Gossip Girl Rewind! S05/EP23 – “The Fugitives”

Gossip raannt here!  The best source for a look into the life of Gossip Girl’s Manhattan Elite!  This weeks episode was pretty powerful, kind of funny, and at certain parts…extremely annoying!… Over all…a Gossip Girl Grade G (OMG that was just 4 Gs in a row) for Great but not so Great.


            Who’s starting to get a little over this super needy Chuck?  We are! He’s supposed to be sexy, confident, sexual, strong… not this daddies little boy (and we don’t mean that in the sexual way) that keeps wanting attention and affection.  Although the story line has been touching and he is finally with his dad, it also seems a bit too “Days of Our Lives”  That soap is over, for a reason; let’s not get any ideas.  Anyways, we’re glad Chuck found his dad and they’re able to live happily ever after..we think, but now that the past is all set and done let’s bring Chuck back to his womanizing, manipulating, over -rich and powerful, egotistical ways: that’s why he’s sexy.

            After last week’s L-O-V-E confession from Dan we’re left wondering if B feels the same…or is she just not ready to say it.  This week Dan totally tries to take B and corner her in Rome.  He never effing learns does he?! Give the girl some time and space.  Don’t just suffocate her with your lonely boy neediness (Chuck is doing all of that for everyone else!) Stick to your love making and fiction writing, we like that. And Dan… please get rid of that god awful hair piece! It’s starting to get out of control!


Ok, so what’s next? Oohhh yes! S finally told B that for the last couple of months she was posting as GG.  B loved it but felt left out so S said she would help her with whateves, so S pretended to be B for an interview with Dan that went smoothly… did you catch that?  Basically Serena feels bad that she’s been MIA for the last couple of months, and tries to get in the good side with her friends.  After learning about Chuck’s dad she is willing to get back into the game and help her friend with whatever she can. Oh and we totally agree with Blair, that “holy” sweater and cute skirt outfit is sexual!! Girls, take note!

Lola and Ivy are once again working together in this episode and we love it!  we adore Ivy – she’s so hot! Ok, so they’re working together and this time they’re on the GG elite side.  While Chuck is trying to find who’s threatineng his dad, they all set up a trap and Lola and Ivy play a big part in it.  Leaving us an open ended, cliff-hanger that is questionable, and totally uncomfortable… What could possible happen next week?!!!!!!!

The season finale is going to be IN-to-the-TENSE. Till next week friends!!

xo xo,

your boys!

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