Can’t Beat McK-K!!!

We are extremely excited about this interview!!! We listen to McKinzie, radio personality and local celebrity, almost every morning, and even though WE believe we could beat McK-K…we dare never call and be made the fools we know we would be made by this Queen of Pop Culture!!!

1. You’re on a deserted island for the rest of your life…who do you pick to spend it with; Shy, Reka or Scotty?

M: I’d have to go with Scotty because he is very pale and I know he’d have SPF 70+. Plus, I could borrow his skinny jeans.

2. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn’t be a mixed CD what would you listen to?

M: This is a tough one! I would go with Jack Johnson or Lady Gaga.

3. What is one thing you are excited to do again that you haven’t been able to do since you have been pregnant?

M: Eat sushi! Only three more mos. until I can indulge…mmm…

4. Since all three of us are Carmel graduates, what is the one Carmel stereotype that is true and one that is false?

M: Yes, it is true we all have butlers 24/7. However, we do not all have chauffeurs seven days a week. They need weekends off too you know:) ~ insert sarcastic giggle~

5. Sexiest restaurant in Indy?

M: Hmmm…I have to go with Sullivan’s. It’s my fave. I love it because it’s classic and sophisticated sexy. Not to mention, the food is phenomenal!

6. Indy’s best kept secret?

M: Reform Movement Pilates Studio. It’s actually in Fishers. The classes and instructors are amazing. I’ve been going throughout my pregnancy and after I’m done being “El Prego,” will go to get back my abs!!!

7. Best place for Sunday brunch?

M: Hoaglin To Go on Mass. Ave. – Delish!!!

8. What bar in Indy did you most frequent between 21-22?

M: I was down in Bloomington at IU. I hung out at Nick’s and played Sink the Biz and Upstairs for those AMF’s…they are lethal.

9. What is a secret about Scotty, no matter how small, that no one knows?

M: He’s the power forward for the Harlem Globetrotters

10. What three things do you always have in front of you while on the radio?

M: Lipgloss, water, and my cell phone. I am constantly applying, drinking and texting while on air! I am multi-talented.

11. What did you do for your 16th birthday? 21st birthday?

M: I was on MTV’s Super Sweet 16 and had a total hissy fit when daddy gave me a black Mercedes instead of the white one I wanted…he totally ruined my big day! LOL

Seriously, I had a surprise party at 16 and there are only 3 things I remember about my 21st birthday down in B-town:

1) I was wearing a tiara
2) Lots and Lots of Shots
3) I woke up and said the phrase we’ve all said before, “I am NEVER drinking again!”

12. What is a nickname your husband calls you?

M: “Little B”

13. Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

M: Lip Gloss all the way! In the words of Lil Mama- “My lip gloss be popp’in!”

14. What is a movie that profoundly affected your life?

M: The Notebook. My first encounter with Ryan Gosling- Yum!

15. Best place in Carmel?

M: Patachu Cafe’- The cinnamon toast is to die for.

16. Three television shows you watch consistently?

M: I am addicted to Gossip Girl, Melrose Place and Flipping Out on BRAVO.

17. Do you ever think, like we do, that people are often stupid for not getting some of the questions on “You Can’t Beat McK-K”?

M: Some questions are difficult, but alot of times I think people know the answers and just get nervous when they are on the radio. They choke. Someone is going to beat me one of these days!!!

18. What are three absolutes that you would put on our SEXY list?

M: 1) A great smile and sense of humor to go along with it
2) A bubble bath with candles
3) My hubby

19. If you were the boys of raannt, who would you interview next in Indy to cause some controversy?

M: Scotty Davis’s alter-ego “Sossie Bonneville.” He became her when he dressed in drag and upon request will let her out to play.

20. Favorite fast food restaurant and what do you always order?

M: Does Starbucks count? Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte everytime:)

Thanks McKinzie!!! We love ya!!!

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Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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