Look of the Day…Pine Cones & Gold Dust Women

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Some days are perfect for walking around, listening to good music and picking up lost treasures, trying to get over that lost love or just waiting for them to call.  Pine cones are the perfect lost treasures, as are this pair of 7 Jeans, Sperry wing tips and vintage sweater from one of our favorite vintage stores, Broad Ripple Vintage in Indianapolis.

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Back to College Thoughts! Men’s Style Look of the Day

look of the day back to college_raannt

Colder weather.  Rainy nights.  Strong winds.  Fireplaces.  First kisses.  Maybe more.  Late nights with friends.  New bands you’ve never heard of but will love for the rest of your life.  Football games.  Weekend road trips.  Parents weekend.  Goals, dreams, aspirations…you have such potential.  To find that it all comes screeching to a halt with the phrase of a book in your Philosophy of Literature class.  The words of an old Bob Dylan song.  You start re-thinking everything.  A First kiss.  Again.  Coffee on a cool morning.  They’re just words.  And you’re young.  Still young enough to remember prom and old enough to know you only like Menthols and scotch, not beer.  Just words.  You smile, remembering the socks you put on this morning.


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Look of the Day: Rainy Day!

Rainy Day

Alex’s Look of the Day:

There’s nothing more un-motivating than a rainy day… especially in the eye of winter.  All I feel like doing is staying in bed, curled up under the blankets, watching some 90210 or Vampire Diaries drinking a venti nonfat latte… But I’m on campus all day so this is what I choose to wear:

Rainy Day 2

Hollister Super Skinny Jeans…Found HERE!

Rainy Day 3


Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Baltimora’ Rain Boot Found HERE!

Rainy Day 4


Artistic Shirt Collar Colorful Big Plaid Long Sleeves Polyester Shirt for men Found HERE!

Rainy Day 5


Hooded Vest Jacket Found HERE!

Rainy Day 6

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Out of Our Closet Today 7-18-12: Pool Party for One

All of your friends are working but you have the day off and it’s 100 degrees and perfectly sunny.  You head to the pool.  After getting your lounge chair set up, you dive in and let the bath temperature water flow over you.  You love summer.  After you swim, you get out and grease up your body the old fashioned, dangerous way; baby oil.  You plug in your headphones and start your playlist for summer anthems.  After an hour, you’ve had enough of the sun and decide a nap inside is a better way to spend a 100 degree day.  You wake up hours later. The sun is gone and the moon has replaced it’s midsummer glow.  The smell of baby oil radiates the room as the heat from the burn on your skin radiates with heat.  You take a quick shower, throw on a tank and shorts and head out to meet your friends for dinner.  You smile as you walk out…if only every day felt like summer.

Out of the Closet Today 7-18-12: Pool Party for One

Tank: Outcast Americana Tank Top/Urban Outfitters $28

Shorts: ORLEBAR BROWN ‘Bulldog’ Swim Shorts/farfetch.com $195

Sandals: Hugo by Hugo Boss Mens White Thaco Leather Thong Sandals/psyche.co.uk $74

Sunglasses: KSUBI Blue Tejat Sunglasses/ssense.com $220

Oil: Johnsons Baby Oil Aloe Vera and Vitamin E 20oz/Target $3.84


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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Out of Our Closet Today: 7-17-12 Campus Memories

Sometimes he just needed to get away from everything.  The sound of clicking pens in the boardroom.  E-mails popping up every few seconds on his computer screen.  The stale smell of office coffee.  All of it.  Even the morning commute to his office offered him no solace anymore.  On that afternoon, something was different.  It was almost as if the silence of the country road to his old campus town called to him as freshman are called to their first day of class, fear and excitement creeping up on them like watching a great horror movie with close friends.

He walked out of his office, not even telling his secretary he had no plan to come back later in the day.  He jumped into his old, vintage Porsche and sped across town toward the exit south to the town of his college years.  He stopped at an old gas station, buying a pack of Marlboro reds and a Tahitian Treat, although he never smoked anymore and rarely drank soda.  Today…was an exception.

