Haunted Fest Halloween Takeover!

We’ve created a habit… Introducing beautiful people to the world of festivals and electronic music. You would think that by now, late 2016, anyone under the age of 30 would at least been to a festival that presented multiple DJs on different stages or days. Well, not all and we’ve been fortunate enough to treat our friends to a over the top festival experience! We took our doll Jesi to Haunted Fest. Kaskade was closing the night down, so we were overly excited! Before him was Marshmello and Jesi and BF, our forever intern Juan Paredes, were super excited to see him. So it was a great combo.

The warehouse space made the night feel like an original rave, the ones that were underground and only a few people knew about but were always packed. The crowd, however, made it feel like “welcome the graduating class of 2016 from such and such high school”… it was a little young,BUT! it was also Halloween weekend, so we got to see lots of fun costumes! We arrived at the end of Party Thieves set, Anna Lunoe followed and man! were we excited to hear someone new. 1st time checking her out and we gotta say it, she rocked it! Her ability to blend hardcore dubstep with some contemporary trap while dropping top 10 electronic beats was refreshing and sexy. Not to mention that a British accent makes anything extra sexy! Marshmello was great and Kaskade killed it. Kaskade is our happy place so anywhere he goes, we go! Over all the night was great, the party was crazy and the music was dope… Haunted Fest, you get a solid B+ from raannt!

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