Indy SEXY GOLD! The Sexy List 2011!












1. a genuine mix of physical beauty, confidence, attraction, humility, compassion, star quality, character and authenticity.
used in a sentence: “I made the sexy list!”

Every year we pick the SEXIEST people of Indianapolis. This year we’ve taken some categories off and added two very important categories. The Original Sexy is to the couple who for some time has defined not only the look…but the feel of sexy. Our Sexy GOLD award goes to two people who could have literally been at the top of several categories; sexiest man and woman, sexiest style, sexiest couple, sexiest bodies, etc…For that reason, they are and will always be our pick for Sexy GOLD! Of course, the most coveted award is the Sexiest Man and Woman for 2011 and Faces to Watch in 2012! Congratulations to all of our winners! You are truly the ones who set the bar! Enjoy! (We’ve even included some SEXY music to set the mood so make sure you hit play before reading the list!) And remember…Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Unafraid…Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!





































































Sexiest Woman 2011: Laura Symons
Sexiest Man 2011: Kyle Smelser
Sexiest Mom: Molly Vaught
Sexiest Dad: John Wilkinson
Sexiest Couple:Mattie Rowe and Greg Allen
Sexiest Newlyweds:Stephanie White Reeder and Zach Reeder
Sexiest Married Couple: Bryan and Jenny Cook
Sexiest Divorcee: Sky Block
Sexiest Gay Couple: Peter Monn and Alex Paredes
Sexiest Dating Couple: Taylor Roberts and Rochelle Huber
Sexiest Body/Man: Tommy Housley
Sexiest Body/Female: Tawny Jenkins
Sexiest Sense of Humor: Melissa Barth
Sexiest Bitch: Sherry McWilliams
Sexiest Flirt: Courtni Hall
Sexiest Philanthropist: Jessica Wright
Sexiest Foreigner: Yana Botsman
Sexiest Style/Man: MJ Coyle
Sexiest Style/Woman: Erica Mitchell
Sexiest Doctor: Jose Vitto
Sexiest DJ: Gabby Love
Sexiest Hair Stylist: Lacy Montalvo
Sexiest Waiter/Waitress: Rachel Maher
Sexiest Bartender: Chad Thompson
Sexiest Doorman: Justin Ernst
Sexiest Bar Owner: Jeremiah Hamman
Sexiest Television Personality: Andi Hauser
Sexiest Print Personality: Christy Pastore
Sexiest Comeback: Alana Steele
Sexiest Artist: Polina Osherov
Sexiest Model: Cola Shavonne
Sexiest Stylist: Nikki Sutton
The Original Sexy: Richard and Donna Deer
Sexy GOLD: Melissa Elrod and Bryan Schmidt
Sexiest Man to Watch in 2012: Jason Jenkins
Sexiest Woman to Watch in 2012: Mari Yamaguchi

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