Gossip Girl-THE Rewind…”It Girl, Interrupted” 4-9-12 Happy Birthday Leighton!!!

First, we want to shout out a Happy Birthday to the real party girl, Leighton Meester(Blair), who turned 26 today! Was your birthday present from the cast Chuck’s ridiculous outfit from the costume department???  Ugh…that incredibly, awful, one-piece, red, track suit Chuck Bass was wearing was birthday chuckles to laugh a year!  Sorry Chuck, but jumpers and one piece suits look better ads for RuPaul’s Drag Race than you!  The idea of you running around with a Jenny from the block playing basketball is just as bad as the jokes from Two and a half men; let’s stick with perfect, fitted suits and the polished, Oxford wingtips shoes, shall we?

GG never seems to fail us with plot twists, melodramatic relationships – or ex relationships – sex scandals, and of course a leggy blonde watching from atop of the social, food chain…All mixed to the nuvo, alternative chill soundtrack beating rythms  in the background.  Tonight, of course, was no different with Terrible Angels by Charlotte Gainsbourg being the musical highlight of our night!

For some reason we see, once again, S trying to get rid of her “It Girl” title.  ONLY the rich and beautiful would want to get rid of such prestige!  Give it to us! We’ll represent you well!   S finds herself turning her new found cousin into the new GG subject; an easy task for the new and revised GG 3.0 position that S has gladly received.

Leaving us with the Humphrey/Waldorf love affair, which quite frankly is better to watch because their incredibly normal and sweet relationship leaves very little to the imagination.  Now that Blair has her hands all over him, can we put out a request for a much needed haircut… the do needs to go!

Join us again next week as we review GG and tell you our higlights, lowlights…and keep our fingers crossed for a makeover!


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Glee…After the Crash! Somebody That I Used to Know!


If the last episode of Glee hasn’t stopped you from texting while driving for the rest of your life...then Tweet this link out! Are you wondering if Quinn made it off the tracks alive? Did Rachel and Finn tie the knot minus a bridesmaid?  Don’t worry…we’re not here to spill the beans.   If you’re like us, you’d rather wait and be surprised.   We all love these kids so damn much we’re lucky if we can make it through an entire episode without balling our eyes out. (If, however, you are interested in ruining the anticipation of one of the greatest shows on television, Google “Glee Spoiler” and you’re sure to pull pages of interesting facts which will fill you in on the rest of the season.  And after that, why watch it at all.  Maybe from now on you could just spoil all of your shows and then you wouldn’t even have to set your DVR.  Needless to say, we star far away from the spoiler pages, obviously.)

So imagine our complete surprise when scanning YouTube we came across gorgeous Blaine, Darren Criss, crooning a cover to Goyte’s Somebody That I Used to Know…all 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  Instantly we realized we hadn’t seen this one yet.  We would have remembered this one for sure! And there it was…at the top of the screen glowing down on us like a couple of idiots.  Full Performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know” Airing 4/10.  Posted by who??? Glee on Fox.  Spoiled.  By the show itself.  Oh well.  If it was some half assed rendition of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend maybe we would have been upset, but this was Grade A, ex-Warbler Blaine at his best. (With special guest star, out actor Matt Bromer, as Blaine’s brother.) Intrigued? Here you go!


Some will love it and some will hate it…but we loved it! And although we’re not those gay guys who wish every gorgeous straight guy must be a little bit gay, we just have to ask Darren one more time…are you sure? Of course you are…and we respect you for your absolute heterosexuality because you’ve done such an amazing job supporting gay youth and being the perfect example of what every gay teenager would want in a boyfriend.  Well…almost every gay teenager.  By the way…love the red pants!

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DJ Raannt…Attention Whore (Melleefresh vs. deadmau5)

We’re huge deadmau5 fans so we thought we’d just drop a little love in his direction today as we play one our favorite deadmau5 mixes, Attention Whore, sung by Melleefresh! Love her!

Stay tuned til tomorrow to see what song we’re spinning on DJ Raannt! (They all have subliminal messages of course! Can you guess why we picked this song? Check out all of our picks to play along!) As well as our interviews with the newest cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race and NOH8 Photographer Adam Bouska!

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PEMOVISION…Peter’s New YouTube Reality Show!!!!

If you haven’t seen already, Peter has started a YouTube Reality Show titled PEMOVISION!!!! Please check it out, SUBSCRIBE to it, leave comments on the videos and ask questions!!!! Yes…they happen to be a little long but they’re worth every second and you might miss something so just pause it and come back to it later! Discussed: Halloween, Indianapolis Fashion, Failure, His Mother, Elementary School, His Favorite Music, The Scariest Movies, People Who Piss Him Off…on and on and on…Check it out!!!

The channel is called PEMOVISION but here’s a few examples of the episodes aired so far!





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RuPaul’s RAJA…Diamond Crowned Queen…THE OFFICIAL VIDEO!

Since we have been honored to have interviewed so many of RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, the ENTIRE cast of Season 3OnginaTyra Sanchez, to name a few, we just had to post this!

About 24 hours ago, Austin Young posted the premier of the official music video for Raja’s Diamond Crowned Queen single! Raja, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, turns out an impressive combination of gender ambiguity, punk beat enthusiasm, sexually frosted lyrics that we were literally blown away! A mixture of Rob Zombie, Adam Lambert, Jeffree Star, Grace Jones and Rammstein we think he might just be the newest version of George Michael…back in the sexy days! Watch the video and you be the judge! By the way…we loved the plastic glamour wigs!!!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Lady Gaga’s Manifesto of Mother Monster…Video for a Millenium!!!

For the last month, we’ve gone back and forth over the Britney vs. Gaga battle, but since the release of her video, Lady Gaga has been the standout winner! Seriously, this video will one day be comparable to the likes of Thriller, Vogue and other music genius’ who are willing to take risks and push the boundaries and limits. Not to mention we love the many references to Madonna. We at the raannt offices don’t believe Gaga sits in a room somewhere, meditating and defining a new religion of Gaga-ism. Quite the contrary. We think she’s probably sitting back in a comfy chair somewhere, laughing with her friends and dreaming up ways to be as strange as possible. And we’re all the audience to this incredible performance artist! Props Miss Gaga…your video looks amazing as does your body. Our favorite moments…4:11, 5:17 and 6:00. And although the beginning is outstanding, the 3 seconds at 3:57 define Miss Gaga as absolute rock star royalty!


Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

Photo by Nick Knight
Video borrowed from VEVO on YouTube