Housewife of Atlanta or Lesbian Lover to World Reknown DJ Tracy Young?

Could it possibly be? It’s almost too good to be true that one of the REAL Housewives of Atlanta is a lesbian? God, we love this…and not only that, but she is supposedly linked to hot lesbian, world reknown DJ Tracy Young. So what is the truth behind Housewife Kim Zolciak, seen below in her Prop 8 Photo…

Apparently, in a quote from US Weekly, recaptured in The Huffington Post this morning…“A source tells Us, “Tracy broke up with her longtime girlfriend to be with Kim. Since they’ve been together, Tracy lost a lot of weight and got really skinny for Kim. They seem to be beyond happy with each other.”

Well, we can only wait to see…but hopefully, they’ll bring it all out on the camera eventually, making another gay person a superstar!!! Way to go girls!!!

For more information read the article at The Huffington Post here!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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