Cadillac Ranch

Last night we decided to do something new and headed out to Cadillac Ranch, which recently opened in downtown Indianapolis. It was so freezing outside that we almost didn’t go, but we parked in the parking garage directly across the street and headed inside. Absolutely packed…and at first we couldn’t decide if it was a sports bar, restaurant, or what???

Cadillac Ranch defines itself as “an all-American bar and grill”. But walk about 10 feet in every different direction and you hear a different type of music and slapped right in the middle is an electric bull. Not really our type of thing, but it was hilarious and everyone around us was dancing it up…it was definitely drunk up in the Ranch! After making it through literally about 500 people, we finally found our way back to the VIP room or the black and white room as they referred to it.

The VIP section doesn’t really feel like it fits in Cadillac Ranch because it has a completely different feel than the rest of the bar. But we thought the decor was amazing and we had a great time. Our server Sarah and the security staff were awesome all night long…as was Hannah who arranged the VIP section for us in advance. We were entertaining family from Venezuela and it was interesting that they felt that the VIP section was much like many of the top bars in Caracas…Way to go folks! And the music was hot too, although it was mostly Top 40 stuff, they spun it differently and mixed in Pitbull and new mixes of Lady Gaga…A few words to the wise though!!! Do not, DO NOT, as the drunk, arguing couple below did, sit in someone else’s VIP booth. It’s tacky and uncalled for…especially after we asked you to move several times. If we had the room, we would have loved to invite you into our party, but we didn’t and we didn’t need you ruining our night with your love debacle! So just in case you forget, we wanted you to have a memory of the night…

And then on to the final “Crown of Rudeness” for the evening. All night long, this guy, or should we call him Stud, as he obviously thought of himself, took it upon himself to laugh at us and our good friend, even pointing and laughing at our friend. We’re not sure what was so funny, but we just wanted to send you a message stud, since you were SO friendly to the boys of raannt…as Brenda from “Scary Movie” so infamously said…”Yeah I got you! I got you on camera! You on candid camera now! You ain’t know ‘dat!” Seriously?

After Cadillac Ranch, we went over to Talbott Street and listened to DJ Deane and DJ Jared Curry battle it out on stage. Both sounded amazing and we had an awesome time dancing all night…We’ll leave you with some pics, enjoy and until next time…Eye’s Open, We’re Watching!!!

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