Lana Del Rey…We’re Obsessed With Your Badass Self!

We might not have been the first people to hear of Lana Del Rey, obviously, but we saw kids Tweeting about her early last year and although we had no idea who she was, we realized she was going to be something big.  Instantly…we fell in love.  Her voice is the love child of old school Julee Cruise of Twin Peaks fame woven with Adele lyrics, while country cruisin’ in August on cheap beer and cigarettes.  Lana Del Rey is so incredibly badass we instantly wanted her as our best friend.

Imagine our complete disbelief when we were reading blogs earlier today and one actually referred to her as an “example of pro-pedophelia“???  Really? We won’t even give the blog credit by penning that horrific label in a world where Lana Del Rey realizes the honest raw vulnerability of teenagers and whispers it into her microphone.  Maybe, if we could all remember how delicious those high school summer days were we might not be as jaded as we are today in a world filled with political campaigns, financial propaganda and fear of an unstable future.

No…Lana Del Rey is a magician.  She has transported us back to the raw hope of late 70’s PBR and video games and made us realize, in the words of Janis Joplin, “It’s all just the same fucking day man!”

We love her.  Completely. And appreciate the vacation she has given us from our daily lives by finding the mystery and intrigue in our own simple days.  After all…we’re not here forever so we might as well appreciate the details.

Lana Del Rey is the details!


Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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