New Music By The Chainsmokers


They’re at it again… well they haven’t really stopped, so I guess it’s more like: Here they go again! Dropping the latest single, of their now released EP Bouquet, New York City.

The song is great, like really great! Alex and Drew have an incredible ability to create tracks that generate energy, with thumps and beats that roll through your body while simultaneously proving a killer party anthem! The emotional vocals really connect with you and well… all together creates yet another successful track for the duo. It is safe to say that we’re pretty obsessed with ‘New York City’ and can’t wait to see them hit the stage! Click on the pic above to buy their album and click on the pic bellow to find out more abut their tour and to buy tickets. See you in Indianapolis Alex & Drew, we’re ready to show you how Indy parties!!

The Chainsmokers Friendzone Tour
The Chainsmokers
Friendzone Tour

Don’t forget to follow their adventure on snapchat: thechainsmokers.

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