make THE Dita Von Teese wait…and then she left? Seriously?

Oh…and Chad Michaels is 280 in dog years, not 170!

Good Luck bitches!

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Kat Graham – Tag Us Bitch! The New Bubble Gum Badass Pop Star!

We love Kat Graham’s new song so much we find ourselves poppin and lockin to the cow bell while driving all over town! And although she might be the next pop sensation, she’s obviously not new, since she’s previously worked with Usher, Justin Bieber and been on several tv shows including Vampire Diaries.  We literally can’t get the song out of our heads after having listened to it all day.  It might be a little bit on the cheesy side but after a solid year of depressing Adele songs maybe the world needs some spray paint…

LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait for more!

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Gossip Girl-THE Rewind…”It Girl, Interrupted” 4-9-12 Happy Birthday Leighton!!!

First, we want to shout out a Happy Birthday to the real party girl, Leighton Meester(Blair), who turned 26 today! Was your birthday present from the cast Chuck’s ridiculous outfit from the costume department???  Ugh…that incredibly, awful, one-piece, red, track suit Chuck Bass was wearing was birthday chuckles to laugh a year!  Sorry Chuck, but jumpers and one piece suits look better ads for RuPaul’s Drag Race than you!  The idea of you running around with a Jenny from the block playing basketball is just as bad as the jokes from Two and a half men; let’s stick with perfect, fitted suits and the polished, Oxford wingtips shoes, shall we?

GG never seems to fail us with plot twists, melodramatic relationships – or ex relationships – sex scandals, and of course a leggy blonde watching from atop of the social, food chain…All mixed to the nuvo, alternative chill soundtrack beating rythms  in the background.  Tonight, of course, was no different with Terrible Angels by Charlotte Gainsbourg being the musical highlight of our night!

For some reason we see, once again, S trying to get rid of her “It Girl” title.  ONLY the rich and beautiful would want to get rid of such prestige!  Give it to us! We’ll represent you well!   S finds herself turning her new found cousin into the new GG subject; an easy task for the new and revised GG 3.0 position that S has gladly received.

Leaving us with the Humphrey/Waldorf love affair, which quite frankly is better to watch because their incredibly normal and sweet relationship leaves very little to the imagination.  Now that Blair has her hands all over him, can we put out a request for a much needed haircut… the do needs to go!

Join us again next week as we review GG and tell you our higlights, lowlights…and keep our fingers crossed for a makeover!


the boys of raannt

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Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games…THE Look…Yesterday and Today!

We’re really not sure why but outtakes of a photo shoot that Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence did in 2010 for Esquire UK are disappearing from all over the web.  The photographs, like the one seen above from, are so incredibly amazing we can’t understand why she would want them down.  Maybe because they don’t fit in with the innocent charm of Katniss Everdeen? We don’t care.  We love them and think they’re amazing.

But after looking at these photos from two years ago, we wondered what she looked like in her earlier days.

Awwww…Maybe not the stunning beauty she is today, seen on the right, but still a cutie patootie all the same!

We love ya darlin! Own that sexiness and don’t be ashamed of those photographs! We all wish we could look so good!

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Glee…After the Crash! Somebody That I Used to Know!


If the last episode of Glee hasn’t stopped you from texting while driving for the rest of your life...then Tweet this link out! Are you wondering if Quinn made it off the tracks alive? Did Rachel and Finn tie the knot minus a bridesmaid?  Don’t worry…we’re not here to spill the beans.   If you’re like us, you’d rather wait and be surprised.   We all love these kids so damn much we’re lucky if we can make it through an entire episode without balling our eyes out. (If, however, you are interested in ruining the anticipation of one of the greatest shows on television, Google “Glee Spoiler” and you’re sure to pull pages of interesting facts which will fill you in on the rest of the season.  And after that, why watch it at all.  Maybe from now on you could just spoil all of your shows and then you wouldn’t even have to set your DVR.  Needless to say, we star far away from the spoiler pages, obviously.)

So imagine our complete surprise when scanning YouTube we came across gorgeous Blaine, Darren Criss, crooning a cover to Goyte’s Somebody That I Used to Know…all 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  Instantly we realized we hadn’t seen this one yet.  We would have remembered this one for sure! And there it was…at the top of the screen glowing down on us like a couple of idiots.  Full Performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know” Airing 4/10.  Posted by who??? Glee on Fox.  Spoiled.  By the show itself.  Oh well.  If it was some half assed rendition of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend maybe we would have been upset, but this was Grade A, ex-Warbler Blaine at his best. (With special guest star, out actor Matt Bromer, as Blaine’s brother.) Intrigued? Here you go!

Some will love it and some will hate it…but we loved it! And although we’re not those gay guys who wish every gorgeous straight guy must be a little bit gay, we just have to ask Darren one more time…are you sure? Of course you are…and we respect you for your absolute heterosexuality because you’ve done such an amazing job supporting gay youth and being the perfect example of what every gay teenager would want in a boyfriend.  Well…almost every gay teenager.  By the way…love the red pants!

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Kate Winslet…THE Look…Yesterday and Today!

Looking at Kate Winslet today, in her campaign for the 2012 St. John Spring Collection, it’s difficult to remember a time when she was floating and freezing on a slab of driftwood only big enough for herself, leaving poor Leo to drown in the icy depths of the Atlantic.  These days, she has slimmed down and become quite a regal beauty, now serving as the Queen of St. John herself.

But it wasn’t always that easy to look stern and gorgeous, was it Kate?

We dug deep into the internet archives and pulled out Kate’s glamorous look of yesteryear…1991 to be exact, when she guest starred in a little known series called Dark Season.

