Dash Berlin – We Are, Part 1

dash berlin we are part one 1_raannt

In true Dash Berlin fashion, his new album ‘We Are’ is perfectly unreal! We had the pleasure to screen a copy of the entire album and WE. CAN’T. WAIT!!! We honestly believe that from track to track the killer DJ/producer takes you in a journey of dance and enjoyment. Dash Berlin collaborated with multiple artists, making each track unique yet cohesive with the next. Check out the track list and go to iTunes pre-order it!

Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft Collin McLoughlin, “Here Tonight”
Dash Berlin ft Christon Rigby, “Underneath The Sky”
Dash Berlin & John Dahlbäck ft BullySongs, “Never Let You Go”
Dash Berlin & Disfunktion ft Chris Arnott, “People Of The Night”
Dash Berlin & 3LAU ft Bright Lights, “Somehow”
Dash Berlin & Rigby, “Earth Meets Water”
Dash Berlin & Syzz ft Adam Jensen, “Leave It All Behind”
Dash Berlin ft Roxanne Emery, “Shelter”


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