Back in his car, he lit a cigarette and spun down the old, country highway, listening to music he hadn’t listened to in years.  He laughed to himself, remembering times when he swore he would never wear a suit and he would never work in an office, especially one that didn’t have windows.  Today, all of those things were true of his circumstances.

He drove into that cozy, campus town and watched the summer students walk along the sidewalks, most with backpacks, some just carrying small books.  He drove down several streets until he found the house he had lived in that summer.  He got out and walked up to the front porch, memories flooding his mind.  He wasn’t that person anymore.  Today he was a suit.

He smiled and looked at his new wingtip shoes.  He thought about he and his boyfriend walking the dogs and watching movies late at night.  He thought about their trips to Vegas, Miami and Paris.  He smiled and laughed a small laugh.  Walking down the steps he looked back only once before getting in his car and leaving.

I think I like being a suit, he thought, turning the car around and heading home.


Out of Our Closet Today: 7-17-12: Campus Memories

Suit: Maison Martin Margiela Textured Two Piece Suite/Barneys $1895

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Yellow Twill Plaid/Ralph Lauren $45

Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini Men’s Laceless Wingtip Oxford Brown/DSW $160

Watch: Michael Kors/Nordstrom Rack Prices Vary

Tie: Burberry Prorsum Solid Tie/Barneys $195


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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Out of Our Closet Today 7-1-12: Mixed Tape

He’s in love.  He wants the perfect love potion.  Something that will definitely work! A mixed tape is the perfect way to show exactly what’s on his mind. 

Track 1The Smiths Girlfriend in a Coma

Track 2The Cure Friday I’m in Love

Track 3Lana Del Rey National Anthem

Track 4 Kenny Chesney Come Over

Track 5Neon Trees Everybody Talks

Track 6The Lumineers Ho Hey

Track 7Rocky Votolato White Daisy Passing

Track 8Gotan Project Santa Maria

Track 9Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon

Guess what? It worked!


Out of Our Closet Today 7-1-12: Mixed Tape

Pants: Distortian Jeans/Quicksilver.com $70

Shirt: John Lawrence Sullivan Western Shirt/farfetch.com $290

Watch: Nixon S.A.M/Barneys $250

Shoes: Forzieri Multicolor Wingtip Derby Shoes/Forzieri.com $580


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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Out of Our Closet Today 6-15-12: Shark Attack!

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? Horror movies define summer.  What would hot, August nights be without boxes of candy and midnight screams with your friends while watching the scariest horror movies ever made.  We love horror movies! Some of our favorites are The Strangers, The Collector and the Scream movies.  But the scariest movie we have ever seen is, without a doubt, Jaws.  So put your feet up…grab the popcorn and get ready to be terrified because its once again unsafe to go into the water!

Out of the Closet Today 6-15-12: Shark Attack!

Shorts: Religionksp19 Kestral Black Shorts/coggles.com $101

Tank: Shark Attack Sleeveless Tank/Etsy $15.99

Shoes: Vans Authentic Suede 2 Tone Black-Ebony/Vans $100

Watch: Marvin C1850 Swiss DN8 Watch/Barneys $1290


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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Out of Our Closet Today 6-11-12: Bonfire on the Beach

Hidden beach.  Soft sand.  Warm water.  Crashing waves.  Driving up you see hundreds of white candles stuck in the sand flickering like dancing fireflies on the beach surrounding a huge bonfire.  From the message on your voice mail, you had imagined tons of people, laughing, dancing, drinking…but it’s just him, sitting there roasting a marshmallow on the end of a twisted stick.  As you walk up he smiles, takes a swig from a bottle of warm, red wine and hands it to you.  You can feel the wet sand on the glass from where he kept the bottle dug into the ground between his legs. You take a swig from the bottle and sit down next to him.  The fire cracks, spitting embers into the dark night.  He kisses your neck and you can smell the sweet, red wine on his breath. Turning, you watch the reflection of the fire in his eyes.  He smiles again and you realize bonfires for two are much, much better than a crowded beach party.

