An explosion of chill and flames…


For our birthdays this year we decided to try something new while still enjoying a favorite spot. We started off the evening at Blu Martini on 96th Street, using the northside locale as a meeting place for our friends before we drove off to Mosaic at IndianaLive! Casino in Shelbyviille. One word has always defined Blu Martini for us and it still remains; class. Our friend Bill, the owner of Blu Martini and 45 Degrees, made sure we were prepared by having a reserved section for us before we arrived. Throughout the evening, the waiters and bartenders were fast and talkative, making the beginning of our evening extremely pleasurable and chill, radiating off of the extremely loungey atmosphere and amazing background music. Bill came over several times throughout the night, making sure we were having a good time and even bought a generous round of shots for our friends, making the start to our evening perfect. It’s always great to feel welcomed to an establishment and the fact that it was our birthday made it even better. Thanks Bill, we hope to see you soon! (By the way, we noticed your waiters busted their asses the entire night…as did your bartender who was hilarious!)

After we left Blu Martini, we headed to Shelbyville to IndianaLive Casino to go their club, Mosaic. First of all, let us just be extremely clear that we were a little apprehensive to hold our birthday at Mosaic, even though we had reserved a VIP section, because if it happened to be a letdown, we would have forty friends behind us questioning our choice. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! Mosaic is absolutely amazing. Located at the back of the casino, it is shadowed by several rows of slot machines and easy to miss; but inside, it is incredible, probably one of the nicest clubs Indiana has to offer.

Rows of vinyl lounging areas cover the back while the middle is covered with a dance floor and bar, at which several times during the evening, the bartender would perform flame tricks with bottles of alcohol. Club dancers are arranged above the club on a second floor and also dance on the bar and throughout the club. Our waitress told us that the club is usually packed on Saturday nights and we weren’t surprised. We were only surprised that more people weren’t there that night. Take 10 or 15 friends, reserve a VIP section and get two designated drivers for the 25 minutes from downtown it takes to drive to Mosaic. Trust us…it is well worth the drive.

The next day, Father’s Day, we went to Rehab at The Palms at Bella Vita; easily our favorite social spot of the summer. While many of the people that we had invited did not show up and it was rather calm due to Father’s Day, we had such a great time due to our waitress Sara and the promoter of Rehab and owner of IndyScene; J.R. Peare. Both made arrangements for a free bottle of NUVO at our table; a cabana and soft drinks, water and juice. The day was amazing and partly due to how special they treated us! Thanks to you both. (We recently ran into J.R. at LuLu’s and he immediately came up to us and was so friendly that we just wanted to let everyone know what a great guy we think he is and what a contribution he is making to the social scene in Indy. Thanks J.R. for all your support.)

We had such a great birthday and we want to thank all of our friends for coming and making it so awesome…as well as our engagement(oh…did we just say that??)

Remember…eyes open, We’re Watching!

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