Talbott Street is Closing?!!!

“Word” on the street for the last year has been that Talbott Street is closing it’s doors any day. We’ve heard every rumor from money problems to drug problems to all kinds of garbage. Needless to say, we’re not ones to believe rumors easily so we asked several of the employees and their consistent response has been, “If Talbott is closing they haven’t said anything to us about it.” In the past, we’ve even trashed some of the staff, having been treated, what we believed was less than respectful as patrons, but that has changed, and you have to give it to a staff who truly, truly acts like a team…that’s hard to find in ANY organization these days, not just a club.

So with all of these rumors floating around, we found it interesting that Talbott issued a “statement”, so to speak, on Facebook the other day, which we’re including here for anyone that didn’t read it. Since we don’t know who wrote this we have to give props for using Maya Angelou’s inaugural poem for President Clinton…

A Message From Talbott Street “VIVA LA DIVA”-
Maya Angelou, a revered American poet, said ” You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt. But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” It is very unfortunate and sad that there are those who delight themselves by persecuting others… with malicious rumor. Jealous people poison their own banquet, then eat it. Such is the case by attempting to cast ill fate on Talbott Street. Our Talbott Street family is stronger than ever; and, much to the dismay of some jealous few, we have no intention of terminating our entertainment business. The threats of our closing are FALSE and want to express to all communities our sincerest gratitude for making us the successful and respected venue we have grown to be be.
Long live Talbott Street!

We think…a wonderfully, written sentiment…and thank you Talbott, for at least clearing that up for us! We don’t know about the rest of the town, but as social bloggers who go out on a regular basis and review talent, not only for us now, but for The Bilerico Project, IndyScene and several other online publications, we have to say we’ve been extremely impressed with you lately! DJ Deane and Joe Melton were absolutely amazing…DJ Logan Matthews was so good last time we couldn’t believe it! Always good but WAY off the charts. The place has been bumping and the entertainment has been incredible. The staff has been friendly and professional as hell and the bar is still going right up until the lights come on! The way a club should be!!!

So why all the rumors and “haters”…can’t we all just have fun…isn’t that the point in going out to begin with? In all actuality, we spend more time in “straight” bars and almost have a better time because there is less of all of this crap…after all…it’s just a bar…and what would everyone do if it closed anyway??? Go to the 501 or Zonies? All these bars have their place but let’s be for real.

And Vivian, in case you’re reading…as we hope you are!!!(By the way…Vivian Farris, managing partner of Talbott, we believe that’s your title, we apologize if we’re wrong…is the ONLY one who has approached us and asked us our opinion…and whether she cares or thinks we’re a joke…she still approached us…and she is ALWAYS friendly and genuine to us!!!)here’s a little news for you Viv…below the Facebook statement Talbott posted is a comment…here…we will repost is…

Madison Gosspicat
“I’d say sue the assholes with the big mouths and lack of brains, but if they got nothing then why waste your money?”

Interesting that if you don’t know who “Madison Gossipcat” is…they list their about me on Facebook as…”We are the gossipcat girls and everybody know about us if they read The Word!” and their website as…”http://www.the-word-online.com”. So obviously, this is Ted from The Word, Indy’s local gay newspaper…Ok Ted, this is not an attack on you…but we would have loved to have worked writing the gossip column for The Word, as you asked us and even for free, if you would have allowed us to go out and write what WE wanted to write…but you told us we had to be appropriate with your sponsors, which we understand…but you have a staff member who told us, at the bar at Landsharks during our very first FLESH in January, that during a meeting at Talbott Street, where he was present, they discussed the bar closing and that he was searching out an alternate venue for promoting his events(which, apparently…hmmmm…hasn’t happened)…this is almost verbatim what he told us
AS WELL as telling us that we could quote what he told us on raannt…

We, for two, are ecstatic that Talbott Street is staying open…and as our dear friend Andrew from Ballcaps and Neckties recently said when we told him we were ending up at Talbott…”Of course…you have to pay homage!”…Damn straight…and Greg’s on Fridays and Landsharks on Mondays…the rest we fill in the gap!

So, pull in the reigns, be supportive of Talbott Street, leave the drama at home and shut the fuck up!!! Quite frankly we’re tired of it and just want to dance, laugh and have a good time…keep up the good work Talbott and Ted…call us if you’re still interested! (And just a word to the wise, since you happened to bring our good friend up in your most recent gossip column…maybe consider actually letting someone write real reviews of bars and events, no matter if it hurts your sponsorship…we can’t damage the soul of a bar…but the soul of a person…WOW…that’s something else entirely…Peace!)

Love one another…dance, smile, screw and have a blast!!!
Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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