Beauty Queens…Miss Virginia, Miss California, Miss South Carolina and of course…Brittany Mason!

After just hanging up the phone with our gal pal, Brittany Mason, Miss Indiana USA 2008 and the US representative for Miss World 2009, Alex and I were talking about how we, through Brittany, have so quickly been introduced to the world of pageants! And obviously, if you’ve been watching and reading, you know by now that we love beauty pageants and beauty queens! But having watched Miss South Carolina/Miss Teen 2007, Caitlin Upton, this week on Chelsea Lately…we’re wondering, to what extent will some pageant queens go to attain fame? Or are they really just this outlandish or stupid? To Miss Upton, her beauty way surpasses her brain…and as one of my friends used to say, “If I went to a brain surgeon and he was gorgeous, I’d walk out of his office!”, Implying that we get brains or we get beauty, but we don’t get both. Well, the boys of raannt did…But…In case you forgot the ridiculous nature of Caitlin’s answer during her interview, here you go! We’re just wondering if she is really this dumb or if she gave this response to make sure she was remembered before her move to LA where she is now pursuing an acting career?


And then of course there is the bold and beautiful answer from Miss California, Carrie Prejean, where she responds to Perez Hilton’s question about gay marriage.


We appreciate your honesty Carrie, but really? We’re wondering if you knew who you were responding to or who had designed that gown or bleached your hair. But really, the clip is so overplayed that now, with a possible political future in her midst, we’re wondering if she planned the whole thing just to get her name secured in the limelight and have a career future in place outside the pageant circuit?

Especially, since she is now being linked to Ms. Sarah Palin, who by the way, happened to be a beauty queen herself…interesting…see here!


Of course, there is Rachel Smith, the Miss USA winner who competed in the Miss Universe pageant, who fell and was, well…forgotten…


And now, Miss Virginia 2008, Tara Wheeler, has shaved her head in an effort to raise money for pediatric cancer, which we think is quite amazing, but also newsworthy and attention grabbing!

So we guess the moral to the story is if you’re going to fall or foul…make sure you have a plan, and at this rate…stupid is looking pretty good!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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