a REAL fashion show….

Long before Teddy got hitched on 90210, we were married at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas by our minister and dear friend, supermodel, Miss Brittany Mason…

Not only has Brittany been an amazing friend and mentor…but she’s also taught us a thing or two about the fashion industry.

In the last two weeks we have received several messages asking about our thoughts on the most recent Midwest Fashion Week. We chose not to attend.

These are our thoughts…








Good thing ole Billy, Roy Halston and Brittany didn’t make excuses by saying “we’re from Indiana”!

Push the limits, take risks and live on the edge…
Be Yourself. Be Unafraid…Be your own Unexpected Luxury!

PEMOVISION…Peter’s New YouTube Reality Show!!!!

If you haven’t seen already, Peter has started a YouTube Reality Show titled PEMOVISION!!!! Please check it out, SUBSCRIBE to it, leave comments on the videos and ask questions!!!! Yes…they happen to be a little long but they’re worth every second and you might miss something so just pause it and come back to it later! Discussed: Halloween, Indianapolis Fashion, Failure, His Mother, Elementary School, His Favorite Music, The Scariest Movies, People Who Piss Him Off…on and on and on…Check it out!!!

The channel is called PEMOVISION but here’s a few examples of the episodes aired so far!





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Don’t Be a Coward! Kiss a Fool!

Last week we wrote an article about hate mail we had received from a reader called Hate or Validate and followed it up with a story titled Hate…Is Not a Luxury! Since the very first email we received from a struggling, gay teenager thanking us for putting ourselves out there because it helped them not feel so alone, we have been dedicated to continuing to do what we are doing to help each person, no matter what their heritage, culture, ethnicity or background, live a life without fear…a true luxury.

We have become a society of strangers not neighbors. We’re afraid to talk to one another and walk around on each others’ front porches. Most of us have stopped being concerned with each other because we have our own agenda. And our children are suffering the most because they have very few solid, role models.

We made it. We’re on the other side. At least today. When we walk down the street and someone calls us a name we hold our heads up high because we refuse to become a victim of their oppression! But does that mean it’s ok? Absolutely not. How can we possibly change the world if we are unable to even affect one another? Why is it so difficult to just talk to each other?

On the heels of our past, two articles, we received a message from a friend about how she had recently been the recipient of some bullying:

“I know you guys are tackling the issue of bullying and it is quite interesting how we all experience it in some form throughout our life. I know I was bullied and called names when I was in grade school because of how I looked. The topic came quite timely as I experienced some of that same negativity about my ethnicity the other day. So to answer your twitter post about whether bullying continues in adulthood here’s some thoughts on it:

Bullying takes on other forms as we grow up, we just give it different names. Sexual harassment is a form of bullying. Racial commentary, bashing someone if they are gay/lesbian/bi/transgender, offhand remarks about ethnicity, etc. it still continues. You even see it with the commentary folks make about the President or the comments made towards certain ethnic groups following the 9/11 tragedy.

I even experienced it the other day at work through a very uneducated comment from a coworker (the first time ever, I felt like my ethnicity/heritage was something that bothered people).

As we grow older, we would hope that we mature enough to know what is wrong/right and act accordingly. As we grow older, we are exposed to more diverse ways of thinking and thus, we would hope, that the ignorance of bullying will be remedied.

Unfortunately, fear (of the unknown), jealousy, and the vices that hold some of these folks locked in their mental state keep “bullying” a part of adult life. As adults, we are better equipped to handle these situations. However, that does not mean we should tolerate it.

I put my situation out there on social media with a status comment on Facebook (maybe not the best of ideas, but social media is looked upon as an outlet). It got the attention of a co-worker who is a “friend” on Facebook. Which then went to my Director. My Director was not standing for it.

For those of us fortunate enough to have been taught that the beauty in and fabric of life is the diversity of people, ideas and situations we come across, tolerating narrow-mindedness is not an option.
Tolerance of bullying stops somewhere. And it stops with people like my Director, my friends, and others who take action.

The question then lies in: Who is brave enough? Who is bold enough? Who will take action? Who values diversity? Who is willing to teach tolerance to the bully and show them the errors in thinking? And, above all, who values the simplicity of humanity?”

We’re brave enough, are you?

We believe it is easier to hate than to love. We believe it is easier to hit than to hug. We believe it is easier to curse than to compliment. We believe it is easier to kill…than to kiss. For this reason we are propsing that instead of hating, cursing, hitting and killing you will love, hug, compliment and kiss! People are willing every day to take huge risks with drugs, alcohol, operations, money and violence not knowing what the possible outcome will be but they are unable to take the same risks to be brave and actually get closer to someone who is foreign or confusing to them because of their differences.

