Little Person, Big Secrets…


Tonight, we went to The Blu Martini for our friend, Ali Chapman’s, premier party for her television appearance on “The Secret Lives of Women” on the WE Television Network. While there, we hung out with Ali and talked to her mother and some of her other friends. In the background on the large, flat screen televisions, played the television show, with Ali presenting her life story intersected with the stories of two other, little women.

After speaking with Ali’s mother for a few minutes, she informed us that Ali had been receiving some international interest about her story and hopefully would be giving some interviews in the next few weeks. “Maybe I’ll get a movie deal after all.” Ali said. And she probably will!

On our way home, Alex and I discussed how even though Ali is little, she doesn’t allow her size to be an obstacle to her achieving her dreams. In fact, she seems to be utilizing it to be successful. It’s been a long time since I first met Ali, but I can honestly say now that for the first time tonight, standing in The Blu Martini, surrounded by her family and friends, her image displayed on television screens all around me, I realized that Ali is a true inspiration to me. And if she can accomplish her dreams, then all of us can. And that is the secret to her success…never giving up!

For more information about Ali or for booking information contact her manager Johnny at A Little Entertainment.

Congrats Ali…We’re proud of you babe!
Eyes open…We’re watching!

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