Onision’s Raw Honesty…An Interview

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We’re huge YouTube fans, which is why we get so excited when we get to interview someone who consider a YouTube “star”.  Interestingly, almost everyone we interview is so humble that they don’t consider themselves stars even though each of their videos garnish hundreds of thousands of views.  Onision is one of these stars, although he doesn’t consider himself “big”.  That’s part of what we like about him, not to mention his intense humor, sarcasm and honesty.  His videos have us coming back more, day after day, which is why we wanted to talk to him and find out a little bit more about the guy behind the camera.  His raw honesty made us love him even more. 

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1.  Describe yourself using only 5 words.
Motivated, controversial, perseverant, imperfect & fair.

2. What are three things about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
(1) I survived chronic depression.
(2) I have very little patience for dishonest people.
(3) I believe anything that has not been proven impossible, is possible.

3. What motivated you to begin making YouTube videos?
I first started making videos off and on when I was 15, I did it for fun. Later it turned into something that simply kept me going, gave me reason.

4. What was the moment you knew you had made it big on YouTube and how long did it take you to get there?
I’ve never made it big on YouTube, or anywhere… I’ve been on over 5 television networks, and acquired hundreds of millions of views online over the years, but that’s not what I consider “big”.

5. What, if any, are some of the opportunities you’ve had as a result of your YouTube fame?
I’ve been invited to be on Television shows, in movies etc. however the only projects that really came through were the ones that simply took advantage of content I had already made.

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6. What are your three favorite videos you’ve made?
I’ve made thousands overall, however I’d say 30% of my main-channel videos are my favorites. I wouldn’t want to cut it down to just three.

7. Who are your three favorite YouTubers…besides yourself?
Nathan Barnatt, StoneFoxMedia & Mitchell Davis (I only say those because I often actually watch their videos when they release new ones)

8. What kind of camera and editing equipment do you use?
I use Adobe software & various camcorders/DSLRs.

9. What is a topic too personal to discuss in your videos?
It would be contradictory for me to highlight something I wished to remain private, so answering this question would not be productive.

10. We greatly appreciate your humor and sarcasm, but you seem to receive a lot of nasty comments for some of your sarcasm.  How do you deal with hate mail or negative comments?
However I feel like responding. Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I respond to it, but most the time, i don’t even see it.

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11. You’ve spoken out in the past about your own issues with suicidal ideation.  What advice would you give to someone who is suicidal?
Get help, and if the help doesn’t help you, get different help. But whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself, as there is no real accomplishment in doing so.

12. What three things will you do for your child that you didn’t get from your parents?
So long as all parties are healthy & happy, how people raise their children is not a public concern. I have no need to answer questions of this nature.

13. You’ve also spoken about vegetarianism, homophobia and drugs.  Why are these issues important to you?
I’ve spoken about hundreds of things. The three topics you mentioned are not necessarily more important than many of the other issues I’ve discussed. If I talk about something, it’s normally because I just feel like talking about it.

14.  If you could only listen to 3 CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?
I feel Nine Inch Nails albums fill most all genres that I’m interested in.

15. How do you define sexy? Who is the sexiest celebrity? Sexiest YouTuber? Sexiest place to kiss? Sexiest song?
Right now, I don’t really care.

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16.  Let’s play murder, marry, fuck.  iJustine, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles. 
I don’t have any desire to kill anyone, nor do I have any desire to just mindlessly have sex with anyone. Who would I want to marry? My wife.

17.  Last book you read? Last text you received? Last meal? Last movie you saw?
I rarely read, so I do not recall. The text? Probably spam. Meal? Fruit bar. Movie? Carrie.

18. What advice would you give someone wanting to make a career of making YouTube videos?
I started making videos because it’s my passion. I sucked at first, but I got better. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you don’t even know how to start, I’d say you’re in for a significant challenge. Just do your best, do what you’re compelled to do, do it because you care about your audience, and want to entertain, not just for yourself.

19. What would you like to have accomplished in the next 10 years?
In all aspects of my life: significant progress.

20.  What are your three simple luxuries?
Simple? Health, food & shelter. May not seem like a luxury to most, but I certainly appreciate it, and view it as a gift.

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