Ok…so we’re not really sure what’s going on with YouTube, but Onision uploaded a video yesterday about how major YouTubers are rapidly losing subscribers.  While this may not seem like a big deal, YouTube superstar Shane Dawson supposedly lost over 20,000 subscribers in one day.  To someone like Shane, who has almost 3 Million subscribers on his main channel alone, this may be a drop in the bucket, but what if a small time YouTuber just getting started lost 20,000 subscribers? What if they didn’t even have that many? We have a YouTube channel and we upload videos regularly on theboysofraannt and pemovision, but we only have some 335 Subscribers! Can you imagine if we lost the same percentage as Shane Dawson.  Well actually…we did the math and it equals something like 2.2 subscribers.  So maybe it’s not that big of a deal after all?

Actually…it is.  Because these people, who we love watching on YouTube have, most of the time, designed their lives around the income they gross from YouTube and merchandise or opportunities associated with their YouTube videos.  Less views and subscribers means less money and fewer opportunities(although this can’t be entirely true because we’ve contacted quite a few of our favorite YouTubers attempting to set up interviews and only a few have responded…Tyler Oakley  being our latest YouTube interview which will go up this week!)

Does that mean the little guy or gal hoping to be the next big YouTube star doesn’t have a chance? Probably not, unless you have some amazing content which goes viral overnight.  So Onision uploaded this video YouTube is FUBAR #SaveYouTube and is Tweeting non-stop to help get these things changed before YouTube changes forever. Below is his video as well as a video from Karen a.k.a. Spricket24, who we adore, who supports this as well! Please watch them and tweet #SaveYouTube to keep YouTube the way we like it! Listen carefully…he explains exactly what to do! Or Follow Him on Twitter @Onision and Follow Spricket24 on Twitter at @KarenAlloy



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