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Several years ago, while visiting a psychic for fun, we were told we should begin an advice column called The Love Doctors.  We had just recently started our website and were posting articles about local events and our opinions about anything from restaurant reviews to local drag queens.  The blog was started as a fun form of expression and we never expected to turn it into a full time business, let alone have people all over the world read our posts.  We never even expected to interview anyone famous let alone hundreds. It’s all been quite humbling, but the experience has definitely helped us grow into the people we are today.

Life, love and relationships.  We’re not exactly experts, but we do know a little bit about these topics. Expert or not, we find our emails filled on a regular basis with questions about life and love…and not just from gay men either.  Although we primarily receive questions from gay men about coming out, addiction and recovery in the gay community, confidence and how to have healthy relationships, we also receive tons of emails from heterosexual men asking us how to find the right woman or tactics to ask women out, how to be romantic and how to meet a woman’s emotional needs.  Woman of course want to know how to please a man sexually and what really beats inside the mind of the male psyche.

After reading and attempting to respond to all of these emails we have been reminded often of that Halloween four years ago when we met with our psychic friend and he told us to start an advice column.  He told us a lot of things that day and most of them have come true.  Whether or not you believe in psychics is not the point.  Maybe he tells everyone they should start an advice column.  He might have been a complete charlatan who planted a seed in our heads.  Today, that seed has sprouted.  Today, The Love Doctors are open for business!

Every Tuesday and Friday we will be posting responses to 2 questions we receive from readers, either by comment or email.  We will only post a first name unless otherwise asked to keep the name anonymous.  We hope this will be fun and informative.  Some of the issues will likely be serious while others will be lighthearted.  All questions may be sent to Our first post will be this Friday, July 20th.

Let the adventure begin!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Peter and Alex

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