A Special Request


Hey Folks…We have received a special request from Mass Avenue Video, to send out a message to Indy readers in hopes of saving a failing business. They have informed us that if they do not raise $4000 by Saturday, their doors will close forever. We actually thought long and hard about writing this blog because we weren’t sure it was the message we wanted to send out about RAANNT, but we believe that anyone asking us to help their cause, as long as their request is positive, deserves our support. We would be more than willing to put our name behind anyone ballsy enough at a time like this to stand up and ask for help. Times are tough out there and we believe Mass Avenue Video, especially a business that has been around since 1999, deserves all of our help. Sometimes, we must all put small differences aside for the cause of the greater good.


In this failing economy, many people are unfortunate and many people have had to cut back on their spending habits. Mass Avenue Video is currently offering several deals regarding their video/dvd collection to raise the money needed and might be willing to entertain any offer. If you have more questions, they can be contacted at 317-951-7195. They are located at 922 Massachusetts Avenue. They can also be found on Facebook. Remember…we’re just trying to make Indy a little more enjoyable and hopefully a place where everyone can prosper and have fun! We wish you guys the best and hope the next few days brings you everything you need to stay around!

Eyes open…we’re watching!

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