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For the last two years we’ve watched literally every major gay channel on YouTube.  As you may have seen, and will continue to see, we’ve begun interviewing some of our favorite YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Joseph Birdsong and Gregory Gorgeous.  We have tons of favorite heterosexual YouTubers as well, like Jenna Marbles, Glozell(who we interviewed) and many others.  Although we’ve tried our hand at videos and received a small following, we are still looking for our niche and working on gaining subscribers.  (Check out our YouTube channel HERE…hint, hint!)

For the past several years, people have suggested we film our life behind the scenes and show exactly what it is that happens with our celebrity interviews and how we make our relationship work…or not work as some footage may show. Having considered this we’ve decided to record random moments of our lives, behind the scenes, throughout the week and post a weekly “reality show” on Mondays.  We promise not to edit out the good stuff and based on our motto “Be Yourself.  Be Fearless”, we promise to expose the inter-workings of our lives.

To give you a small taste, here is a short video of some moments from the last year, primarily our wedding and honeymoon.  Enjoy.  Subscribe to our channel and please follow us! We love you guys! xo

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Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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