Indy’s Odd Couple…Part Deux! Katelin Reeves and Molly Brickel Dominate the Downtown Club Scene!

Several weeks ago, we wrote about the dazzling duo literally dominating the downtown club scene in Indy’s Odd Couple! Katelin Reeves, general manager of Blu and Hyde, and Molly Brickel, general manager of Sensu. In Part one of our interview, Katelin Reeves shared her special secret to running one of the most successful clubs in Indianapolis as well as shared the details of her close friendship with Molly and their attempt to unify their efforts to make Indianapolis a greater city. This week, we’ve turned the tables and Molly is under the spotlight sharing her feelings on these same issues. So enjoy as hear the final part on the two women who are literally controlling the nightlife hype of downtown Indianapolis!

1. How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Oh yikes..way to age me. About 5 years now. WE met at Blu lounge. She was a bartender and I was a server..We really hit it off on Halloween when costume buying for the Under the Sea theme came into play. K ended up being Shakira the Mermaid…priceless.

2. Do you have nicknames for each other?
She’s my KK! That’s her normal in public name. K-Flannel is her Jersey Shore name. (KK has a creepy love for flannel PJ pants)

3. What is one (safe)secret you know about the other person?
Hahaha there’s so many..I gotta go with the family favorite. Mrs. Reeves has a third nipple! Not like full size creepy, but its there I’ve seen it.

4. What is one trait that made them a horrible roommate but makes them an amazing bar manager? And vice versa?

KK’s wit is wasted on the Blue Crew! At home it would thrive!
To be honest, I don’t have any. She was never a horrible roommate…awww.

5. Five words that would describe the other person.

Loyal, Intelligent, Witty (“But I’m Fuuunnnyyy”), Creative, Rumplemintz.

6. What is your favorite moment you spent with the other person?

I can’t pick out one moment…My favorite thing to do with KK and Carol is we cook! We grill, we bake, we cook. It’s not like we just throw together a meal. Its a trip to the farmers market, to Goose the Market and home to our backyard oasis. Its a full blown 4-5 course meal..Of course drinking bottles of wine and taking multiple smoke breaks while we do it.

7. How does it work to your advantage to be friends with each other and have bars directly across from each other?
We give each other pointers all the time. If she is having issues with the way something is done I offer my opinion on how I do it, and vise versa. We also are able to feed of the downtown trends together. We are of course in somewhat of competition with one another, but our big picture is to make downtown a what it should be. Its exciting to see new bars/restaurants coming in! It expands the diversity of downtown and give everyone more options.

I will say KK has taught me what it means to be a fair and just manager. She taught me the ropes long before I knew i even needed them. It was always an inspiration to see a female climb the ladder of success the way she has!

8. Do your husbands/boyfriends get along?

They love each other very much! The first question from Bobobo to me always is “hey wheres J at?”. Its like play dates for the boys.

9. In Indianapolis…What is the sexiest Bar? Hotel? Place to Kiss? Restaurant? Person? Couple?

Bar-I still have a love for the good ole’ Nicky Blaines..dark, cozy, and a little raunchy
Hotel-Omni-Carries some lovely Wedding memories.
Place to Kiss-Sidewalks see a lot of my kissing action
Restaurant-Duh! Sensu. I am not just saying that. Exudes sexiness!
Person- Justin Ernst-If I didn’t think he was the sexiest I’d have to keep looking.
Couple-Matt and KK- I don’t know if sexy is the right word, but God are they a great time!!!

10. Your mantra to running a successful bar?
Fairness and Consistency!

11. Give us three insider secrets?

We wear leggings day and night…go to wardrobe option as a bar manager. I keep a pair in the office just in case
We change shoes 3 times a night to remain fancy…no one will see us in flats dammit!!
KK punches like a girl

12. Where will the other person be in their career in five years?

Hopefully we will be partners on our own adventure. I think we have a few ideas that just have to come out to play.

13. What is the other person’s drink of choice?
Captain and coke if she is sitting at a bar hanging out. A beer if she is pretending to drink. Wine while cooking. Patron/Rumple while partying.

14. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all? (Answer what you think the other person would say and why?)
Briefs…..cuz boxers and jockstraps are just weird…and nothing is totally my answer!

So there you have it Indy! Watch out…these girls, umm, women…are taking over!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

*Photographs courtesy of Katelin Reeves and Molly Brickel.

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