Lauren Conrad…Dancing Humbly Under a Paper Crown!

On September 28th, 2004, the world was introduced to Lauren Conrad as she walked the beach and narrated the opening of the MTV reality show Laguna Beach. We instantly fell in love with her as she slightly tucked her hair behind her ears and with an innocent smile turned her deep eyes into a brand of their own. In a world filled with reality stars and would be stars, she is the exception. Lauren has revolutionized pop culture, utilizing her foundation as a reality star on the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills to transition her dreams themselves into reality. Now, she is a New York Times best selling author of several books including a series titled L.A. Candy. As fashion icon to the young, she is also a fashion designer with two fashion lines; LC by Lauren Conrad and her newest line, Paper Crown. Lauren also has an all inclusive, extremely impressive web site, simply called Lauren Conrad, which includes daily posts from Lauren herself, fashion and beauty advice, information about her fashion lines and books, decorating tips and a book club! There just doesn’t seem to be much she can’t do showing that maybe a lot of people underestimated her as just an Orange County teen with pipe dreams of fame. Quite the contrary. In a world where proof of true talent and earned stardom are measured by determination and success, Lauren is a princess…dancing humbly under a paper crown!

1. Describe Lauren Conrad; the person behind the brand.
I am 25. I live in LA with 2 of my best friends and our dog Chloe. I am a loyal and trusting friend. I am shy when I meet people. I am someone who is aware of how very fortunate I am. I hate surprises. I love planning parties for people. I enjoy being very busy. I love to travel. I am a nice person, but scold people that litter. I love being surrounded by my friends, mostly because they are all much cooler than I am….

2. After having most of your life played out so publicly, how do you keep some things, like your love life, so personal?
I really value having my privacy. Keeping my personal life private is special to me and it keeps me grounded. When you give so much of who you are to others its important to have things that are just for you. Things that only you have an opinion on.

3. Do you feel there are certain areas in which reality television has gone too far or exposed things, which shouldn’t have been exposed?
To be honest, I think everyone is ultimately in control of what they share. People should expose what is comfortable to them.

4. Have you ever thought about siting behind the camera and producing your own shows?

Yes,definitely. After working in front of the camera for so many years you start to image how you would do things on the other side. It’s certainly something I am planning to explore.

5. What are four small details about you that the world doesn’t already know?

1) I have a small chip on one of my front teeth. 2) I sing when I am alone in my car. Loudly. 3)I brush my teeth in the shower every morning because I’m usually running late. 4) I haven’t checked my voice mail in 4 years.

6. With Sugar and Spice, you have now written three L.A. Candy novels. You are currently working on a fourth fiction book. Where is the inspiration for this new book from?
My next book will be part of a three-part series called The Fame Game. It’s a spin-off from the L.A. Candy books inspired by an L.A. Candy character, Madison Parker. Madison is a callous fame-chaser who epitomizes everything ugly and wrong about the entertainment industry. It’s sure to be a juicy read…

7. How does it feel to have your books on the New York Times Bestseller list?
It’s unexpected and a little nerve wracking. Mostly, it’s an honor and a dream come true. I am so grateful to my fans and readers for their support.

8. You have defined your new clothing line, Paper Crown, as a collection for those who like to play dress up in a grown up world. What kind of girl wears Paper Crown and how do you mix whimsy and imagination with wearable clothing.
The Paper Crown girl is charming, fun and flirty, yet sophisticated. She’s a dreamer and is never afraid to wear jewels during the day. And most importantly, she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. The look and feel of the line is clean with cool and pretty details. I wanted it to be polished looking, but still youthful.

9. How do you define sexy?
Sexy to me is being confident and comfortable in your own skin.

10. What is the sexiest city in the world? Sexiest beach? Sexiest restaurant? sexiest club? Sexiest designer?
Sexiest city is definitely Paris. Sexiest beach is in Cabo. Club is Club Teddys. Designer, Tom Ford.

11. You seem to have become this generation’s “Jennifer Aniston” of hair trends, meaning that anything you do to your hair become a trend. How do you keep your look young and fresh? Who do you rely on for fashion and beauty advice?
Well, thank you—that is such a nice compliment! Wow… To be honest, I’ve taken an interest in my health, so keeping my hair healthy from the inside out is important. There’s nothing lovelier than lush, healthy hair. Also, its important no to over style your hair which damages it. Needless to say, aside from healthy hair I think it’s important to mix it up and try new hairstyles. Just remember it’s important to frame your fashion and beauty sense around what works for you. It’s not all about trends.

12. Without knowing who it was to, what was the last thing you texted?
I texted a friend about going away for a girls weekend to palm springs.

13. We’ve followed you from the Laguna Beach days. In all of that time, are there any moments you regret or would have played out differently for the world to see.
I don’t regret the past; it got me to where I am today. And I’m thankful for that.

14. Of your co-stars, who are you still close with and see on a regular basis?

Lo is my roommate and bestie, so I’d have to say she is the closest.

15. If none of this had happened and you had simply graduated from high school, what do you think you would be doing today? Where do you want to be in 10 years?
I Would be working towards becoming a designer. It is and always has been my dream job.

16. If you were on death row for murder by beauty, what would you want as your last meal?

Pizza. But the good kind of pizza. The kind you find on the corner pizza shop in NYC and have to fold in half to eat. For dessert I would want Ice cream… So basically I have the same dinner request as a 5 year old. Pizza and ice cream.

17. What are three books, besides your own, that you would recommend to a close friend?

Definitely Bossypants by Tina Fey. We were just reading it for my Book Club. Also, Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls was great—loved it! And any of Chelsea Handlers book. I am obsessed with all of them!

18. What are five things we could find in your purse at any time?

Lip balm, my Blackberry, red lipstick, loose face powder, and keys… not very exciting.

19. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

Boxer briefs. I have a few pairs that I sleep in… you were asking about me, right?

Thanks LC…

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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