EDX Releases His Miami Sunset Remix of Spada’s ‘Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)’

EDX' Miami Sunset Remix of Spada's ‘Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)’
EDX’ Miami Sunset Remix of Spada’s ‘Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)’

EDX (Check out our interview with the DJ here) released a sexy remix of Spada’s ‘Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)’! The track dropped July 6th and we’ve literally have not stopped playing it. The remix is literally perfection to an already pretty perfect track. The sensuality of the original track is played up by the bass line and it’s smooth synchronization with the beachy tropical electronic steelpan-like sounds. EDX is pretty incredible on this remix, his perfect blending of high energy beats with his signature house bass truly makes this track a fit-for-all occasions. Check out the full track bellow, and just like us, play it all day long!

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