Guess Who??? the NOT sexy list!!!! Teaser!

This ain’t our first time at the rodeo! When we started our venture, we coined the phrase “Eyes Open, We’re Watching”, but some people have apparently forgotten our motto. Maybe it’s that Indy doesn’t really know what to do with us; after all we’ve interviewed dozens of international celebrities and have several A-list interviews on the way, we speak daily to supermodels, Grammy winning artists, actors and television stars. Our wedding is going to be a who’s who of pop culture celebutante. And never once have we done this in a callous or arrogant way. If you’ve done business with us, you know we are humble, professional and true to our word. And rarely have we taken any payout for what we do(which is about to change), so you know, unlike others, what we review and support is the truth and straight from our hearts! But for some reason people are afraid of us. Obviously, there are a few people who think we’re dumb and trivial and assume we’ll just lay down. Are you kidding? We’ve been schooled by the best. And while we’re in talks with a major television company about a reality show simply titled The Boyz and have retained the services of an entertainment attorney, one thing is certain…from the boys of raannt…expect the unexpected!

All week we’ve been giving clues to our message “Indy will never be SEXY because…” And maybe you still don’t know what we’re implying. On Monday, we’ll give a detailed report on what needs to change before this city has a chance. First, we wanted to give our readers and “fans” a chance to play a game of Guess Who, to see if you know exactly what is keeping this town from being sexy.

While you’re putting your thoughts together from the clues below, please listen to the video message we’d like to send out to our three anti-sexy constituents…


Here are your three clues to the top three reasons why Indy will never be sexy!




an excerpt from an email we received today.

Hi Peter and Alex,

Hope all is well. When I went to your blog today, I noticed the link to (mystery publication) on the right rail. We appreciate the link, but raannt’s content doesn’t jive with the content (mystery publication) produces. I’m hoping you can remove it.


Interestingly enough…the very same person who sent the email had previously spotlighted us positively in the publication, requested and had a meeting with us to write a column for said publication, gave us 3 assignments(which we completed) for said publication and NOW we don’t JIVE with what they produce? Hmmmm…sounds personal. And not very sexy! Since our presentation of interview types and posts has been the same even months before they requested us, we can only wonder what’s changed?

Like we said…RODEO!

If you’d like to make a guess we’ll be giving out some prizes to those with the correct answers. Comment below to play the game!

Have a great weekend!

Eyes open…We’re Watching!

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