Miley Cyrus Responsible for Destruction of America Per SNL!

miley cyrus twerk tongue 2013 snl vma_raannt

If you missed the Saturday Night Live last night hosted by Miley Cyrus, you missed a good one.  Although we were expected a little more originality from the girl with the powerful tongue, we’re a little bit unsure why we thought we’d receive such creativity.  After all, it’s not like she originated the stripper dance or the twerk.  She’s just an ordinary girl(remember that song????). But the opening to SNL was worthy alone of her being the host, alluding to the future destruction of America not being related to Obama Care or the government shut down…but Miley Cyrus’ performance on the MTV VMA’s.  Here, check it out below!

We don’t care, we still love her music and her confidence.  Maybe she needs 2 best gay guy friends??? Don’t forget to buy her brand new album or songs on her album Bangerz!

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