BeoPlay H6…Best New Headphones 2013!



We saw a write-up for these amazing BeoPlay H6 headphones in Details magazine and immediately jumped on our computers to find their website.  At first, it was their absolute beauty that intrigued us; almost Nordic in simplicity common among today’s style in fashion.  When we got to the website we were tantalized by the amazing “tricks” these little guys can do.  Well…that’s probably really simplifying the technology that comes with BeoPlay, but the H6 headphones are awesome.

They have plugs in the left and right, and can be shared with another listener! They are made of the softest leather and hardware, constructed to fit your head perfectly, while looking good at the same time!



The BeoPlay H6 retail at $399 and can be bought online HERE!

BeoPlay, a part of Bang & Olufsen, also have awesome home speakers and iPad speakers so check out their website HERE!

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