Playboy Golf Scramble Indianapolis Searches for Next Playboy Golf Girl

If you didn’t already know, Indianapolis has become quite the hub for Playboy enthusiasts and Playboy models. This weekend we will embark with the Playboy Golf Scramble Indianapolis, revamped for Indianapolis by Tawny and Jason Jenkins and Melissa and Jason Barth, who have done an amazing job organizing an outrageous event!

Thursday night from 8-10pm, Subterra will host the official Playboy Golf VIP party, a private party for sponsors and players of the 2011 Playboy Golf Scramble. We will be there, of course, interviewing two very special guests of this year’s scramble, Playboy Playmate May 2009 Crystal McCahill and Playboy Playmate January 2010 Jamie Edmonson. The official Playboy “hottest” photographer, Mandykae Blair will also be present photographing the event. If you’re still interested in registering a team contact Tawny Jenkins at 317-345-0415.

On Friday, August 19th, the Playboy Scramble Indianapolis will tee off at the Southern Dunes Golf Course on the Southside. Registration begins at 9:30am and a shotgun start will kick off the scramble at 11am. Foursomes are $1400 and individuals are $350. Winners will get to go to the Playboy Mansion in California!

And this…is where it gets interesting! Every hole has a different sponsor. Belvedere, Grand Marnier, Miller Light, Boomerang Bay, Jagermeister, Tom Wood Jaguar…and many more sponsors are representing at most holes with cocktails as well as numerous DJ’s, prizes and of course the Playboy Golf girls who will all be competing for a chance to go to the Playboy Mansion as well!

Each golfer will be given a gift bag worth approximately $250 including a jacket, shirt, hat, golf balls, towel, lunch and the awards ceremony immediately following. Tom Wood will be giving away a Jaguar. Indy’s top 5 DJ’s, DJ Gabby Love, Slater Hogan, Orion, Indiana Jones and Stewbot, will be playing throughout the event. The golfers will be voting on who will win as the Indianapolis Playboy Golf Girl and there will be a chance to meet and get autographs with the Playmates. Immediately after the scramble an awards dinner will be held at 8pm at Southern Dunes with an after-party at Tiki Bob’s on Meridian!

And here’s how the awards will be given at the ceremony:

*Out of 40 Playboy Golf contestants, the top 4 girls get invited to come out to the Playboy Mansion and compete for the Playboy Golf Girl of the Year as well as help conduct the Playboy Golf Finals in Southern California.

*The top 3 Golf Teams in the GROSS division will get an invitation to come out to LA and compete in the Playboy Golf Finals and attend the parties. They don’t get a paid trip but they get to be officially invited.

*The top 3 Golf Teams in the NET division will get an invitation to come out to LA and compete in the Playboy Golf finals and attend the parties as well. They don’t get a paid trip but they get officially invited.

And if you’re golfers…we hope you know the difference between NET and GROSS because we don’t. We like cash!

It’s not too late! Register now and be part of this amazing event, not to mention all of the prizes, free giveaways, liquor, sponsors and a chance to go to the mansion! And to the winner…Tell Hef we said hey buddy!

For more information, please contact Tawny Jenkins at 317-345-0415 or email her at (By the way, this is the same Tawny that helped plan our bachelor party which was hands down one of the best parties we have EVER attended! Seriously.) And for all of you guys that keep asking us how we know so many amazingly, gorgeous gals…well we attend events like these!

And make sure to stay tuned to raannt for our celebrity interviews. Coming up next: Josh Strickland of Holly Madison’s reality show Holly’s World!

And get your reading glasses on as the boys of raannt enter the world of literature by interviewing International Bestselling authors Jackie Collins, Ellen Hopkins and Charlaine Harris(whose books inspired Trueblood!).


Eyes open, we’re watching!

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