Hug someone. Compliment someone. Love someone…

Stop being a coward. Kiss a fool!

Be yourself. Be unafraid…Be your own unexpected luxury!

Hate…Is Not a Luxury!

Slamming her locker she looked at the words outlined in red, permanent marker like blood from a fresh kill. She could feel the stares from the other kids in the hallway and as tears crested the corners of her eyes, she hunched over, hands in her pockets and walked past her audience. They should yell “Dead Man Walking” she thought to herself. She walked down the main hallway, past the smirks and laughter which always tasted her back like the tongue of a vicious serpent.

Was she the words they called her? Was she really that bad? The only friend she had was someone she didn’t even really want to be friends with and even she didn’t like her that much. What had she ever done? She couldn’t even remember when it started, just some distant memory of that girl standing in the gym shouting, “Don’t pick her. We’ll lose if we have her!” Was it 4th grade? Maybe 5th? It didn’t matter. It still felt the same as that first time and even that girl haunted her wherever she went. Saddest of all was she wished she were that girl. Perfect hair and a perfect boyfriend. Everything…perfect.

Maybe even if she had parents who understood but how did you explain to your own parents that no one liked you. Especially when they were just as hard on you as everyone else. She shook her head before pushing the door open to walk outside into the sunshine, the school’s last bell ringing in her head like a million forevers. She crossed the street and walked onto the side street which would take her home. The final mile she liked to call it. It was the only place she felt truly safe. She pulled out her huge sunglasses which reminded her of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and put them on. They only cost her $2.99 but they made her feel glamorous. She pulled her iPod from her purse, put the earphones tightly in her ears and scrambled until she found the song she was looking for.


She looked behind her and smiled. No one.

Turning around, she cocked her sunglasses and then put her hands on her hips.


Instantly she was on a runway in Paris strutting her shit as the crowd went crazy and her fans applauded. She walked to the end, stopped and gave her signature pouty lipped smile. She had shown them all. She wasn’t that bad after all. She was beautiful. She was amazing. She was gorgeous. She was fabulous.
Right…Left…Right…Left…she pranced back and forth on the same stretch of sidewalk until the song ended.

Finishing her runway walk, she turned the corner of her street walking tall. She could see her house in the distance. She stopped and started the song over again.

Maybe today wasn’t the day. Maybe she should wait. She might just prove them all wrong after all. Maybe one day…she’d even prove it to herself. Maybe. It might just be worth waiting around to find out. At least for another day…

Bullying is serious. Very serious. But so is your life! DO NOT give into the bully! Shove their nose in your success! Putting together days adds up to a lifetime. It’s worth waiting around to see what excitement is in store for you. Who knows. You might even end up being a supermodel!

Be yourself. Be unafraid…Be your own unexpected luxury!

*Photographs courtesy of Velvet D’Amour.

Hate or Validate?

Today we received a hate letter via email. At first we laughed it off as we usually do and didn’t give it another thought. But the more the words sat in our heads ruminating we realized not responding would mean we were part of a greater problem. Bullying. And it reminding us of Oprah’s words on her last show.


How true.
In the last year we’ve made a personal goal to work towards anti-bullying even attempting to work with bullies to understand their motives. You see, this is a societal problem. We are quick to blame the bully but they are in pain too or they wouldn’t find joy or humor in making someone feel worse than they do themselves. At the cost of another life, we could not just sit back. Sure, we could handle the violent words of the ridiculous email but what about the 13 year old boy who is ridiculed and doesn’t have any friends because he is overweight or the 15 year old lesbian who doesn’t feel part of a “community” or “group” and walks through the halls every day at school in hopes of finding just one person who feels the same way she feels? What about the the skinny girl who everyone thinks is beautiful and smart and has it all but inside she doesn’t feel as if she can ever live up to anyone’s expectations, including her own? What about the 17 year old gay teenager who stays in his room in front of his computer looking for a life or a world where someone will make him feel like he’s good enough? We’ve made it through those days…but they haven’t. This is for them…we are here if you need us. You aren’t alone.

So…here’s the first email:


and this is the second…obviously from the same person:

my name isnt valid, just another person that cant stand your horrible. go to the gym ugly fucks commented on The boys of raannt YouTube Channel!!!

i dont know whats worse…you guys being ugly and fat or just going through a midlife crisis!!!
people hate you two in indpls, you guys are a joke, embarassing, and people shun away from you two. get a new job. you two are pathetic pieces of garbage!!!
alex, you hair is ugly, you have horrible bags under your eyes..and you FAT!! peter, your just a fat midlife crisis hairy piece of garbage with a horrible. go spend your time at the gym you two lame ass losers. you guys are a joke!!!!

