Kelly Clarkson Covers Britney Spears LIVE in Concert at Nokia Theatre/Til The World Ends!













“She’s My Cardio Music and I Frickin Hate Cardio!” Kelly Clarkson quipped last night on stage after belting out one of Britney Spears most famous songs in the last year. Check out this amazing footage we pulled from YouTube of Kelly Clarkson covering Britney Spears’ Til The World Ends last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  Not only does she pull out an amazing rendition, but, as true to Kelly Clarkson’s unending talent, she plays to the crowd through her joking words.  Maybe not as great as Queen Spears herself, Kelly did pay her justice in a memorable performance.  Memorable of American Idol where covering songs is as common as karoake on a Tuesday night.  Nonetheless…we loved it!

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