Casual Business Fridays…What To Wear to Be Stylish!


Friday is our favorite day of the week!  First, it’s the start of the weekend; and second it really allows us to express our fashion sense beyond the suits and ties. Check out these perfect Casual Friday items your closet and your body must have!

Shoes: Dare to step out of the business week norm, but still feel like you would like to add a bit of flair to your Friday.  Pick a pair of bright, fun, loud, and masculine shoes! Here are some of our faves:

Cash In House, Blue Canvas by Sneaky Steve


Klein, light grey canvas by Generic Surplus


Pants: Fit is always best! Not too tight and not too loose, just perfect.  You want to show the world what you got, and not in a vulgar way.  Plus, you’re still at work so you don’t really want everyone staring at your goods!

K Slim Taper denim by KR3W


D by D Grey Wool Jogger


Shirts! Play with prints.  Be crazy but not too crazy; none of that Hawaiian floral stuff.  Think plaid, stripes, or even a bit of color blocking.  It’s really the simplest way to show some style and still be professional

Graviti Henley Stripe Tee w/ Pocket


Higgins Contrast Oxford in Ocean by Frank and Oak


Most important…add a beautiful smile.  After all, it’s Friday!

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AG Jeans! Denim Monday!

AJ Jeans

Here it is my friends! Monday… Most people don’t really enjoy Mondays – unless you have them off of work – but here at raannt we kind of like them.  Really, it’s because we get to chat about our newest and favorite denim pieces.  So for this week, check out AG Jeans newest summer arrival The Matchbox – Banana! To purchase click HERE

Best Worn With:

Gap Neon Striped Tank

stripe tank

Blue Sperry Top-Sider

blue sperry

Topman Leather and Wood Bracelets



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Destroyed American Flag Denim Vest!

american flag vest

For months now, we’ve wanted to get our hands on a unique, one of a kind, American Flag Denim vest.  We’ve seen pictures of them all over Tumblr but our investigations have led us to very starched versions by Ralph Lauren or American Eagle.  Naw…we wanted something Lana Del Rey would be proud to wear…or maybe even some greying motorcycle guy, much too sexy for his own good!

We were extremely excited to stumble across the perfect, most amazing, destroyed American flag denim vest in this amazing Etsy store…Luckie You VintageNot only does she sell the most perfect American Flag vest, she also has several other vests perfect for either a man or a woman!

american flag vest 2

Destroyed American Flag Vest: $149.99 – Luckie You Vintage!

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20JEANS! A Revolutionary Concept For Men’s Style! All Jeans $20!


We stumbled…actually Tumbled, across this revolutionary, men’s apparel company just by glancing through their pictures on their blog…and we instantly fell in love with 20JEANS!

The quote on their website says it all: “It’s a pretty revolutionary idea: stylish men’s apparel shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg (it shouldn’t even cost an arm, let alone a leg as well). we specialize in making people look at you and think, “That guy has style.”(…and if they know how little cash you spent, “That guy is smart.”)


20JEANS denim is absolutely incredible…and all for $20.  They also sell shorts, shirts, tees, hoodies, outerwear and accessories(so beware…you may find them featured in another one of our style posts!) Their website hosts tons of complete looks, all reasonably priced, indicating that they truly do have the stylish, buy savvy, man in mind! Check out all of their great denim as well as their other apparel and get looking good quick…and cheap! We can’t wait to get a bunch of their shorts for summer!

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Denim Mondays: Slim Fitting Thick Jean Shirt!

Denim Mondays

A few months ago we posted a “how to” denim article, The Language of Denim, a how to guide on how to pick the perfect denim item, show off your rugged side all while looking your best.  Now, every Monday we’ll pick a couple of denim items that we feel are a necessity or just a luxury to have!

Denim button downs tend to not fit as well as most of us would like them to fit but that’s typically because of the cut.  Find a denim button down that’s tailored or slim fit so that it compliments your body, your style and your look of the day.

Check out these slim colored denim button downs, starting at only $25.99, that will go with pretty much everything in your closet:


Find Them Here: Dark Blue New Fashion Slim Fitting Men Thick Jean Shirt

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