Obsessed with Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2015

louis vuitton mens spring summer 2015_raannt

Ok so it’s a fact we’re Louis Vuitton junkies… but here’s yet another reason why: The Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 line is unreal!!!! The 20’s military inspired line totally brings a fresh look at menswear! I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a mirrored out navy blue jumpsuit?! We do!! All the time!!!!

louis vuitton mens spring summer 2015 1_raannt

In all seriousness, the new Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 line is pure luxury perfection. The color combinations are perfectly loud with a seductive whisper, the leather goods are incredibly sexy… pure perfection! The classic LV leather treatment paired with vintage silhouettes with a touch of current colors and placements, refresh the whole idea of “carriage”. Our fave? The oversize classic LV monogram shoulder back with the big blue V. We’ll take 2 Please!

louis vuitton mens spring summer 2015 2_raannt

Check out the entire show below!


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Louis Vuitton Creates Tailor-Made Luggage for BMW

louis vuitton bmw luggage_raannt

Louis Vuitton Creates Tailor-Made Luggage for BMW for the BMW i8. Forward-looking travel bags for progressive driving made from carbon fibre.

I mean… BMV and LV, talk about true luxury!! Our favorite leather designer brand has come up with exceptional luggage to match the super sexy BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.  The Louis Vuitton collection of luggage consists of two travel bags, a business case and a garment bag.  We maybe a little bias, since we’re obsessed with anything Louis Vuitton, but the bags are really bad-ass… Just like the car!

louis vuitton bmw luggage 1_raannt

louis vuitton bmw luggage 2_raannt

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In Love with LVO Backpacks!

lvo backpacks_raannt

We’re always looking for the newest thing, and as much as we love luxury, we’re also kind of obsessed with simplicity and functionality; thus the LVO backpack.  The developer of these bags contacted us and told us about his Kickstarter program! As you know, we’re super supportive of anyone filled with passion, so we took a look at these backpacks and instantly fell in love.  As music lovers and travelers, what we love most is the pocket for the iPod/phone with a connection to your headphones through your should strap! LOVE! Check out the video below:


Go to LVO’s Kickstarter website now and pledge big!


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Obsessed with The Dope Lyfe!


We’ve been following The Dope Lyfe for awhile on Tumblr but recently came across their new tees, which are absolutely amazing! These guys also have groovy hats and had previously been selling a backpack that we would love to get our hands on quickly!

the dope lyfe hat_raannt

the dope lyfe backpack_raannt

Go to their website HERE and check out all of their goods! And check out their Tumblr HERE!

We want one of everything!!!

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Modern Industry Bags are Pure Treasures!

modern industry bag 2_raannt

Modern Industry bags are bags for the new man: sexy and bold, yet nerdy and intellectual.  He may be quite a risk taker but also feels comfortable reading Chekhov by the fireplace.  Young or old, he is a lover, a dreamer and most importantly, a genius when it comes to appreciating the art of fine design, architecture and style which makes him the Modern Industry man.  He doesn’t wear the bag…the bag wears him.

modern industry bag 3_raannt

We are obsessed with these bags and are dying to get our hands on a few before they sell out! Since we are constantly on the move, traveling around the globe, these ingenious bags are perfect for us, but would also be amazing work bags, school bags and awesome for stuffing a pair of jeans and some tee shirts in for a weekend out of town.  Our favorites are the Magnitude backpack and Conduit Slingpack, but they also have a wallet, tee and other bags.  Check them out at Modern Industry to see everything they have to offer as well as check out their incredible blog! We love these guys!

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Camo Prints are Back for Fall 2013 Style!

camo print 1_raannt

Camo prints are really hit or miss and for the last couple of seasonal attempts, it’s been a huge miss. From what we’ve seen of this fall’s street style in came, we can safely say that the return of camo is a strong hit.  The prints have been used the correct way, paired with solids and pieces cut in slimming silhouettes.  Let’s face it; as much as we are proud of our Army forces, we don’t want to walk down the street looking like we’re ready for battle.  Check out these killer items for this fall:

camo print 2_raannt

1. Workshop Backpack by Blk Pine $253.14

2. Cargo Trouser by Ar Srpls $350

3. The Dope Logo Strapback Hat in Woodland Camo $36

4. All Over Camo Crew Jumper $30

5. Converse Limited Edition Pro Leather Mid Canvas and Suede Sneaker $168

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Herschel Messenger Bags! Best School and Work Bags!

herschel totem messenger bag_raannt

Like we’ve previously stated, we love bags.  Our work, computers, iPads, journals, magazines, snacks…whatever, is constantly thrown in our favorite bags, which need to be both useful and fashionable.  We’re constantly on the look out for our favorite bag of the moment.  This week we’re obsessed with the Herschel Totem Messenger, seen above in Navy/Cobalt from Herschel Supply Co.  Below it is seen in Woodland Camo/Navy/Red and Navy and Red.  Our favorite is the Camo mix! herschel totem messenger bag red_raanntherschel totem messenger bag woodland camo_raannt

All three are available for $84.99 at Herschel Supply Co.  And you might just see us carrying them around!

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Manhattan Portage…The Most Perfect Bag!

manhattan portage le-fix vintage messenger bag jr_raannt

We are bag freaks! No…seriously. Due to the fact that we are constantly on the move, we are always looking for new ways to carry our stuff.  On any given day, we’re either dragging our laptops, iPads and all kinds of other stuff from one place to the other, constantly working on the go, or we’re traveling and need to limit our packing to a few small bags.  Manhattan Portage is the most perfect bag.  Not only do they offer varying degrees of bags to choose from(messenger, shoulder, laptop, mini, backpack, tote and more), they also offer them in many different colors and materials. Our current favorites are the Le-fix Vintage Messenger Bag Jr.(Seen above $85) and the Le-fix City Lights Bag(Seen first below $55) Perfect for music festivals, school, work, travel or just running up to the coffee shop!

manhattan portage le-fix city lights bag manhattan portage keith haring urban bag_raanntmanhattan portage le-fix morning side backpack_raanntmanhattan portage convertible laptop bag_raanntmanhattan portage quilted ellis backpackmanhattan portage spoke waist bag_raannt


Most bags range in price from $40-$150 with some exceptions, but most are exceptionally, reasonably priced! We’re totally obsessed and would love to make Manhattan Portage the official raannt bag! Check out their website for all of their bags and information about their 30th anniversary!

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