We LOVE RuPaul’s New Album ‘Born Naked’…Now Sissy that Walk!

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RuPaul’s new album Born Naked is doing some amazing things on iTunes! We’re obsessed with the new single Sissy that Walk, especially the fact that RuPaul used Miss Betty Butterfield in the last two words! We love Betty! Check out this hot mix below and let us know what you think.  We’re obsessed! And make sure to buy her whole album on iTunes.  We love the whole damn thing!





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RuPaul’s Drag Race Rewind…Season 6 Episode 2!

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So folks, what did you think of tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race? We’re not entirely sure we like that Ru has split the gals up this season, but we’re sure it’s just the first of many new things to come our way this season.  (Incidentally, we haven’t written a review for first week yet, so we’ll post that later in the week!)

Here’s how it went down…the second batch of 7 girls are: Bianca Del Rio(Hilarious!!!), Trinity K Bonet(Gorgeous…direct), Joslyn Fox(Hmmm…crafty), Magnolia Crawford(cute boy but bittter, bitter queen!), Milk(LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Courtney Act(Uhhhhh…wait!) and Darienne Lake(Big and Beautiful!)

Basically, the girls did a photoshoot…blah…where they had to get sexy with the pit crew, including having a pillow fight.  All of the pictures were pretty good, with the exception of Miss Magnolia’s, so this was boring! Trinity won but Courtney should have won.

Then they got these boxes of crap signifying events like “hoe down”(ha-ha), etc…and had to make a couture fashion gown.  All were ok, but Bianca’s was definitely the best designed, but that’s probably because she’s a “costume designer”. Magnolia got really lippy with the judges and even later admitted to the rest of the girls that she was just there for “exposure” and just wanted to people to notice her when she walked down the street, stating she didn’t care if she won or stayed.  Bianca, who’s humor will give RuPaul’s corny jokes a run for their money, promptly told her she’d help her pack her bags.

Ok, so anyway, she won and Magnolia and Darienne had to lip-sync.  Magnolia did not no ONE WORD of “Knock on Wood” and kinda just horsied around on stage looking ridiculous, so of course Darienne won! Way to go girl.

But let’s be honest, the true winner tonight was Courtney Act.  Even Joslyn Fox, that poor, sweet thing, told Courtney meeting her was just as significant as meeting the judges…(Michelle Visage???).  Courtney’s response…”Awkward”.  God…we love her. We’ve been such huge Adore Delano and Courtney Act fans for so long that we couldn’t wait to watch them together.  We could simply watch Courtney talk for hours! Gor-geous! But we think all of these queens have a pretty good chance in their own right.  Each seems to bring something different to the table which could make for a very interesting season.

Oh…and now that Magnolia is gone, our Hottest Boy Out of Drag Award goes to Milk!!!

Let us know what what you thought of the show in our comments below! And let us know your favorites…and least favorites!

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Til next week…Stay pretty!

Peter and Alex

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Response from an 18 Year Old, Catholic College Girl on the Gay Ban on Marriage


We have literally received hundreds of messages and e-mails from around the world offering support and understanding about the letter we wrote in regards to HJR-3, the gay ban on marriage, in Indiana.  Tons of couples, just like ourselves, have offered their stories as a sign of camaraderie, and we have felt the support through their numerous stories, friend requests on Facebook, follows on Twitter and in small ways, which have helped us realize that with one step at a time we can change the direction of our country.  We even received an email from my father who stated, “Pete; I shared your blog post with our attorney and legislative liaison.  She was so impressed she forwarded it to a lobbyist who is working against the bill.  See one person can make a difference.” 

Probably one of the most profound messages we’ve received is from the mother of a 7 year old boy who attached a picture of him holding up a sign that simply stated, “I Support You”.  But the most overwhelming responses we have received have been from heterosexual Christians who have told us, over and over again, that we have changed their perspective on gay marriage, simply by reading the letter. 

Several days ago, we received a lengthy letter from a young girl who identified herself as “straight, Catholic, 18 year old, college girl”.  The letter was so heartfelt and so wise above it’s years that we insisted on posting it, realizing that our youth are really the ones driving the future of our country.  We had asked for people to share their stories with us and so we’re going to share her story with you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Dear Peter,

In regards to your letter to your friend, Annie, I salute you for your honesty, but I also apologize for the fact that our state has forgotten the constitutional properties in which our country was founded. “Separation of church and state” is a tried and true statement and I’m not sure what has changed that has kept this from ringing true.