Hmmmm…well, you can wait and hear our response personally tomorrow on our YouTube video HATE at our YouTube Channel

Our original thought was to respond humorously, as we always do, making tee-shirts stating MIDLIFE CRISIS and FATASS. But this is much too serious. How serious? It is illegal. If you question this check out your state’s code on harassment and intimidation.

But it is much more serious to us because of the effect it could have on someone who can’t take anymore and, as Oprah says, is simply looking for validation.

For anyone that feels that way…we love you, we’re here for you and you’re not alone. Our commitment is to never stop being ourselves until the hatred stops. We’re not going anywhere!

Be fearless…Be your own unexpected luxury!

If anyone is looking for help or just needs someone to listen to them please email us at raannt@gmail.com.

A Skater’s Wet Dream…

Getting an in school suspension was not part of your plan. You just thought you’d skip your last class of the day and go and watch her run the mile for gym, since you heard her complaining about it at lunch. You weren’t sure what was more embarrassing; your mother having to be called when you’re a senior or the fact that the dean busted you on the bleachers right as she ran past you. Either way it meant you’d be spending all weekend at home and the entire day Monday in the Biology lab serving your detention. Your friend Evan drives you home and as you turn the corner onto your street you see the cream color of your brother’s truck which must mean he’s decided to come and stay for a couple of days giving you even less privacy. You grumpily stumble out of the car and head up the walk just as your mom and brother are walking out for dinner. “Grounded!” Your mother says as she walks past you.

You head upstairs and throw your bag on the floor and fall onto the bed. Turning on the tv you notice your mom has set your skateboard on your desk. The new deck, a Sean Cliver for Girl Skateboards Blacklight Series “Buddha Superstar”, glows like sea monkey’s in the dark of the room. Just as you roll over in frustration your phone rings. “Boy, you have to GOT toget here now!” Evan whispers into the phone. He explains that she’s at the skate park. “And she’s alone. She didn’t come with him. I think they might have broken up or something.” You hold the phone in your hand thinking about how much you miss her. How her hair smelled when you sat next to her in her car. How she’d smile at you right before she’d kiss you. “Give me 15 minutes.” You say and hang up the phone.
Looking at yourself in the mirror you realize there is no way you’re going to get her back looking the way you do. In fact, since she broke up with you, because you got drunk instead of hanging out with her, you’ve kind of let yourself go. She always said how she liked the way you dressed because you didn’t give a fuck and just wore what made you feel good.

You quickly get undressed and throw on your Spenglish “Juan Two Three” tee (Spenglish, $45) that she loved. You pull up your tight Nudie “Thin Finn Faded Black Black” jeans (Nudie, $199) and check yourself out in the mirror. Not bad. Not too shabby at all. But it’s not enough. Running your fingers through your hair you realize it’s greasy and you haven’t washed it in a couple of days.

You look over at your clock and realize you’ve already wasted 5 minutes. You head into the bathroom and pull the clippers out from underneath the sink. Plugging them in you look in the mirror. “Fuck it.” Five minutes later the six inches of hair surrounds your bare feet. Some pieces on your head are still longer than others, but who cares. You’re not a barber and you kind of like how it looks edgy anyway. But something is still missing. You stand there for a second and then get an idea. Walking into the guest bedroom you stand over your brother’s luggage as if you’ve found your hidden Christmas presents and don’t know if you should open them and seal them back or not. Quickly you unzip the biggest bag and look until you find exactly what you’re looking for. His brand new Gucci Washed Ostrich Biker jacket(Gucci, $11300)

You slip the jacket on carefully realizing how much it means to your brother. Standing in front of the mirror you realize it looks absolutely perfect. You’re sure you’ll be back before your mom and brother get back anyway so you’ll just slip it back in the suitcase and you’ll never get caught. You quickly grab you board and run out the door.

While running over to the skate park you think back on the first day you actually got up enough nerve to talk to her after having watched her from far away for a long time. You remember how your friends were pissed because you chose to sit and laugh with her all afternoon instead of skating. “Bros before hos, dude.” Afterwards she asked you to teach her to skate. You kissed her instead. But she became a pretty good skater…for a girl. And for the six months you were together saved up your money to buy her a board. She broke up with you before you ever got a chance to give it to her and the board still sat on the shelf in your closet.

