Look of the Day: Rainy Day!

Rainy Day

Alex’s Look of the Day:

There’s nothing more un-motivating than a rainy day… especially in the eye of winter.  All I feel like doing is staying in bed, curled up under the blankets, watching some 90210 or Vampire Diaries drinking a venti nonfat latte… But I’m on campus all day so this is what I choose to wear:

Rainy Day 2

Hollister Super Skinny Jeans…Found HERE!

Rainy Day 3


Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Baltimora’ Rain Boot Found HERE!

Rainy Day 4


Artistic Shirt Collar Colorful Big Plaid Long Sleeves Polyester Shirt for men Found HERE!

Rainy Day 5


Hooded Vest Jacket Found HERE!

Rainy Day 6

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