I am a straight, Catholic, 18 year old college girl. From first glance, it would not appear that we have much in common other than the fact that the media seems to think we are premium ”bff” material, but I think our similarities go deeper than that.  Parts of who we are have been mangled into these massive stereotypes neither of us wanted. In my opinion, that should be illegal before a law that prohibits someone’s emotional security.

I may be Catholic, but I don’t see it to be my duty to preach a belief set that makes others feel inadequate or to accuse people different than me as being sinners. I’ve gone to mass every Sunday since I was born and have never been told that being nasty and judgmental are Christian qualities. I’m not the final judge in any of this, but I have a very hard time believing the people yelling homosexual slurs at you and your partner are closer to Heaven than people like me who pass no judgment. I’m not gay, so of course I don’t understand how someone could be attracted to someone of the same sex. You have a male partner so you probably have a hard time imagining the attractive qualities of heterosexual relationship. I feel like this gray area is a normal thing. I feel like its okay that I don’t completely understand. I can’t knock something I don’t know, so I won’t. I don’t know how God feels about it, but frankly no one knows how God feels about anything. I could quote the bible as many do and say that that is why homosexual relationships are bad, but that doesn’t explain why they are illegal in the state of Indiana.

In my personal belief set, I feel abortion is bad, but that is legal. However, many other people think abortion is fine and the procedure happens every day. I don’t judge those women or the doctors that perform those procedures because, again, my opinion makes no impact on where they spend their afterlife. If I thought gay marriage is a harmful act, which I don’t, I could use the same argument, except, as you obviously know, the difference is that it is illegal.  This seems backwards to me. Abortion and gay marriage are obviously very different things, but they are both things Catholics and many other Christian groups like to oppose and only one is legal.  Last I checked, the government is not a Christian entity. I chose to be Catholic on my confirmation day. I made a choice, as did you when you formed your own belief set. What I don’t understand is why the government thinks they can make one of the most fundamental choices for you, and drag my religion and your sexual orientation through the mud with them? Frankly, the government and media make my precious religious beliefs out to be a storm of judgmental extremists and people of your sexual orientation out to be a bunch of flamboyant rebellions. It sickens me that they still have this power when the Pope himself refuses to pass judgment upon people like you and your partner and where “going against the system” when used with homosexuals can somehow mean “wanting the same rights the system already has.”

If this is published or a large group of people get to read this letter, I’m sure it will be criticized, but I’m okay with that.  In regards to your original letter, I’m glad the world has matured enough to only verbally insult you and your partner occasionally. Obviously, it is not ideal and I’m sorry there are still people like that in our world, but hopefully, this letter can be treated with the same “kindness” if it is read. The main reason I wrote this to you is so you know that the majority is not what you see on television. My religion is not the unforgiving blockade it is made out to be. Generally, it is composed of tolerant and mature individuals, like you and your partner seem to be.  I truly hope that you and your partner can someday have the legal luxuries heterosexual couples have. Just because I don’t understand all aspects of homosexuality doesn’t make me anymore ignorant than it makes the practice itself “bad”. People fear what they don’t know, but I don’t think fear is a valid excuse for manipulating the constitution. People make choices and decide what they believe. With that being said, I don’t think everyone has to think your sexual orientation is okay, but that shouldn’t constitute for a law to be written to decide for you either. I hope that you and your partner find security in your relationship, regardless of whether or not the state provides it for you. Indiana needs more producing and caring citizens like you and your partner, so I hope this doesn’t drive you away. I promise not to judge you because I know that media and government intentions make things skewed and I hope you grant my religion and I the same courtesy.

So here’s to things getting better. I think we are all good people at heart. I’m hoping someday the world decides to advertise that instead of the rigid stereotypes of today. We obviously all need a reality check.

Yours truly,


Much love! Please share your story and continue to contact us! We love it! We would also love if you would share this and keep the discussion going!