Out of Our Closet Today 6-11-12: Bonfires on the Beach

Shorts: Analog Clothing Rip Short/farfetch.com $62

Tank: Dumb and Ugly Tank Top/etsy.com(burgerandfriends) $24

Sandals: Cushe Manuka Wrap/Infinity Shoes $65

Bracelets: Genuine Onyx and Agate Gemstone Bead Long Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet/Overstock Jeweler $14.99

Sunglasses: Santos Dumont Sunglasses/Cartier $810

Car: 4 Door Jeep Wrangler/Jeep $25,545


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.


Out Of Our Closet Today 6-8-12: He Makes No Excuses

His eyes are the most piercing blue you have ever seen in your entire life.  He doesn’t own a credit card.  He always pays with cash.  Even though you’ve dated for 3 years, you’re not really sure where he lives…his address is usually some hotel in Vegas, Cannes or Grand Cayman.  In fact, you’re not really sure what he does for a living.  His parents live on a farm in upstate New York where he was raised.  His body and his gentleness display his farm boy attitude.  The crook in his smile displays a confidence you have never witnessed before.  He drives a Bugatti…but only when he’s in the States.  He drinks strong coffee, orders 2 steaks, eats a waffle for breakfast every morning, stays up late and watches old Hitchcock movies, only drinks Sambuca on ice and smokes one cigarette after another…but he makes no excuses.  He is fond of saying, “Life is for living, not preserving.” and you believe him.  He’s the youngest 40 year old you’ve ever seen or met and probably for that one simple fact…he makes no excuses.

Out of Our Closet Today 6-8-12: He Makes No Excuses

Shirt: Band of Outsiders Micro Stripe Button Down/Barneys $149

Pants: Piombo Cotton Trousers/MatchesFashion $269

Shoes: Gucci Black Suede Driving Shoe/Gucci $455

Belt: Gucci Belt w/ Two-tone Interlocking Belt Buckle/Gucci $325

Sunglasses: Rick Owens Oversized Shield Sunglasses/Barneys $489

Underwear: Burberry Check Trim Boxer Brief/Nordstrom $45

Watch: Rolex Men’s Submariner Date 18K Gold/Black Dial Watch/Rolex $16,700

Car: Bugatti Veyron/Bugatti $2,400,000


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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Out of Our Closet Today 6-1-12: The Richest Man in the World

Last Week, Esquire magazine listed you as the “Richest Man in the World Under 30“.  How they came to that conclusion, you aren’t quite sure… It wouldn’t surprise you if it were true but money means very little to you anyway.  The fact that you had to lose both parents, your only sister and your dog in a horrific accident to make you the richest man in the world seems to be of very little consequence to the rest of the world.  After all…they’re not at #1.  And quite frankly, you wish you weren’t either.  At least before you could jump from club to club listening to your favorite DJ’s while flying to Paris one night and jumping the jet for Vegas for EDC the next.  The only problem you faced before was the inability to eat a great meal in your favorite restaurants in the world.  Dining snobbery cared only about true celebrity…the kind you find on the front of tabloids…not hidden millions, meaning you were required to always wear a jacket and formal shoes.  Now that your face is plastered on the front of every major, gossip magazine, most restaurant managers don’t mind you’re dressing down.  They sometimes flinch at the cut off jeans…but you just flash your watch…the most expensive watch in the world…and they remember who you are…and you’re seated within seconds.

Out of Our Closet Today 6-1-12: The Richest Man in the World

Shorts: DSQUARED2 cut off shorts/farfetch.com $290

Tee Shirt: Vstr Visitor Vneck Tee/swell.com $40

Jacket: Viktor Rolf Unconstructed Jersey Blazer/Park and Bond $1335

Shoes: Prada Wingtip Platform Sneakers/Saks Fifth Avenue $580

Watch: Hublot $5 Million

For the record…as much as we love the watch, we’re definitely more obsessed with Prada’s new line of sport wingtips. To get your mouth watering we’re including a few pictures of our favorites!

And while you’re at it…pick your mom up the newest Louis Vuitton purse…ripe for Winter 2012!


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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*The above story is completely fictional and not meant to cause any harm to Esquire magazine with whom we have the highest regard.