Josh Beech…Sexiest Model of the Day!

josh beech 1_raannt

We know that model Josh Beech is really focusing more of his attention on his music these days but we still think he’s so damn sexy that we wanted to include him in our Sexiest Models of the Day list.  After all, we don’t have a Sexiest Musician of the Day! But if we did, he would surely make the list! About a year ago, we interviewed Josh and his wife Shenae Grimes, of 90210 and Scream fame, about their life together and their blog! Check out the interview!

josh beech 2_raannt

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Ben Hill…Sexiest Model of the Day!

ben hill 3_raannt

We have loved model Ben Hill since the first time we saw him in an Abercrombie spread.  These days, he’s way past the Fitch days.  He’s modeled for Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana even being the face of Tommy Hilfiger for several years in a row.  We just think he’s damn sexy.  And what does he like doing on the side? Finding million dollar cabins in upstate and fixing them up.  To us…he’s perfect!

ben hill 2_raannt

ben hill 1_raannt

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Baptiste Giabiconi…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Baptiste Giabiconi 4 sexy_raannt


Babtiste Giabiconi is by far, one of our all time favorite models. As the male face of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Laugerfeld, he has definitely made his impact on the fashion industry.  He is also a French singer…and yes, we have some of his videos below! He’s a solid singer and the videos are pretty sexy too! Check them out!

Baptiste Giabiconi 1_raannt

Baptiste Giabiconi 2_raannt

Baptiste Giabiconi 3_raannt



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Gabriel Aubry…Sexiest Model of the Day!

gabriel aubry sexy 3_raannt

Although he may not model as much since the birth of his daughter and the embittered custody battle between he and his ex, Halle Berry, is still one of the most sought after models in the fashion industry.  As one of the highest producing and highest grossing male models, Gabriel has worked with Versace, Valentino, DKNY and more and was even named one of People Magazines Most Beautiful People! Honestly, we like him best when he’s scruffy and caught by the paparazzi with his hair in a short ponytail and his daughter in his arms!

gabriel aubry sexy 1_raannt

gabriel aubry sexy 2_raannt

Did we mention that Gabriel put out an album called Cafe Fuego Vol. 1.  Check out the clip below of him playing guitar on one of the tracks!

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Lars Burmeister…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Lars Burmeister 2_raannt

Lars Burmeister is one of the leading male models in the world.  Since 2004, when he signed with Ford Models, he has been known internationally for his lips.  Well, not just for his lips, but they’re a pretty remarkable feature considering he has some of the sexiest lips in the business.  He’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, Express, Hugo Boss and many, many more, now finishing up his 10th year in the business.  We adore him and think he’s the perfect choice for Sexiest Man of the Day!

Lars Burmeister 3_raannt

Lars Burmeister 4_raannt

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Noah Mills…Sexiest Model of the Day!

noah mills 3_raannt

We don’t just love Noah Mills because he’s so damn masculine and insanely good looking, which he is, obviously as one of the world’s leading male models.  We don’t just love him because he’s been one of the most consistent faces of Dolce & Gabbana or that he played Taylor Swift’s love interest in her video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. No, we love him because of that hot branding on his upper arm and the slight curl of his smirkish grin.  The man is just so damn sexy which is why we’ve chosen him for our choice of Sexiest Model of the Day! And it’s about time!

noah mills 1_raannt

noah mills 2_raannt

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Mark Vanderloo…Sexiest Model of the Day!

mark vanderloo sexy_raannt

At 46, Mark Vanderloo is still one of the sexiest working models alive.  Actually, he’s one of the sexiest men alive, and we love him! He has literally been in almost every international campaign and walked the runway for almost every prominent designer.  Mark Vanderloo is as much a staple of the fashion industry as his female counterparts like Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.  For so many reason he’s our perfect pick of Sexiest Man of the Day!

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Jon Kortajarena…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Jon Kortajarena sexy 1_raannt

We have been following Jon Kortajarena  ever since his early days as a Versace model! Since that time he’s worked closely with Tom Ford on many of his campaigns as well as having been in his film “A Single Man”.  We love his rugged yet mysterious looks.  His Instagram is full of professional and personal picks, our favorites being of his tousled bed-head look!

Jon Kortajarena sexy 2_raannt

Jon Kortajarena sexy 3_raannt

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