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A 7 Year Old Supports Gay Marriage in Indiana; Our Gift Today

0181 As many of you know by now, yesterday I wrote a piece called Dear Annie, This is How Indian’s Gay Marriage Ban Will Affect Me.  I woke up, expected to receive 30-40 views.  The last time we looked, it had passed the 200,000 mark and was growing minute by minute.  We are extremely touched and honored that my little piece about our small lives affected so many people.  We have received hundreds of emails, messages, phone calls and texts from people across the country in support of our marriage.  We are trying to respond to each message so each person knows how much you warmed our hearts.  One message specifically affected us on a deeper level. We are going to make a video about all of the ways we’re affected by the ban on gay marriage, things one might not even think about, but I wanted to share personally, to thank the mother of this amazing child, the message she sent me.  She is an excellent example of a mother in today’s times and I feel honored that she shared her story with us.  Please watch the video! Thanks again for all of your amazing support! It has been surreal!   Please follow us and support us folks! xo

Dear Annie, This is How Indiana’s Gay Marriage Ban Will Affect Me


Dear Annie,

While trying to fall asleep tonight, my husband Alex already fast asleep next to me, our dog at our feet, I scanned my feed on Facebook.  After reading several news updates about the 4-5 fatal shootings today in Indianapolis, I found post after post about how Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, in a last ditch effort to save his agenda, moved the proposed ban to another committee, where it will be heard on Wednesday.  Interestingly enough, you sent me a message earlier in the day stating, “Peter, I need your help!  I am on the list to possibly testify in front of a house committee for HJR-3.  They haven’t picked me yet, but they are going to ask about any stories I know of people who are married or what not…stories of discrimination or loss they may feel.  I was just wondering if you have anything you want to tell me.”  Well, Annie, since you asked, and I’m happy that you did, this is how I feel.

Before starting, let me explain a typical day in my life.  My husband Alex wakes up and takes the dogs out before leaving for work.  He always wakes me up and kisses me goodbye.  This is something we started long ago, always kissing as we say goodbye, because we never know if it will be the last time we see each other.  We don’t have the same luxuries as some couples.  He goes to work and I usually go back to sleep for a few hours.  I get up, clean the kitchen and get ready for work.  Alex and I run a business together, outside of our “normal” jobs, so by the time I wake up, he has usually already emailed me or texted me several tasks needing completion.  After doing these things, I leave for work, always stopping by Starbucks on the way.  The barista I usually see at Starbucks typically asks me “how are you guys”.  I go to work and meet with my clients.  In discussing relationship problems, I share similar issues Alex and I have had and how we have worked through these relationship issues.  None of my clients have any difficulty comparing their heterosexual marriages to the same details of my marriage.  It is all the same. After work, I call Alex and we either meet for dinner or I attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, having been sober for 19 years.  Sometimes, like tonight, he goes to his mother’s house for dinner and I go out to eat with friends.  Sometimes we go see a movie or catch up on our television shows. Most nights at home are the same; we get ready for bed, turn on the fan and humidifier, set the alarms and show each other funny things we find on our phones, forever addicted to social media.  Tonight we discussed an upcoming trip to Miami and Alex’s haircut.  We discussed what he had for dinner and planned a date for this weekend.  He gave me a kiss goodnight and he turned off his light  This is a typical day in our lives Monday through Friday.

You ask in what ways do I feel I am being discriminated against or in what ways do I feel loss.  When you compare my day to any other husband or wife in the state of Indiana, I would say I don’t deal with much daily discrimination for being gay, other than the random faggot comment at the gas station.  But it sure does feel different when you ask me how I feel about 13 committee members making a decision for my life who have never even met me.  It feels a little bit like a jury vote on a murder trial and I didn’t even commit a crime.  I’m not going to sit and discuss politics and the process of election because that’s not what you asked.  You asked me how I feel discriminated against.

Well Annie, it amazes me that the barista at Starbucks has more courtesy than most of the people sitting on these committees to actually ask me how “we’re” doing.  It amazes me that after 19 years, clean and sober, positively contributing to the community of Indianapolis and as an addictions counselor having helped save the lives of the children of several prominent families in Indianapolis, that I am treated less than some 18 year old, meth addicted, girl who has addicted children and lives off of financial assistance, but I am a poorer role model to the community because I want to marry the “person” I love.  She has the legal right to get married, but I do not.  That’s pretty degrading.  That doesn’t sound like I’m wanted very much in the state of Indiana, does it?

How does it feel? While I’m reading this article about this person Bosma, who I don’t even know, who’s making decision about MY life, it feels like I’m hundreds and hundreds of miles away and I have no affect on the outcome.  Do you know why we kiss before we say goodbye?  Because we know that if we’re hospitalized we don’t have visiting rights unless our families allow it.  We don’t have funeral rights or financial rights.

