Kim Kardashian Friend Mike Snedegar Talks With raannt…

We have been lucky enough to become distant friends with Mike Snedegar who has been giving the boys of raannt some great advice on planning parties and events. Mike is the Entertainment Director for the Tao Group in Las Vegas. Mike, who was on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was kind enough to talk to the boys of raannt and give us the inside scoop into his life, his career and the secret life of celebrities!!!

1. What is your name and your position at Tao?
Mike Snedegar – Entertainment Director – TAO Group

2. You are from the Midwest. What do you think about being from the Midwest has prepared you for being successful in Vegas and what would you be doing if you weren’t at Tao?
I consider myself from the south because of Kentucky, some people argue but we always say “where the hospitality of the south begins” . Being form Kentucky I keep things in perspective, and I always remember where I came from. Im simple guy at heart, and I miss the sound of a screen door being shut and the smell of freshly cut grass!

If I weren’t at TAO? Who knows? Probably something to do with celebrities in some form or another.

3. What is the best party you have ever been to and why?
That’s a hard question to answer- but usually the best parties are the ones I cant really talk about!

4. What is the best event you ever planned and why?
My events with Kim Kardashian are some of my faves because we plan them out together as far as theme and décor and seeing everything from my ideas come to life is so cool. but, The Madonna concert afterparty for the confessions tour in 2006 is my favorite – there is no one bigger than her.

5. Best hotel in Vegas?
The Venetian and the Palazzo of course! I also love Mandarin and Trump tower

6. Most interesting celebrity you have ever met?
My favorite celebrity encounters have been Drew Barrymore and Pink, because they were both as nice as I expected them to be which doesn’t always happen

7. Why is Tao successful?
The team and all of the employees behind it make it happen everyday.

8. The boys of raannt are getting married in Vegas in August. If you were planning our wedding, what would you do?
a suite for the weekend, dinners, one night of clubbing, maybe a show, some sightseeing, shopping!

9. What are three vital ingredients in a successful party or event?
theme, details, celebrity

10. Worst party you have ever planned and what went wrong?
I once did a party called WIG OUT in ….like 2005, one of my first events. Where we had people wear wigs…I still laugh about it today. Nothing really went wrong it was just a silly idea….

11. Are you single and how does your job affect, positively or negatively, your dating and being in a relationship?
I am single, and I work a lot of hours, so anyone I would date would have to be understanding of that. Right now im kind of married to my job J

12. Best city in the world?

13. Best club in the world?

14. Soundtrack CD to your life?
music is my favorite thing in the world, couldn’t pick one album….but my current playlist right now is:

A loaded Smile – Adam lambert

Un-thinkable (I’m ready) – Alicia Keys

Lift Me Up – Christina Aguilera

So Happy I Could Die – Lady GaGa

Bulletproof (Nacey remix) – LaRoux

Scream My Name – LMFAO

Street Lights – Kanye West

15. Last book you read and current book you are reading?
Last book I read: IF you have to cry go outside – Kelly Cutrone

Current reading: Are you there vodka, its me Chelsea – Chelsea handler

16. A Movie that profoundly affected your life?
American Beauty, ET, Saving Private Ryan,

17. Television shows you consistently watch?
E! News, Keeping up with the kardashians, project runway, Watch what happens live, kell on earth, dancing with the stars, Larry king live, Anderson cooper 360,

18. Boxers, Briefs or other?
Boxer briefs

Thanks Buddy!!! You Rock!!!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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