Lana Del Rey! Brand New Video: Chelsea Hotel #2

lana del rey new

Three simple facts.  1) We are huge fans of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen.  2) We are die hard Janis Joplin fans.  3) We are bigger fans of Lana Del Rey than we are Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin.  Imagine how truly excited we were to find out that Lana had done a cover of Leonard Cohen’s famous song, Chelsea Hotel #2, which is supposedly a tribute to a brief, sexual relationship he had with Janis Joplin at the famed Chelsea Hotel.  Everything about Lana Del Rey seems to fit perfectly into this mysteriously bohemian image of a ghost which seems to fall from our fingertips just as we grasp hold of some understanding.  The fact that she chose to cover a song by Leonard Cohen, the bohemian chief himself, about a woman who’s rise to rock stardom is as desperately beautiful as her own is quite interesting.  And the cherry on top is the haunting video accompanying this amazing rendition.  What can we expect next??? Possibly a slowed down version of The Runaways or possibly a Nico or Joan Baez song; who knows…but you better believe she’s planning her next step very carefully.  We love her!

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