We have no rights as a couple.


And the really sad part is that all I want to do, is protect the person I love the most.  After all, isn’t that what love is all about?  I just want to grow old with the person I love and know that we can protect each other and our home for the rest of our lives.  But apparently, that’s terrifying to some of these people.

Do you realize that we can’t get a family gym membership together.  Or both be family members at most animal hospitals for our pets.  We don’t file taxes together and we can’t be on the same mortgage except as co-borrowers.  We can’t travel together as family members.  We can’t build credit together as a couple.  We can’t share a last name unless we go through rigorous legal action.  These are just a few examples, but to us, they make a difference.

Interestingly enough, Crate & Barrel, Target and Macy’s had no problem allowing us to register for our wedding.

And as far as this committee hearing, well, they’re going to do what they want anyway, right? Reading comments from me about how I love my husband and that they should respect my feelings  isn’t going to change anything.  But the times they are a’ changin, and they can either change with them or become obsolete. They might possibly be signing their resignations without even realizing it.

I haven’t met these people.  And I don’t care to meet these people.  I don’t want to know their politics and I don’t want to know their religion.  Quite frankly, I don’t want to know anyone who will look back on their life and have one of their proudest, resounding moments being their passing a ban to keep a loving couple apart.  That’s not discrimination; that’s sick.  And why are we more concerned with stopping the marriage of two men or two women than preventing the plethora of daily shootings in our state? What is wrong with this picture. 

We were married August 25th, 2011.  After getting married, we got a lot of flack from people in the gay community that we weren’t willing to wait for a state ruling on same-sex marriage.  This is exactly why we refused to wait.  Because, to us, anyone can have a wedding, but not everyone can have a marriage.

We have a marriage. 

Of all of the times in my entire life that I have been called names, beaten and degraded, and there are have been thousands,  justifying my right for marriage is the most degrading and discriminating thing that has ever happened in my life. The state of Indiana should be ashamed for not being part of the upward movement in our country.  This is a proud moment for not only the United States, but the world.  Indiana can be with it, or against it.

When I was younger, and called derogatory names, my mother would tell me, “When you walk down the street, hold your head up high and refuse to be a victim of their oppression”. Today I hold my head up high.  And so, after all, I haven’t lost anything.  It is the State of Indiana that will have lost.  Time will roll on and gay marriage will be accepted in every state in this nation; of that I am sure.  Any historian will tell you that history repeats itself and we are on the precipice of one of the biggest civil and human rights moments in history.  What have we learned from our past? The question is simply do you want to drive against the grain or float with the river.

I think I’ll choose to hang out on the raft with my husband.



It would mean the world to us if you could share our story! Thank you…

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*Also check out my post about my experience being bullied!

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Tyler Oakley…THE Interview!

We adore Tyler Oakley.  No…seriously.  We love him.  We’ve been watching his videos on YouTube for so long now that we feel like he’s one of our best friends.  If you watch his videos, you know what we mean.  If you don’t, its time to get with the program.  Tyler is endearing, adorable, sweet, stylish, hilarious and nice.  In fact…he’s reinvented “nice”.  In a world where someone’s lack of good looks would prompt characteristics of being “nice”, Tyler has made being “nice” super, super attractive.  But let’s be honest…he’s super attractive too.  Whether he’s drooling over Darren Criss, Blaine from Glee, or frolicking through Thailand, the stories and anecdotes in his videos make him an internet phenomenon, or YouTube celebrity(with over 150,000 dedicated subscribers and over 22million video views), who would probably blush and say, “Oh, girl” if complimented.  Nonetheless, he is a strong voice of gay youth, making everyone, young or old, wishing they were his close friend.

1. What motivated you to begin making videos on YouTube?

When I was a freshman in college in 2007, I saw a video by a guy named William Sledd… and he was just talking into his camera about his life. I started browsing around and saw that he had tons of videos, and there were other people on YouTube that were also doing what he was doing. I had just gotten my laptop (and it had it’s own webcam built in), and my friends had all moved all around the country to go to their own schools, so I figured, why not keep in touch with them through video-blogging? Back then, I had no intention of having people who didn’t know me watch my videos, and my videos were NOTHING like how they are today.


