FCUK It’s Cold Outside!

fcuk it's cold 2013_raannt

Throughout the seasons we’ve been loyal fans of FCUK… mainly because their pieces are current and trendy with a touch of timelessness that really make us fall in love all over again with each wear!  So, before you go back into your closet and start figuring out what you actually wore last summer… step out and get new fall/winter gear and do it with FCUK.  Here are our favorite items that we believe every guy must have this cold season!

fcuk winter 2013_raannt

1. Core Base Striped Lambswool

2. Gradient Polka Dot T-Shirt

3. Airbourne Wool Knit Jacket

4. Fair Isle Republic Scarf

5. Handling Device Gloves

6. Three Pack Patterned Fair Isle Socks

7. Sin Tee T-Shirt

8. Nick Lace-Up Leather Ankle

9. Quilted Jacket

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