Out of Our Closet Today 5-10-12: Laid Back Cool Style


So you didn’t get that job…who cares.  You’ll find something else to do this summer.  But for now, all you can seem to do is lay around in bed watching old episodes of Revenge and Glee on television, praying for some job to fall into your lap.  Your best friend calls and asks you to go shopping and out to dinner with her.  You casually throw together some stuff laying around your floor(your favorite cut off shorts and your roommates tank; she won’t care) and toss on a hat because your hair looks ridiculous.  Who cares.  It’s not like you’re going to run into anyone you have to impress…until dinner turns into drinks which turns into you flirting with a manager of this new, artsy bar which just opened.  He grabs your hat and twirls it around on his finger…You leave with his number…and the job as the new bartender. Being yourself pays off, doesn’t it?!

Out of Our Closet Today 5-10-12: Laid Back Cool Style

Shorts: Your favorite pair of old Levis beyond repair…cut off to fit perfectly.

Cheaper Alternative: What’s cheaper than your own closet?

Tank: $62 Dimepiece Clothing Tank…Femme Symbol/Moxsie.com

Cheaper Alternative: $20-32 Tanks/Urban Outfitters

Sweater/Hoodie: $72 Allsaints/Allsaints

Cheaper Alternative: $24.95 H&M Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket/H&M

Shoes: $57 Superdry Riva Boat Shoes/Bank Fashion

Cheaper Althernative: We think this is a pretty good buy.  Cheaper? Flip Flops.

Hat: $9.95Wide Variety of Hats/H&M

Cheaper Alternative: Cheaper than $9.95?

Bracelets: $325 M. Cohen Black Deer Skin Leather Wrap Bracelet/Endless

Cheaper Alternative: We just bought some bracelets like this at Niche Boutique in Indianapolis. $25 or at Urban Outfitters for $12.


Style Tips: Dig deep into your closet and bring out those things you haven’t worn in awhile.  Don’t be afraid to cross genders.  Clothes are clothes and we’re the ones who dictate how we feel in them.  Know a good buy and know when you’re getting screwed.  Unless you have money to throw around, getting $300 bracelets when you can buy similar ones for $20 is not a good buy.  But, like us, have certain favorites that you will spend money.  In our house, shoes, watches, tee shirts and jewelry are rampant.  We don’t know when to say no! Style is about having fun and creating what makes you feel your best!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


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