2. What was the moment you knew you had made it big on YouTube and how long did it take to get there?

I remember seeing I had 100 views on a video, and I knew… I did NOT have 100 friends. From there, it kind of felt like… okay, I guess people are watching, why not put out more stuff for them to enjoy? The first moment I made it “big” on YouTube I’d say is when I got a post-card from The Trevor Project thanking me for a video I made about them. That was a really sweet moment where I realized that what I did on here could make an impact in the real world.


3. What are three opportunities you cherish which have come as a result of your videos?

I’ve gotten so many opportunities from making videos, it’s really hard to pick just three! For starters, I got to meet Lady Gaga, because Perez Hilton was one of my subscribers and gave me a hookup (video here). I also got to co-host The Trevor Project’s red carpet event Trevor Live (video here). One of my absolute favorite things that has come out of my time making YouTube is all the friends I’ve been able to make from the YouTube community – even my best friend that I live with now, we met 5 years ago while making videos together in the dorms while we were in college (video here).


4. What is it like to have a huge gay following and fan base?

It’s an amazing opportunity! I wouldn’t necessarily call it huge, but I think of it as potentially very powerful – in the sense that the people who follow me have the power to change the world – and if I influence them to do something positive for the gay community, they could influence five other people and create a snow-ball effect. It’s a great feeling! Also, the thought of younger gay kids following me is really inspiring, because I didn’t have someone to watch while I was younger. I hope to not necessarily be a role-model, because I do make lots of mistakes… but instead, be an inspiration – to learn from your mistakes and to take charge of your own potential and do something with it.

5. Who are your 5 favorite YouTubers to watch?

I watch so many people! Truly, I probably am subscribed to over 100 people that I regularly watch. It’s weird, but these are like my friends! A few of my favorites include: milesjaiproductions, justaddtommy, dudeneedaeaseonup, italktosnakes, tonjesml


6. What kind of camera and editing software do you use for your videos?

I use a Canon Vixia HF S21 to film, and edit in iMovie.


7. How did your obsession with having your hair look perfect begin?

LOL! Well, starting with 5th grade when I had a bowl cut parted in the middle!


8. What’s a topic too personal to discuss on YouTube? What embarrasses you to talk about?

I don’t think I’d ever talk my sex life… just seems tacky!


9. What do you think are the 3 most profound YouTube videos ever made?

So You Got Dumped – it’s a video I often send to people who ask me for relationship advice. Fairy Doors & Wanderlust – a video I made about my hometown in Michigan as a reminder to myself to always explore. How to Pray the Gay Away – it was a response to my homophobic aunt who posted that she was praying for me on Facebook.

10.What are your 3 favorite videos you’ve made on YouTube?

How to Put on a Condom – was just super silly, fun and goofy. Me & my Boyfriend – it was right after I broke up with a long-term relationship, and EVERYONE was asking questions about it, it was my way of saying, “No, I won’t comment on it, and yes, you will click this video.” My last would have to be a tie for my traveling videos: Taking over Tokyo and Taking over Thailand – I watch them all the time to relive my adventures traveling abroad.


11. What are 3 things we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I have 12 brothers and sisters, I make the best guacamole in San Francisco, I can rap any Nicki Minaj lyric.


12. If you could only listen to 3 CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?

Born this Way by Lady Gaga, Body Talk by Robyn, All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson.


13. Have you ever received any fan male or hate male which really changed your perspective on the impact you have through your videos?

I try my hardest to not let hate mail influence me – because anybody can put out hate, it takes a much stronger person to put out themselves. I will say I got some criticism regarding language I used in the past about cultural appropriation and gender/trans issues that made me reconsider my approach to the topics. As far as positivity in fan mail, everything people send me pushes me to continue – I read every fan message and letter I get, and everything encourages me to continue, even when people are sometimes jerks.

14. How do you define sexy? Who is the sexiest celebrity?  Where is the sexiest place to kiss? Sexiest YouTuber? Sexiest song?

Sexy to me is the ability to keep me attracted to you while keeping me guessing. I’m currently obsessed with Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on Glee. I got to interview him at Trevor Live and I fell in love, and since then I’ve been obsessed (video here). Sexiest place to kiss would probably be a subtle kiss in public – it tells me that you’re not showy, but you’re also not afraid to be yourself. Sexiest YouTuber would have to be corporalcadet – I’ve had a crush on him for years. Sexiest song? That’s too hard!


