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In 2009, Nyasha Zimucha was listed as “One of the top 10 visionaries” by New York based African Magazine. Just to put this in perspective, the list also included Tyler Perry, Alicia Keys and President Obama. Besides being the CEO and founder of her own company, Embrace Your Hair, she is also a recording artist, reality star(having already been on 2 reality television series) and held the title of Miss Africa USA. Maybe it’s her sharp wit, her incredulous beauty or her sly smirk, but we were immediately taken with this unstoppable goddess. While watching LOGO TV’s The A-List New York, we saw her daily interactions, but we wanted to learn more about this African Queen…

1. Introduce us to Nyasha Zimucha in one sentence.
Singer/TV Personality/Businesswoman and a girl on a mission.

2. We love a beauty queen! When we learned you were Miss Africa USA we loved you even more! Tell us about the pageant and your time as Miss Africa USA.
Representing the African continent (53 countries) in the US was one of the greatest, life-changing experiences of my entire life. The amount of time, energy and resources I gave into non-profit work for Africa and the US was so humbling. I met some of the most influential and inspiring people in the WORLD – which changed my perspective on my personal ability to truly fulfill my dreams. I liked this accomplishment the most because it made my parents proud.

3. Your hair is hot! Especially since you are so open about your love of wigs. Tell us about your company and what drove you to start this business?
I LOVE hair and wanted to share my love and passion for it with women of all ethnic backgrounds and show them that hair is no different than fashion trends/accessories, there is no reason why any woman has to be tied down to one look – EMBRACE YOUR HAIR:) I don’t do anything I’m not passionate about so starting a business that allowed me to make women feel beautiful and give back to women who are suffering was a blessing.

4. What was your immediate response when you begin filming LOGO TV’s The A-List NY?
There was hesitation from some of the cast, however after a few weeks they all gave in, the walls came down and a lot of us have grown to like each other in and outside the show.

5. How does it feel to be the token girl in an all male cast?
It’s always great to be a part of “the first” to do something. Never in the history of reality television/unscripted has this been done and I like a challenge. The funny thing is I don’t FEEL like the “token” because outside of the show I have many gay friends – its important to be open minded about the social circles you choose.

6. What is some of the feedback you’ve gotten as being a straight girl in a gay show?

People are talking and my old fan base before the show has stayed loyal and some new fans have come around and supported me in such a positive way – the rest is irrelevant.

7. On the show you said that there are two kinds of people you know, the ones that can hang and that ones that can’t. What does it take to hang with you?
Always keep it real! I love genuine people who are hard working and trying to somehow impact/change the World in a small/big way. It has NOTHING to do with material/money and more to do with heart.

8. This season there seems to be more drama and arguing. How true to life is what we see in regards to this intense drama?
Anything is magnified when you see it on television – some things more magnified than others and I think if you watch the rest of the season you will see and understand exactly what I mean.

9. So far what has been your most favorite and least favorite moment on the show?
My favorite part has been the opportunity to share my music with the audience, and least favorite is anything to do with drama/fight because ultimately I truly do not enjoy conflict – no matter what you see for 5 minutes on TV.

10. Before the A-List you were a judge in “Little Miss Perfect” season 1 and 2… To the ones that don’t know, tell us what the show is about and what was your experience like?
It was a kids beauty pageant TV show inspired by the movie ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. For 2 years I got to travel across America with my best friend (Michael Galanes) and meet some very interesting families who’s main passion is competing in beauty pageants. The biggest misconception about kids pageants is that there is some “evil Mom” forcing her child to be on a stage – you would be surprised how secure and confident some of these 5 year olds were, and pushing to be on stage! Pageants have been the gateway to many stars and I love being involved in them on all age levels.

11. On you website, NyashaOnline, and on the show you talk a lot about your music. Tell us about your music career.
I’ve been performing for a long time, started singing in the recording gospel group back in 2003 and did that for years and toured all over the US. As a solo artist my last performance was in South Africa in 2009, and as an artist I wanted to re-evaluate my sound, write some new lyrics and channel my energy into the US market. I love pop-culture but I’m also socially conscious and love to dance – a strong mix of all those make up my music. Its a blessing to be able to make music, and perform and I never take it for granted. Currently working on an album, and just shot a music video for my new single “Rise Up Remix” (available on iTunes now) and looking forward to growing as an artist.

12. How did you become a cast member on The A-List. What would you recommend to someone who wanted to get on a reality show? What’s the secret?
I was asked to come on right before the show without knowing much about it – the casting director approached me, told me about the show, I went through the process of meeting the production company, the network and here I am. This is not something I went out of my way to pursue, it truly was a blessing in disguise. After many years in the entertainment industry I can say there is no “secret” its good timing, creating and sustaining good relationships with people and MOST important – BE YOURSELF!

13. How do you define sexy?
Confidence, a passionate persona and a world traveler!

14. What do you believe is the sexiest city in the world? Sexiest hotel? Sexiest club? Sexiest celebrity? Sexiest Reality Show Star?
Sexiest City is New York, Sexiest Hotel is the Wynn in Vegas, Sexiest Club is Dada Bar + Lounge in Hong Kong, Sexiest celebrity is Taylor Lautner!

15. Are you currently in a relationship? If so tell us how the show affects the relationship, in a good way or bad, or if not then what do you look in for the perfect partner?
Classified as “single” – no such thing as a “perfect partner” no-one is perfect its about timing and chemistry.

16. What are 5 things you must have in your purse with you at any given time?

Blackberry, 3 different kinds of lip gloss, a piece of costume jewelery and my iPod.

17. If you had to listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn’t be a mixed CD, what would it be and why?

Miseducation of Lauren Hill – one of the most inspiring albums of my generation.

18. In five years, what are five dreams you would like to have accomplished?

To be doing everything I am currently doing on a bigger scale and to be doing it with health, my family first in line to share it all with and love!

19. What is sexiest on a man and you; boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?


Thanks Sexy! We Adore You!
For more information on Nyasha check out her website HERE!

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