Zoe Inspired!!! The Secret Life of a Personal Stylist!

The first time we saw her, standing across the room from us at a charity auction, looking 8 feet tall in enormous heels, leggings, a severe black jacket and a little hat, we knew we wanted to meet her. We saw her for the second time, surrounded by an entourage of personal assistants, seated front row for the fashion show at the launch of the online fashion magazine Fashion Wrap Up…and we knew we needed to meet her. So we posted something about her being a “mystery” lady in the world of local fashion in our gossip column on IndyScene and she quickly responded. Since then, it’s been late night phone calls until 5am, her becoming the personal stylist to the boys of raannt and the constant flow of creative energy and advice inspiring all of us through our friendship to help us become stronger and more stylish. Just last weekend, Zoe participated in Model Wars in Chicago and took home the prize of second place. She is constantly planning fresher and more creative fashion outlets in her shows and styling to keep her at the top of her game. Let one thing be very clear…Zoe is very demanding. She knows what she wants and she does not apologize. She is constantly reinventing herself and challenging those around her to rise to her level. But what we have seen, that she allows very few to see, is a small fracture of simplicity, compassion, authenticity and kindness that allow even her feelings to be hurt every once in a while, which she wears on her sleeve as a reminder to push harder. Because at the end of the day, after the stockings are shed and the chains and little hats are put away, once the makeup is removed and she is simply Zoe, she is reminded that she is a woman like any other woman, which is what she brings to her styling every day. The goal to make every person…feel as utterly beautiful as she feels inside each and every day. And for that we are immensely grateful for the one and only Zoe Renee Ashely Huse…

1. Tell us the background story on Zoe Renee Ashley Huse?
I am 28…a Total Aries-Sassy, Creative, Bossy, Fun and Loving…A Workaholic-I average 90hrs a week between My Fashion Businesses and My Full Time Job! A Huge Animal Lover I currently have 8 and would love to have more. Hot Pink and Neon Green are my two Favorite Colors and With Me What You See is What you Get.

2. What first inspired you to enter the world of fashion styling?
Hmmm! I have always had my own look and had a small following of people even in High School that always wanted to borrow my clothes. I would have a check list of who borrowed what and when, and check them in and out.
My Senior Year of High School I decided to go Into Fashion as a Career. I had always seemed to follow Fashion and Finally realized it was my one and only calling. I never looked back. I went to college and got an Associates in Fashion and Minored in Business. When I graduated I worked at a number of Retail Places including a Little Jewelry Place where I got some Buying Experience. I decided about 5 years ago to start my own business as a personal shopper and it kind of morphed into fashion styling as they go hand in hand. People liked what they saw and decided to hire me to style photo shoots and fashion shows and eventually produce them. Its kind of Blown Up from There…

3. What was your style like at age 10? 15? 21?
10: I have always Loved Big Sunglasses and mixing prints and patterns even at 10 years old. Keep it mind it was the 80s so that was totally acceptable! I also was a fan of Hats then.

15:Is When I started Vintage Shopping. Some Cool Plaid pants, Leather Pants, Leopard, Pleather, Sky High Heels, Tight Vintage Tshirts. I was kind of a Diva. I refused to wear the same thing Twice so if I wore it Once you Never Saw it Again! I remember my Two Favorite Stores being Wet Seal and Goodwill & Value Village.

21: I went through a Huge Bandana Phase, Vintage Tshirts, Lots of Jewelry, Bright Colors and Prints, High Heels, Bell Bottom Pants and Jeans, Vintage Clothing from the 60’s & 70’s, Anything Glittery, Ties, Clutches.

4. Who do you believe are the three greatest designers of all time?
Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, DIOR
A Mix of these Three & a Little Gwen Steffani would be My Dream Wardrobe

5. Who is a fashion designer every stylist should admire, but you really don’t appreciate their work?
I think Every “Designer” has an affect on a stylist for the Wearable art they create.
I can’t think of a specific designer who’s work I don’t appreciate as a whole. Of course there are pieces I don’t love, but I know of all the blood, sweat and tears that go into their work and appreciate that in itself.

6. If you could sit in the front row of any designers fashion show, who would it be?
Can I only Pick One?
Oh There are just so Many…..
“Every” Designer showing at New York, L.A. and Paris Fashion Week
I could just get a sleeping bag and camp out show after show after show and be completly content
But if I had to Pick Alexander McQueen and Betsy Johnson for the Show they put On

7. What are your thoughts on Rachel Zoe as a stylist?
After reading her story of how she came to be where she is, I have a higher regard for her than I have had in the past.
I don’t think her taste level is where it should be for her position in the fashion world…but I have only seen a small part of her styling.
I also Don’t agree at all with her LOVE OF FUR* Faux Fur Yes! Real Fur HELL NO!

