Rebecca & Fiona Announce 2014 Tour Dates

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OMG we can’t wait!!!!! We love Rebecca & Fiona!!! These girls are not only the epitome of sexy blend with edm… but also are incredibly talented as vocalists and fashionistas!!! We’re super excited to see these dolls perform at Ultra and take over the US with their magical and killer shows! Their sophomore album Beauty is Pain drops April 29th on Ultra Records and their first single Candy Love has been killing the charts!


Rebecca & Fiona Tour Dates

March 6               Denver, CO @ Beta

March 7               Vancouver, BC @ Celebrities

March 8               Phoenix, AZ @ INTL

March 9               Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst

March 13            Austin, TX @ Ultra SXSW Showcase

March 14            Houston, TX @ Limelight

March 15            Los Angeles, CA @ Create

March 16            Guadalara, MX @ Foro Alterno

March 20            San Luis Obispo, CA @ SLO Brew

March 21            St. Louis, MO @ Club Europe

March 22            Dallas, TX @ LeVu

March 23            Miami, FL @ Story

March 29            Miami, FL @ Ultra Music Festival

April 2                  Boston, MA @ NAGA

April 4                  New York, NY @ Pacha

April 5                  Atlanta, GA @ Opera

April 9                  Portland, OR @ Whiskey Bar

April 11               Seattle, WA @ Foundation Room

April 12               San Francisco, CA @ Ruby Skye

April 24               Washington, DC @ Ultrabar

April 25               Cleveland, OH @ Liquid

April 26               Toronto, ON @ Guvernment

May 1                   San Diego, CA @ Bassmnt

May 2                   Calgary, AB @ TEN

May 3                   Chicago, IL @ MID

May 8                   Costa Mesa, CA @ Sutra

May 9                   Las Vegas, NV @ Marquee

May 10                 Montreal, PQ @ New City Gas

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