15. What are 3 books you would suggest to a stranger?

“I Am Not Myself These Days” by Josh Kilmer Purcell (all time favorite book – funny, sad, heart-warming, inspiring), “Dry” by Augusten Burroughs (gives perspective, makes you reconsider your addictions in your own life), “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green (helped me reconsider priorities, death and love).


16. Let’s play murder, marry, fuck: Darren Criss, Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Martin?

Sorry Neil! I’ve got to murder you. I’m marrying Darren and fucking Ricky!


17. We adore your boyish innocence, but on an adult note, tell us your thoughts about Grindr, gay porn and gay clubs?

I think I’ve got a pretty interesting perspective on this, as I come from a small mid-west town and now live in San Francisco. In Michigan, you could see people in the entire state on Grindr, there were only a few gay bars, and back when I lived there, gay porn was my introduction to what gay sex would be like. Since then, I’ve moved to San Francisco, where the closest person to you on Grindr is 10 feet away, I live between 10 gay bars where I can be picky and choosey, and not only do I see the fantasy in gay porn, I can now meet the stars of it in my local gay bar every weekend. Grindr: it is what you make of it. I’d never hook up with someone off of it, but I have gotten dates from it (I have one this Friday – that’s weird.) No judgment, but I just am scared of the possibilities, which I think is more than justifiable. Gay porn, I don’t really have much of an opinion on… I approve! Gay clubs can get exhausting, as the people in there can sometimes be the most judgmental people around. I’ve luckily gotten into a good group of friends here in San Francisco where we are able to always go to new bars and always have fun – and it’s not all about finding someone to have sex with that night.

18. What do you think is the most important gay issue today and what do you think should be done about it?

I mean, there are tons of gay issues that are important, from gay marriage to adoption rights to work-place discrimination and more… but I think the biggest gay issue is the level of involvement of the gay community to demand change. So many gays think that other gays will take care of it. People don’t march in the streets, they don’t want to miss an episode of Glee. To fix this, people need to realize that they CAN make a change, but no one person can do it alone.


19. What 3 things would you like to have accomplished in the next 10 years?

By the time I’m 33, I want to have met my (first) husband, have a job that doesn’t have to make a difference for the gay community (because full equality will have already been achieved), and be able to look back at tons of adventures in traveling. I’m a pretty simple guy with simple pleasures!


20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Three things that always bring a smile to my face: making guacamole for my friends, getting pedicures with my mom, exploring an airport I’ve never been in.


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“Best new gay young adult love story of 2014! Relatable at any age!”

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Las Vegas Review

Last year, we got married in Las Vegas on August 25th.  This year, Peter turns the big 40 and has chosen to celebrate his birthday in The Sin City!  We thought it would be interesting to visit some of the places we’ve never been as well as some of our favorite places and give a real Las Vegas Review! Have you ever wondered what is the coolest bathroom in Vegas? Or What long-standing show is a complete waste of time and money? What gay bars or strip clubs are worth your time and which ones will take your money and run.  What are the 5 best stores and the best hotel gift shop.  From hotels and clubs to restaurants and pools…we’ll be giving you our take on the best of Vegas.

If you have any suggestions or would like us to review any specific Vegas location, either comment below or email us at info@raannt.com.

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It Could Happen to You: Gratitude and Hope for Change!

Today, President Obama announced, in an interview for ABC News, that he personally supports same-sex marriage.  I immediately ran off and set up my video camera and made a video, President Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage…Kinda,  in response to his support, claiming that I wanted to see more action and less talk.  Like most married couples, we don’t always agree.  Over dinner, Alex told me he thought it was a historical moment signifying the first President of the United States to publicly support same-sex marriage.  Alex stated he thought it was a move in the right direction whereas I felt like we were stuck in the mud, waiting to get pulled out.

We were married on August 25th, 2011 surrounded by our friends and families.  We live in a house together, share bills together, have pets together, travel together, love together…and yes, like other married couples, we argue together.  The debate over what is enough or what is too little is found in the the statement made by a friend the other day: Anyone can get married, but not everyone can have a marriage. Well…not anyone as we already know.  We can have a marriage, but we can’t get married; legally.  And isn’t it strange that all over the United States, same-sex couples are having marriages, but can’t get married.