8. What are three components every successful stylist should have?
1. The Eye to see what others don’t
3. DRIVE & Ambition

9. What male and female celebrity has the best current style?
Female: Gwen Steffani
Male: Johnny Depp and Kanye West

10. Who are two people whose style will be remembered historically and why do you think they contribute to the world of fashion?
I can’t just pick two……Every Decade has One or Two HUGE FASHION ICONS! People that we always ahead of the times and mixed it up in just the right way that they were a piece of walking art from Coco Chanel & Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe & Jackie Kennedy to Edie Sedgwick to Madonna & Lady Gaga-Just off the Top of my Head

11. Who are two people in Indianapolis that have great style and why did you pick them?
Eutemia Stockman- She always looks classy and fashionable as well as expensive. I have never seen that girl not put together from head to toe. She can wear a $2 shirt and make it look like it costs $200.

Fly Won- She is the Thrifting Queen and can Put together the coolest outfits. I love her accessories and she always has the most Unique and Funky Creative Outfits.

12. At 28, your business incorporates several different aspects including styling, shopping, closet design and organization, jewelry design and marketing for small businesses. What does it take to be successful as a young business woman?
I am building a Fashion Empire, Not just a Business. This is my Name, my Life, My Career. One thing you will learn about me Very Quickly is I dont do Anything SMALL*it gets 150% from me or I dont do it at all! I would say determination, being a workaholic and having some huge goals are three things I have found equal success. I wouldn’t say my life revolves around Fashion but instead Creativity and that is is a huge part of all the aspects of my business.
I take this Business very seriously. Who needs Sleep when you have Fashion?

13. Define SEXY…
I think Sexy is all about The Essence you Give off, its more a Confidence to me then A Look.

14. What are three movies that inspire you or contribute to who you are?

The Notebook, The Little Mermaid and All the Sex in the City TV SHOWs & Movies

15. If you could only listen to three CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?
Anything by the Beatles!
My favorite songs are I am the Walrus & Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

16. Sexiest city, club, store and restaurant in the world?
Sexiest Store:Agent Provocateur, City:Paris. I have yet to be in the Sexiest Club But I would have to say a Classy Strip Club & Restaurant Anywhere a HOT Naked Man is laying on the table with a delicious Pizza On his Body [Similiar to a Naked Sushi Woman but a Man with Pizza]

17. The holidays are here! Be specific and tell us the perfect sexy gift for a man and the perfect sexy gift for a woman?
A Sexy Gift for a Woman-Her Man giving her a Candlelit, Full Body Massage with Oils and Then Whip Cream, he will be wearing nothing but a Red Jock Strap and a Santa Hat

A Sexy Gift for Him-A boudoir photoshoot of her in some very skimpy Agent Provocateur Lingerie on the bottom, and nothing on the Top, a Garder Belt and some Red Manolo Blahnik High Heels

18. This week you will be participating in Model Wars. Tell us about Model Wars and about your participation in this event. Model Wars is a Contest of 30 Designers between The Midwest
Indianapolis, Milwalkee, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis Against Each Other! Its not just a Fashion Show but a Play and Fashion Show Together. The Most Unique and Creative Concept Wins $10,000 in Cash and Prizes and the Title of Winner. They will also eventually compete against New York.
My part in the Show is I am producing and styling my team of 27 people including 2 Make Up Artists, 2 Hair Dressers, 8 Models, 4 Designers and some Extras that aren’t models but will be participating in the Play part of the show.

19. Where do you see Zoe Renee in 5 years? 10 years?
I have a very set 6 year goal of being a multi millionaire and being in the same place Rachel Zoe
is at this moment. Up to 10 years I can only see the Business getting even bigger and styling Celebrities and Producing & Styling
Fashion Shows at Fashion Weeks in L.A., NY and Paris. I also see myself owning a boutique with my Jewelry and possibly some
of my designs and maybe some of friends I have accumulated over the years. I also see myself having a child or two by 10 years
from now.
Living in California preferably San Francisco and keeping a home here in Indiana as it will always be Home.

20. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?
Depends on the Situation: Jockstraps and Nothing at all in the Bedroom and Boxers when walking around the house. Briefs for Photo Shoots.

Thanks Zoe!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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