Ryan Nickulas: Glamourizing Social(ite) Equality with the Star of LOGO TV’s The A-List!

It doesn’t take long to get to know Ryan Nickulas. Sharp witted and direct, he’ll answer what you want to know and exactly how he wants you to hear it. Although it would seem that his direct answers to his place on “The A-List”, whether on television or in real life, should be a sign of arrogance it’s exactly the opposite. He knows his place and he’s earned it. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not, which is refreshing in a time of label bureaucracy and a return to staunch phonyism. Ryan is as genuine and sincere as they come. And with him, it comes on strong. Truly…a loveable guy. As Season 2 of LOGO TV’s The A-List New York begins, he continues to remain a strong role model of gay, or straight, society. He is legally married to his partner, planning a family and building an an amazing career as a hair stylist and owner of Ryan Darius Salon. He has been featured in several national magazines as well as on The Wendy Williams Show and Rachel Ray. Possessing what he identifies as the five keys to the Camelot of Social(ite) Equality; Glamour, Power, Money, Respect and a Rolodex…it appears as if the world is at his fingertips!

1. Introduce us to Ryan Nickulas. Who are you and why should we know you?
I’m a husband, business owner, who loves Pugs and fierce Designer Murses (man purse) for more info … Google me.

2. Before the A-List New York you were best known for being a hair stylist. Tell us about your career before the A-List?
My style is classic beautiful hair. I have been featured in national magazines, on television, and worked with many celebrities. My favorite aspects of my career are the every day clients! I love my girls.

3. With the huge success of the A-List, how has your career as a stylist changed, positively and negatively?

Change is only positive!

4. Have you lost clients due to your presence on The A-List?

No Mam!
5. At the end of season one you left us with the news of you and your husband getting ready to adopt. What has occurred since you started the journey of parenthood?
Adopting????? No- we are going through the process of surrogacy. You will soon know everything.

6. We had the chance to interview your good friend and co-worker and cast-member TJ Kelly. For TJ, as well as the other cast members, give us one word that first comes to mind when you think of them.
TJ is funny, Derek is Tan, Austin is crazy, Reichen is Reichen, Rodiney is Happy, Mike is Auntie, and Nyasha is SPLADOW!

7. If you were going to endorse five specific items you use on an almost daily basis, what would they be?
When I get paid … I’ll endorse them

8. New York just passed the legalization of same sex marriages. Will you be legally getting married and what message do you want to send to the rest of America?
I am legally married in MA in 2007. NY it’s about time! To the rest of America Catch up!!

9. You and Desmond have pretty busy schedules. How do you guys find time to make your careers and relationship successful?
When you love someone and love what you do, it effortlessly works!

10. What is the sexiest city in the world?

11. What is the sexiest hotel in the world?
Four Seasons – George V in Paris

12. What is the sexiest club in the world?
Clubs are not sexy.

13. What is the sexy restaurant in the world?

The Red Inn in Ptown(Provincetown, MA)

14. What is the sexiest beach in the world?

Any beach in Ptown.

15. What is the sexiest place to kiss?

On any side walk! PDA is sexy!

16. Who are your top three, sexiest gay celebrities?

Will Smith, John Legend, Rick Fox

17. What are the top 5 qualities a good socialite must have?
Money,Power,Respect, Glamour, And a Rolodex.

18. Season 2 will be introducing us to a new cast member, Nyasha. What should we expect from her and does she qualify as a “Fag-Hag”? What do you think of that term?
No FAG hag honey. Our NyNy will serve you everything you want and more! She is what the show needed!

19. What defines the difference between the A-List and the D-List?

Jealousy and Envy

20. If you could have three specific wishes for your life in the next five years, what would you wish for?
Healthy babie(s), continued loving marriage and a limitless career.

21. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?
All the above! There is a time and place for everything.

Thanks Ryan!

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