Psy’s Viral Sequel to Gangam Style…Gentleman…Bored Us To Tears!


As if you couldn’t get enough of his international hit Gangnam Style, Psy is back with another huge hit…Gentleman.  We loved Gangnam Style when it first came out, but after weeks and weeks of hearing it all over the place, we quickly became easily annoyed by it’s manic beats and lyrics.  Hopefully, Gentleman will be a little more pleasing, although we are already a little bored with it’s staccato buzzing and repeated lyrics.  As of our post, the new hit has already accumulated over 67 million hits in 2 days. Could Psy just be a viral, one hit wonder sensation who continues to put out the same kind of music over and over again, but because of his unique style and interest continues to awe the world into listening to his crazy music??? We’re over him already…next.

Check out his new hit Gentleman below and let us know what you think.

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