Brittany in China, The Joe Meltdown Boys, FLESH and Annastacia for HIRE at Talbott!

We haven’t written a weekend wrap up in awhile so we thought we’d just let everyone know where we’ve been and our thoughts on the good, the bad and the, well, ugly…but since this is basically what we’ll be doing for IndyScene now, make sure to find us there, but a more grueling report can always be found on raannt!

Last night we headed out to Talbott Street to endorse our good friend Joe Melton aka Joe Meltdown…who was drumming it up with DJ Deane! Two weekends ago we heard Joe at Subterra with DJ Orion and once again…he didn’t disappoint! We’re seriously considering changing our names from the boys of raannt to the Meltdown Boys as we’re quickly becoming groupies and can sweat it up dancing all night to his beats. DJ Deane was amazing too packing the boys and gals on the dance floor. Joe and Deanne together never let us down! One word to the folks at Talbott…a little less on the fog machine…we couldn’t even see one foot in front of our face and it isn’t Halloween, is it? Other than that, the night was awesome!!!

In the drag room we were once again amazed by Annastacia DeMoore, the newly crowned Miss Indiana All-American Goddess 2010, who amazed the crowd, dancing her ass off, doing a hilarious intro bit into several songs and jumping at least five feet in the air from the stage to land in splits on the floor bringing the standing room only crowd to thunderous applaud!!! Annastacia will be having a benefit show at Talbott on the 25th to raise money to send her to Nationals so come out for a great show. She always heads a drag show at The Ugly Monkey once a month, with proceeds going to charity…and you know how we love charity! Before the show, we were chatting it up with good friend and Talbott headliner Vicki St. James, telling her how we were really impressed with Annastacia, etc, and she took us back to meet her. Now we hear there’s been a lot of chatter in the drag world, and while we don’t really know much about that, because we just enjoy a good show, we’re here to tell you, Miss DeMoore was nothing but friendly, courteous and professional, always important in any entertainment field. So here’s our thought…we’ve seen here several times at Talbott now and every time the crowd goes just simply crazy…maybe it’s time to add a third act to squad or have a permanent alternate so every once in awhile a girl can take a night off. Our vote is for Annastacia DeMoore as the third headliner at Talbott! We think with Asia and Vicki…she’d make the perfect addition! Thanks for your time girl and we hope you didn’t rip a muscle hitting the floor!

Last weekend found us out at Cadillac Ranch with newly crowned Miss Cosmopolitan Courtni Hall, who was previously Miss Teen Indiana USA and Miss Indiana USA 2009! Courtni is now heading to compete for the title of Miss Indiana America, which Katie Stam recently took to THE Miss America and won! Courtni, her boyfriend Jared and their bevy of gal pals were a blast as Cadillac Ranch General Manager Brandon Slate and Events Coordinator Hannah Farahan made our evening a complete blast, putting us in a humongous VIP section and giving us first class service! Thanks guys…we always have such a great time at The Ranch and can’t wait to come again!!! The only unfortunate part of the night was when some ridiculous fool…obviously not comfortable enough with himself, tried to charm Courtni by telling her he was New Orleans’ Saints coach Aaron Kromer??? So, the boys of raannt and Jared, Courtni’s boyfriend, googled Mr. Kromer on their IPhones only to find out that this nobody didn’t in the least bit resemble Aaron Kromer…sad, sad, sad the extent some people will go to…and to think this guy had to be well into his forties. Oh well, hope your lying ways helped you into the bed of some young chickie because they weren’t working in our corner!

We also wanted to say goodbye to our dear friend Brittany Mason who will be in China for the next three months taking over the Asian Fashion Industry…We talked to Brit just hours before she boarded the plane for some city we can pronounce. She was super excited but a little sad that she wouldn’t be back in Indy until June to pick up her little baby dog CoCo! Brittany just shot for Maxim and will be working in China for their fashion season…we wish her the best and since she can’t use facebook or text while there…we’re going to use our Skype and Knocking Video Apps so we don’t miss a second!

As always…come out to see the boys of raannt at FLESH Mondays at Landsharks tomorrow from 9-3…Since it’s Spring Break come out in your best Spring Break attire and win a Jager basket valued at $500

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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