When you finally reach the skate park you immediately sitting by herself with her back up against a tree. You throw down your board and skate over to Evan. “She’s been by herself the whole time. I’m telling you man, I think they broke up. She looks really sad.” You look over at her but she doesn’t look back. You take a deep breath and skate over to her. “Hey” You say. She looks up. “Hey.” She says back. You sit down next to her just as it starts raining. “So.” You say. “So.” She says. “Not skating today?” She asks, barely looking up. “Naw.” You say. You scratch your newly shaved head and some hairs falls in front of your face. You laugh. “I’ve missed you.” She says. You don’t say anything. You never were good with words. “It’s why we broke up. I told him I couldn’t be with him anymore because I was still in love with you.” You close your eyes and scream at yourself in your head. Don’t Cry! Don’t be a little bitch and start crying! But she’s already beat you to the punch. You stand up and reach for her hand. “Let’s get outta here.” You say. She takes your hand and stands up. She’s still crying. You reach into your pocket and grab the Sugar Factory “Hello Kitty” couture pop (Sugar Factory, $25) you bought her while at your brother’s wedding in Vegas.

She looks up and you make a face. She laughs. “Come on you asshole.” She says, pulling you with her across the field towards her car. About halfway there you stop. She turns around, confused, her hair slicked back in the pouring rain. You take off your brother’s leather jacket and put it around her shoulders. Lightly grabbing her by the back of her neck you pull her towards you. “I’ve missed you too.” You say, right before you kiss her.

“Wait!” She says. You open your eyes and look at her mysterious smirk. “I want your new board too.” She says, biting the corner of her lip. You look down and feel the rain wash down over the back of your neck as you fix your eyes on the key of her 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Jeep, starts at $25545) thinking about all of the times the two of you made out in that car. Man, not the new board.

You think about all the nights you tried to say you were sorry but she wouldn’t talk to you. You think about all the times you walked past her house after school just to see if she was there. You think about all the times you had to watch her with him. Sometimes…life is in the risks. “Deal.” You say, smiling. She grabs you and kisses you hard.

And standing in the field, your lips meeting hers in the rainstorm, you realize how happy you are that you decided to break the rules and just say fuck it. Because even though your life is going to completely suck for the next few weeks, this moment is totally worth it. After all…this might have just been the greatest day of your life.

Be fearless. Be yourself. Be your own unexpected luxury!

an Italian Sunday in bed…

Sunday…3:43pm…still in bed, your hand rubbing the stubble on his cheek as he sleeps softly, the smell of his cologne, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, burning off of his skin. Smiling, you remember the night before…Fresh oysters, several bottles of red wine in some loud, little bar where your friends were shouting and dancing with the sensual beats of the DJ spinning Federico Aubele’s Postales.


You look down, past your smooth stomach and bare navel and realize…you never took off your new Balenciaga shoes…a late night gift he slipped onto your feet right before you left the house in the pouring rain. Laughing to yourself, you kick him gently with the heel of the purple shoe, waking him up.

He yawns gently as he turns, the sheet falling slowly to the floor revealing the tanned skin of his ass tightly bound in the Jam briefs you bought for him two days before and secretly slipped in his briefcase. Snapping the band of the underwear, your finger stops to rest on one of the small dimples on the low of his back. And then…you lean in against him as he pulls out the carry out menu for the Chinese restaurant down the street. You smirk, shaking your head like a little girl…”No Chinese.” You say….”I want pizza.”

A Sure Thing For Gold Diggers! Millionaire Dating Services!

How about a Dating Site designed specifically for young girls under 30 to meet mature, rich men over 40! Girls Meet Gentlemen became famous several years ago when Matador magazine brought attention to it being the first of it’s kind, but since then GMG has held it’s own in the dating field, securing lucrative relationships to both younger women and older men. The site is free for women and men only pay after choosing the premium membership.

And to all you gay boys out there, don’t worry. You too can the man of your dreams at Date a Gay Millionaire! This also has a free membership so none of you cheap ass gay boys, just like the young girls, will have to spend a cent towards their future entitlement!


Have fun…and
Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Simply Gucci…Cars and Boats

Last year, Gucci and Riva collaborated to upscale the original Riva luxury speedboat. The 2010 Aquariva was the result. Starting price: Approximately $750,000. Now, Gucci has taken it back to the road and teamed up with Fiat to create the Gucci Fiat 500C. Starting price: $19,500.


If you didn’t catch a glimpse of it at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City this month, check out the website HERE.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!