Frank & Oak October Issue

frank and oak new fall 2013_raannt

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious we really like Frank & Oak… We love their classic clothes with current touches and affordable prices! Every single piece they put out can be worn with anything you already have… and may have in a few years.  We believe their pieces are timeless and well made.  Every month, the brand launches an “issue” – introducing new pieces for the month and it makes each of their season collections, fresh and ever changing.  Visit the site and check out many looks of The Progression Issue. 

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Folk Clothing is Simple Perfection!

folk clothing suit_raannt

We spend much of our days following brands and designers on social media sites and looking at their websites.  We also spend hours following up on suggestions from people on clothing brands or collections they think would would like.  Well we don’t like Folk Clothing…we love them! They are simple perfection.  We spent a long time on their website and made a wish list of all of the things we would order, from suits and shirts to their unbelievable shoes.  Our favorite of the moment are the Simi-Chestnut Oiled seen below!

folk clothing shoes_raannt

OMG…aren’t they perfectly original! We love them! Check out all of their stuff at their website and make sure to order up a bunch of their cool designs!

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Obsessed with Albam Clothing! Cute and Casual!

albam clothing_raannt

Another one of our favorite menswear ready-to-wear lines is Albam Clothing! Their designs are so simply, perfect, casual and cute.  Imagine J. Crew without the Crew.  Or L.L. Bean…but British.  They are original and independent and we love them.  Our current favorite is their Framed Pocket Artisan Shirt.  The small details, such as the pocket stitching, is what sets Albam Clothing above the rest.

albam clothing shirt_raannt

They have a huge line, encompassing everything from outerwear to denim, shirts, jerseys, knitwear…they even have homeware including quilts! Albam Clothing is definitively for the man’s man.  Check out their website and order up!

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#FFF is THE Trend…Limited Run, NYC-Assembled Clothes!

#fff spring summer 2013 1_raannt

We happened to fun across this amazingly fun menswear line after they started following us on Twitter! (See…it never hurts to follow us!) When we went to the website for #FFF we were fantastically surprised.  After looking over their Spring/Summer 2013 line, which is now entirely 40% off, we fell in love.  The clothes are extremely well made, designed after their motto “limited run, NYC-assembled clothes”, and perfect in their concept.  Since they don’t sell to other stores, they are able to sell at the lowest prices possible, only showing 2 collections a year(although we’re hoping for an exclusive raannt line for us!).

#fff spring summer 2013 2_raannt#fff spring summer 2013 3_raannt#fff spring summer 2013 4_raannt


These clothes are fun, creative, but also comfortable and perfect for day to night looks, either on the beach or by the pool to hanging out that night.  They are the casual look for music festivals and make us want to grab up a ton! Check them out at their website and stay tuned for their next collection!

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