Tonight, I showed Alex one of the most important videos to have been made regarding gay rights: It Could Happen To You.  If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to tell you anything about it because the power of the story is incredible.  But needless to say, it demonstrates why I have stressed the importance of the legalization of same-sex marriage.  Afterwards, I made the comment to Alex that it saddened me that many same-sex couples don’t have the support we have and that we are lucky our family and friends support us and that we would never suffer the tragedy placed on this couple.  The three words that followed are the reason why the laws must change.

Are you sure?”

None of us are sure.  As gays and lesbians in the United States we have no protection from bullying, threats and intimidation…even from our own families.  That is why it is time that the talk stops and the laws change.  Hopefully…so no one else has to suffer.

Please watch the video It Could Happen to You.  If not as a learning experience, as a source of gratitude! And we will continue to be grateful every day for our love and our relationship, remembering Tom and all that he stands for! And to Shane, we love you buddy…and we will continue to talk as long as you do! Thank you for reminding us of how blessed we are in our simple lives!

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Gay Sex and Gay Stereotypes…In Bed! Our New Video!

It’s been a really long time since we’ve done a video and since we’re asked all the time what we’re like when it’s just the two of us at home, we thought we’d just turn on the camera and let it roll! So here you go! Our newest video! Please watch it on YouTube and leave comments! We’re going to be uploading videos every week from now on so we hope you enjoy them!

Click the link HERE for our new video Gay Sex and Gay Stereotypes…In Bed!

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Lady Gaga as the National Ambassador Against Bullying!

So this is how it happened.  We were laying in bed the other night and Alex was catching up on GCB on his iPad while I scrolled through my old, favorite video on YouTube.  And there it was; Jamey Rodemeyer‘s It Gets Better video.  I remembered finding it when it only had a few hundred views and I was instantly taken with his genuine innocence as he laughed, explaining that he had gone to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball and been liberated.  “It Gets Better“, he said.  And he believed it.  I smiled seeing his video in my favorites and was immediately shocked to see it had more than 1,600,000 views.  Surprised, I immediately began reading the comments underneath which indicated he had died.  I searched on the internet and read article upon article about his suicide.  I watched video after video of news clips about his death.  I found the Lady Gaga footage of her concert, dedicating her song Hair to Jamey, who had Tweeted her the night before his suicide; “BYE MOTHER MONSTER, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE, PAWS UP FOREVER” I thought about his parents and sister.  I thought about Lady Gaga and imagined how, no matter how famous she has become, those 13 words she received were filled with emotion and held a great responsibility.  I thought about all of his friends and how death of a contemporary at a young age changes you forever.  Death of a contemporary anytime…changes you forever.

And I thought about me.

I didn’t know this kid.  Yet I found myself sitting in bed next to my husband, crying inconsolably.  Gone at 14 because he just couldn’t take it anymore.  I remembered those days of kids mocking my voice by lisping even though I’ve never had a lisp.  I remembered the days of being thrown into lockers or receiving death threats on my car.  For as long as I can remember, it has been daily.  And to some degree, I’m still bullied by stares I get when we’re shopping or out to eat and I refer to Alex as my husband.  

In fact, today I don’t let it affect me much…but I’m not sure how I got there.  When I was in high school and people asked me if it hurt my feelings I played it off because I didn’t want to show any weakness.  But my pain was deep.  I was never popular.  I was never accepted.  And although I had lots of “friends”, the depth of our friendships was shallow.  The real friends I did have in high school never really cared that I was gay.  And they were the ones who would have been affected the most if I had died.

In 1990, the year I graduated from high school, I never once thought about suicide as a result to my pain.  I don’t believe that is because I had overwhelming support from friends or family, although I did.  Teachers and school administrators saw my being bullied and allowed it.  A lesbian teacher even allowed me to be openly bullied in her class…and she never said a word.  But this is not about being bullied, because it doesn’t really matter if you’re gay, or fat, or thin, or different…pain is pain.

It has been almost exactly a year since the stream of gay, teen suicides hit our country like an epidemic. How quickly we forget.  Can you name them, these soldiers of our War on Teens?  I can’t…and neither can most of you.  My mother died four years ago and already I’ve forgotten her voice.  How much time needs to go by before we completely forget these kids and their deaths? What is it all for if they are all forgotten. They are dying by suicide today because it is an option they see everywhere unlike 20 years ago.  Just go to Tumblr and Twitter and any social media site and you’ll find pages saturated with desperate pleas for help.

