The Restless Energy of Sebjak & David Tort ‘Raveline’

sebjak david tort rave line_raannt

Built around the catalysing acid riff at the track’s core, the aptly-titled ‘Raveline‘ is a flurry of muscular drums and layered progressions that is crafted perfectly for peak time dance floors. Opening out into a big melodic breakdown before diving back into the fray, the restless energy of ‘Raveline‘ is inescapable.  Sebjak has quickly marked himself out as one of the most exciting talents to come out of Sweden’s rich lineage in electronic music. Rising to fame with his collaborations ‘Liceu’ and ‘Kemi’ with Marcus Schossow, as well as his massive release ‘Feel You’, Sebjak has had a series of releases with a strong selection of leading dance labels such as Size records, Mixmash and Positiva.


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