Ultra 2014, South Beach and a Gay Documentary! An Update on our Life…Personalized!

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For a very long time readers and fans have asked us to keep a daily or weekly “blog”, talking about the events in our life as we write and produce raannt.  With the views we received on our Boyfriend Tag YouTube video and our Dear Annie letter on The Huffington Post, we kind of veered away from what appears to be this semi-luxurious life and allow our readers to see what we’re really like…just two guys who are very much in love and are blessed and lucky enough to be able to live the life of their dreams.  And be very aware…our lives are very much far from perfect.  We have the same problems that any other couple experiences, but we try to live life to the fullest and realize every day could be our last.  If any lesson could be learned from our recent trip, it’s that anything is possible.  Four years ago we started a local blog and this past week we attended very serious press events and were taken very seriously, able to meet people and experience things that would never have been possible if we hadn’t followed our dreams, been unafraid and lived passionately.

But enough with that dribble…

Like we said, we’ve received tons of email messages recently asking us to let our readers in on more of the details of our life instead of just posting music reviews and interviews; personalizing our website.  We thought about it and not having any resistance to it decided to start adding regular blogs about what’s going on with our life, combined with our returning to regular videos on our YouTube channel.  We had actually planned to start this with daily blogs from our trip to Miami for Ultra 2014, but in the middle of press events, eating late night dinners and dancing all night at Ultra we didn’t make much time for blogging or videos.

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Changing plans, we decided to start this as soon as we got back, but had to return to our “regular” careers, file taxes, finish school for Alex and finish Peter’s first upcoming novel, so we didn’t have much time.  And then we found out that a documentary we had been asked to be part of, regarding our being a gay, married couple, without any legal benefits, was going to be filmed this upcoming weekend.  Add to the mix a house that needed to be cleaned and dogs who needed groomed. (Say hi if you see us with the documentary crew and director!…we’ll be out in Indy this weekend!)

So what have we done???

Caught up on our tv shows!

But this upcoming week we have tons of surprises including new videos on our YouTube channel, full reviews of Ultra Music Festival 2014 and Winter Music Conference, tons of DJ interviews and a few reality star interviews, as well as reviews of all kinds of restaurants, bars and stuff in Miami and southern Florida! And of course we’ll fill you in on the filming of the documentary!

So please read along with us as we journey around and follow our crazy dreams! We hope it will inspire you to follow yours as well!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Peter & Alex

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