An Interview with Brendan Fitzpatrick from E’s #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

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Brendan Fitzpatrick has made a name for himself professionally and now, thanks to E’s  #RichKids of Beverly Hills, he has entered the world of entertainment.  The young successful real-estate mogul has an upbeat personality, a straight to the point professionalism and a killer girlfriend that adds to his incredibly funny social persona.  Brendan took some time from his crazy schedule to chat about the second half of the season, his cast-mates and the incredible lives these #RichKids live!

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Introduce yourself in 5 words or less.

Hi, I’m Brendan Fitzpatrick.

What’s the one thing people know you for?

I work hard and I’m told I am funny, but can be pretty neurotic.

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What makes you a #RichKid of Beverly Hills?

That I’m on an E! reality series called #RichKids of Beverly Hills which airs Sundays at 10pm. I work hard and I am successful. From a young age, I have completely supported myself.

What should #RichKids fans should expect for the rest of the season?

There is a lot of glitz and glam left to see along with everyone growing individually and that will be fun to follow.

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Let’s play “UnFollow (on Instagram), Marry, Screw or take a selfie with” with your castmates; Morgan Stewart, Dorothy Wang, Jonny Drubel and Roxy Sowlaty

I would unfollow Jonny and obviously marry, screw and take a selfie with Morgan because she’s just that good looking!

How do you define sexy?

I think sexy is confidence and being comfortable with who you are.

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What is the sexiest hotel? City? Club? Place to party? Thing to buy?

I think the sexiest hotel is probably the Delano or Setai in Miami.

What is something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

Maybe you wouldn’t know I’m a slight hypochondriac.

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What do you want people to remember you by?

I want people to remember me for my success and being able to treat everyone the way I expect them to treat me.

What are your three simple luxuries?

Relationships, culture and service.

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