Which brings me to the point of this article.  How embarrassing, as social commentators, that we somehow entirely missed Jamey’s suicide, especially since we have been somewhat entrenched in supporting anti-hate and anti-bullying campaigns.  In all of the hundreds of articles we’ve read and videos we’ve watched, we completely missed it.  How is that even possible?

I spent the better part of that night watching videos on Jamey’s suicide and eventually came to Michael Buckley’s, famed YouTuber from WHATTHEBUCKSHOW, video which ends with a farewell to Jamey.  I constantly watch Michael’s videos and have been a huge fan for quite some time.  I was even more surprised that I had missed this video as well, so I watched it and immediately began reading the comments underneath.

I was speechless.  I don’t even know what to say anymore.  I can hear the political bullshit.  I can hear the religious bullshit because I don’t really care and I think spirituality is personal.  But seriously? “You should commit suicide.  Everyone WILL BE HAPPY fucking faggot“? I’m sure we’ll be criticized for posting a picture of the comments and bringing them even more attention but they NEED attention.  THIS IS A DEATH THREAT! We cannot continue to ignore this.

I went to the pages of these subscribers and they are still there, allowed to continue to comment.  Why? I don’t get it? And people don’t think we’re treated like 2nd class citizens.  People think gays and lesbians have the same rights as everyone else? The fuck we do!

These people should be arrested for threats and intimidation because they are aiding in the future suicide of some teenager.  If you can look someone in the eye, and it has happened to me, and wish them harm for something that affects you in absolutely no way…you are a sick mother fucker! And if you are gay and out and do not stand against this, then you are part of the problem.

Am I angry? Hell yes I’m angry.  This has gone on far too long.  How many kids have to die before we hear what they are trying to tell us?

Fuck politics! Get human! Our children are dying and we’re talking about wars in other countries, economic crisis and education.  Do you think Jamey cares? He didn’t even make it to voting age.  We have got to start focusing on what is at our doorstep.  You want my vote? Make bullying illegal.  Period.  You want my vote? Marry us.  Period.  That entire Phelps clan from the Westboro Baptist Church can procreate hate but we can’t have the same rights? You want my vote? Appoint Lady Gaga as the National Ambassador Against Bullying because she’s apparently the only one these kids trust!

It Gets Better? When?  I think its getting worse.  According to the Surgeon General’s Report, the increase in teen suicide since 1980 is 100%Hello!!!! Over 4000 teens suicide every year.  That’s like the size of an entire high school. 

We all have a voice.  Raise yours and be heard.  Make a change.  Fuck politics and get human.  Why aren’t we really listening to our youth? Why are we allowing 60 year old men to make decisions that don’t even affect them?   Why aren’t we human anymore? Make a kid feel important.  Validate his or her existence.  Ask them what’s wrong…and really listen.  Don’t just sit back and act like it’s going to change because it’s just getting worse…and that’s the reality we’re afraid to tell our children.

But we have the power to change that reality.  We have the power to make our voice heard.  I cannot sit back and watch one more child die in this war and not feel as if I tried to make a difference.  Maybe that’s naive.  Maybe that’s the innocence in myself that relates to Jamey’s video, but I have to try.  Because every one of these teens deserves to have the amazing life I have today. Every one of these teens deserves to sit in bed next to their husband or wife someday and feel just as normal as their neighbors.

I can wash spray paint off my car and scrub the word faggot off of lockers, but I cannot bring Jamey back from the dead.  I wish I could.  I wish I could talk to him for just one hour and show him how wonderful things can be and that one day he’ll be just as happy as I am…but I can’t.

If politicians want the vote of gays and lesbians and those that support us, make them work for it.  Stop allowing them to give us empty promises.  Make them give us the right to equal marriage and make bullying illegal.  Now! Allow us to step back, think of ourselves at 10 or 12 or 15 and remember how tough it was…and get human.  Allow us to think about Jamey, and all of the soldiers of this war, daily…and never forget.  And allow us to let the words of Lady Gaga to Jamey in her concert resonate loud and clear.  “You are not a victim.  You are a lesson to all of us.

We Love ya buddy! And we promise…we’ll never forget you! Paws up forever!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.