Oh my! You have come a long, way baby! We’re strong believers that beauty and sexiness is plentiful in those gracing confidence, leading us only to believe that her Academy Award for The Reader, her six Oscar nominations and many other awards have given her a little bit more gumption to walk down the street and feel proud of herself.  Way to go girl! You should be proud…not only for looking absolutely amazing, but for proving to women all over the globe, that even in Hollywood, women do become more gorgeous as they get older!

But just in case you didn’t get enough of the old gal Winslet…we included a clip of those Dark Season days!

Check in tomorrow for our next Look of Yesterday and Today!

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Would You Rather…Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj?

We couldn’t agree more with the infamous words of Sharon Stone while being questioned by police in the thriller Basic Instinct, “Games are fun”.  And since we agree, we’ve decided to turn on our own psychological charm and play a daily round of Would You Rather.  Just imagine…Its 3am and you’re sitting around your best friend’s living room…or bedroom, and you’re bored talking about being stood up by Mr. Wonderful or wondering what fast food is still open.  Why not a game of Would You Rather!  Only you don’t have to wait until 3am because we’re going to be playing a daily game…right here.  We encourage you to tune in, wise up and please play along.  Comments will only make the fun ripen and the party improve! Are you ready?…Here we go!

Round 1

Would you rather have Kim Kardashian’s ass or Nicki Minaj’s ass? Depending on how you look at this question may affect your answer.  Check back later in the day in the comment section for our response.

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Lana Del Rey…We’re Obsessed With Your Badass Self!

We might not have been the first people to hear of Lana Del Rey, obviously, but we saw kids Tweeting about her early last year and although we had no idea who she was, we realized she was going to be something big.  Instantly…we fell in love.  Her voice is the love child of old school Julee Cruise of Twin Peaks fame woven with Adele lyrics, while country cruisin’ in August on cheap beer and cigarettes.  Lana Del Rey is so incredibly badass we instantly wanted her as our best friend.

Imagine our complete disbelief when we were reading blogs earlier today and one actually referred to her as an “example of pro-pedophelia“???  Really? We won’t even give the blog credit by penning that horrific label in a world where Lana Del Rey realizes the honest raw vulnerability of teenagers and whispers it into her microphone.  Maybe, if we could all remember how delicious those high school summer days were we might not be as jaded as we are today in a world filled with political campaigns, financial propaganda and fear of an unstable future.

No…Lana Del Rey is a magician.  She has transported us back to the raw hope of late 70’s PBR and video games and made us realize, in the words of Janis Joplin, “It’s all just the same fucking day man!”

We love her.  Completely. And appreciate the vacation she has given us from our daily lives by finding the mystery and intrigue in our own simple days.  After all…we’re not here forever so we might as well appreciate the details.

Lana Del Rey is the details!


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Kelly Clarkson Covers Britney Spears LIVE in Concert at Nokia Theatre/Til The World Ends!













“She’s My Cardio Music and I Frickin Hate Cardio!” Kelly Clarkson quipped last night on stage after belting out one of Britney Spears most famous songs in the last year. Check out this amazing footage we pulled from YouTube of Kelly Clarkson covering Britney Spears’ Til The World Ends last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  Not only does she pull out an amazing rendition, but, as true to Kelly Clarkson’s unending talent, she plays to the crowd through her joking words.  Maybe not as great as Queen Spears herself, Kelly did pay her justice in a memorable performance.  Memorable of American Idol where covering songs is as common as karoake on a Tuesday night.  Nonetheless…we loved it!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race…The Final Four! Raannt Rewind!














Was the purpose of Monday night’s episode to show exactly how untalented Kenya Michaels is besides being able to throw off her wig and dance circles, literally, around Latrice Royale?? If so, the show accomplished its mission.  Actually, we’ve been huge fans of Kenya since the beginning of the show.  How could you not be a fan? But she’s not exactly the type of queen who gets your heart pounding and goosebumps prickling by watching her perform.  No, she’s definitely more the type to go shopping with and have on your arm because it can’t be denied that she is absolutely gorgeous!  But what the hell was she doing in her Lip Sync For Your Life? Better ballet recitals have been performed at 3rd grade elementary schools.

The true winner of the night, besides saving herself in the bottom two, was Latrice Royale.  Through this entire season we’ve sat back and watched her continue to hang with the best of the girls.  Even though she’s been performing for twenty years, she wasn’t exactly our top pick for the NEXT Drag Superstar.  We feel like we’ve known several Latrice’s in our life and it seems like every drag community has at least one.  But maybe we were wrong.  In those final moments when she stood on stage in one place, perfectly lip syncing to Aretha Franklin You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman, it could not be denied that Latrice Royale is a force to be reckoned! It was almost embarrassing to watch Kenya dance and lip sync as Latrice performed impeccably, every bit of Aretha incarnate. Maybe, just maybe, we underestimated dear old Latrice…the beauty that she is!

So who will be the next Drag Superstar? While we love Latrice, our eye has always been on Sharon Needles.  Her creativity and originality is overwhelming while her humor and sensitivity is endearing.  Phi Phi O’Hara has proven she is quite a contender herself, winning several challenges.  And it can’t be denied that she did an incredible job on the Dads I’d Like to Frock challenge.  Chad Michaels is so undeniably classy and professional, but sometimes seems like she misses the mark.  Its difficult not to love her, especially when she would be such a good example and role model for the drag and gay community.  But maybe she would have been the best Last Drag Superstar being that she seems to be a drag superstar already.  Oh, wait…that was Willam.  (Who, by the way, we miss the hell out of seeing every week! Don’t worry, we’ve gotten our fill by her hilarious YouTube videos. By far the greatest scene this season was Latrice and DiDa’s appreciation for Willam’s Christian Louboutin’s!)

Our bet is still on Sharon Needles…but we might put a few dollars on Latrice as well.  Her story is compelling and her game is…sickening!

Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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