Brad Pitt…Sexiest Man of the Day & Sexiest Movie Clip!

brad pitt snatch shirtless sexy_raannt

We weren’t even sure which film to pull his sexiest picture because he looks so good in all of his films.  Brad Pitt is the epitome of sexy.  Period.  We’ve tried for awhile now to keep him off of our list because it’s cliche to even put him on any Sexy List, right? But then again, what kind of sexy list would it be if he wasn’t there?

brad pitt fight club shirtless sexy_raannt

Some of our favorite Brad Pitt moments were in his films Snatch and Fight Club, two of our all time favorite movies! And did you ever see his exposed nudes???

But most of all, we love Brad for his unwitting charm, delicious smirk, incredible mystery and his ever-devoted ability to remain sexy throughout the ages…something we’d like to bottle up for ourselves.  Check out our favorite Brad film moment ever below!


Check back tomorrow for our next pick of Sexiest Man of the Day!

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